Shuffle-It Sunday

I managed to get up a Transformation Tuesday last week, but I didn’t get to the rest of what I was supposed to post up last week, and I apologize for anyone waiting for those. The semester is coming to an end for me, so hopefully I’ll have lots of free time opened up to catch up, as well as get through some reviews we’ve fallen extremely behind on. However, with the end of the semester comes lots of papers and studying, and so I, unfortunately, am looking at missing out on more posts this week. I’ll work hard to get them up, but there’s no guarantee. This also means that today’s Shuffle-It Sunday will be coming with no commentary as well. Enjoy the list and I hope you find something new to listen to!


1. Infinite – 몰라 (I Don’t Know)


2. Team B – 기다려 (Wait For Me)


3. Park Shin Hye – Lovely Day


4. EXO-M – Thunder


5. Kim Bo Kyung – Suddenly


6. Jeon Min Ju ft. Yuna Kim and Hankyu – 비별 (Goodbye Rain)


7. MBLAQ – Hello My Ex


8. Fahrenheit – 超喜歡你 (I Really Really Like You)


9. 2NE1 – Scream


10. BENI – One in a Million


And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed our list this week!


Spontaneous Sunday

Alright, let’s just continue right where we left off from yesterday by getting into the meat of Kpop-calypse 2014; the surprising trend of idols leaving their respective groups.


First off, we’ll talk about Ze:A’s issues with Star Empire since that was the first surprise we at zodareviews94 received. There isn’t any disbandment going on (thus far) but the behind-the-scenes for this group and their company is so shocking! I was also confused as to whether the members knew that their leader was going to be taking this dangerous step in hopes of making things better for the entire group and if Lee Hoo considered how his members’ current statuses would be affected once all of this went public. I understand it was done with the best intentions, but there are so many people involved that this is really a dangerous step to take. After all, that’s how all of EXO’s dealings got ugly. I had really mixed feelings about this whole situation. Of course, angered at the beginning, I obviously sided with Lee Hoo. But as time passed, you become more calm and are able to see more of the big picture, but unfortunately never all of it. His frustrations, disappointment and anger were definitely felt. I don’t criticize his use of Twitter because it is one of the most popular social media sites with many benefits, but I think something like this should have maybe been professionally released, perhaps more thoroughly talked about through Ze:A’s fancafe. You’re only limited to 140 characters via Twitter, and an issue like this definitely needs more than that for fans to really understand what is going on. I can’t be lying when I say so many must have been scared and confused with what was going on, and what would happen to Ze:A. I understand his feelings, but I was so lost during the whole event. I couldn’t really grasp what was going on and it all just felt like a lot of anger, which it was, but in a situation like this, his anger made everything seem like it was a rash decision. To clear any misunderstandings, I was with Lee Hoo on this one and I think he definitely did his part as leader, but I wish he would have taken a different route and chosen better wording to bring this situation to light and to help his fellow label mates. Obviously the company must have done something wrong to give Lee Hoo what he wanted in the end though, and I am glad the nine men came out the winners in this. I also thought this issue had come to an end, but apparently not. I thought everything had already been understood and many fans, as well as those who watched this event unfold, were definitely siding with Ze:A in this case. He won, and he even stated he empathized with the CEO, yet he kept revealing more and more. When you’ve won already, just keep things as private as possible at this point and pull it out when you have to again. The calm had already hit in my opinion, so I think the information he further revealed was uncalled for. If things were already settled, anything revealed afterwards could lead to a negative effect for the rest of the artists at Star Empire.

On a side note, no one has the right to hit an idol besides their parents when punishing their children. And even then, I don’t think a parent would hit their child the way Lee Hoo describes being hit by their CEO. Apparently, there was also a time where the CEO hit one of the members of Nine Muses. Now that was just crossing the line.


Next up is, of course, one of the most shocking news to hit KPOP since Kris’ departure from EXO earlier, and of course it would be the same company to go through this; Jessica Jung is forced out of Girl’s Generation, yet, from my understanding, apparently STILL kept under SM Entertainment. This one was the most shocking news for us after Kris left EXO. SM Entertainment has just not been on their game at all this year. However, we won’t only be criticizing the company this time around, as the idol seems to play a big part as well this time. I thought it was really unfair when the news first broke out, but after reading some fan accounts that made the situation a little more clear, I can no longer completely side with the idol on this one. Yes, SM CEO Kim Young Min is known to be a jerk, but I think Jessica’s decisions helped to lead up to this as well. I did think it was unfair that she was informed of this just as she had been on a plane to make it to her schedule with SNSD. Could they not have waited until afterwards? So many fans had been waiting for the nine members only to be informed that only eight would be coming moments before the event took place. It would have been hard, yes, but I also think it was unfair towards the fans whom they express so much love towards, that this expression of love almost feels fake. I also wonder just how thoroughly this decision was discussed before carrying it out.

Now, onto Jessica’s actions that led the company and the group to feel like this was what had to happen. When she re-signed that contract, she was agreeing to putting as much effort as possible towards making SNSD’s activities her first priority. Yes, she made it back to Korea just before the fan event was to be held, but shouldn’t she have been there at least a couple days ahead for any last minute rehearsals and fittings needed? Also, she mentioned that she had received approval for moving forward with her fashion design under the promise that she stay with SNSD until after their next album. Did she ever inform them when she wanted to move forward with this, because it seems like her plans came as a complete surprise to the company and to the members. I think that was the biggest factor here, informing the members and company of her plans, yet not really informing them as well. Of course the members would support her in her goals as they’ve been together for so long, but her presence in SNSD is also crucial, and if she claimed to have cared so much about SNSD, she should have taken slower steps to set up her business. I know she did it to go to school, but you are never too old to go back to school. She would have also had backing to her brand from the members and the company, so setting up her business later wouldn’t have taken so long to begin with anyway. I know a lot of people are saying something about her having the name of GG being tagged to her brand, but that’s unavoidable when she is part of one of the most famous girl groups. Being with a group like that for so long, there is no way the name would follow you forever. I am in full support of her setting up her future for after her idol years, but again, she did re-sign a contract to basically continue being an idol for 9 years, regardless of what her future plans are. Yes, there are members who have taken on acting, but filming doesn’t take as much time as running a business would, not to mention that they are rarely overseas for filming unless it is a drama meant to be overseas. In Jessica’s case, she has to be either in the U.S. or in Hong Kong, and will constantly be overseas since her business is just starting up and she can’t leave it to grow alone. She may have felt like she was doing all she could, but those who are most affected by her decisions will be the ones watching her and seeing exactly just how much effort she is putting in.

I am sad that this is the route Girls’ Generation has to take, and I too will miss them as nine, but maybe this was for the best. Also, I agree with a lot of fans that Tyler Kwon is definitely playing a role in Jessica’s decisions as well, almost like he’s using her. I’m sorry for offending anyone, but this is my honest opinion about this situation, and if there is anything I stated that seems contradictory or could use some clearing up, please let me know.


Luhan Instagram post

I wasn’t too surprised with this news, and it kind of seems like a lot of fans weren’t. In fact, it feels like a lot of people were already expecting it. Luhan is leaving for health reasons, so no one really blames him, although I can’t say the same for the fans in South Korea. However, I will have to agree that the legal battle this time will be an ugly one. SM invested a lot into EXO, hence they will need to make that back before the members start seeing an influx of profits, and I am pretty sure that was stated somewhere in the contract. But with two members already filing for nullification of contracts within the same year, the profits will be taking a slash. I find that I am leaning towards Luhan for this one though. There are accounts saying that he had informed the company ahead of time about his plans, and he seems to have the support of his members, which then brings us to why his case is so calmly being received compared to that of Kris’. I also read somewhere that it was under Kris’ lawyer’s advising that he reveal his decision to the public, which didn’t give enough time to inform his members, which led them to feeling betrayed. However, again, Kris was known for disappearing acts, and I don’t know if Luhan had any cases like that, but it doesn’t seem like it. Ah, whatever. All in all, SM is known to treat their foreign members unfairly compared to the Korean counterparts. I, too, did feel like EXO-K received so much more attention than EXO-M. Also, with Henry’s recent statement about not having seen his family for eight years now, I am beginning to criticize why SM is bringing in all these foreign artists only to treat them like money machines.

I’m just sad to see this beautiful group falling apart, and I am confident that even though the members are angry with Kris, they don’t hate him. I also hope that things turn out positively for Luhan, although it seems like SM is going to go all out on this one this time. Even if things get ugly, I truly wish the best for Kris and Luhan, as well as the remaining 10 members. I also hope that EXO-L stay true to the “We are One” and continue to support Kris and Luhan as well as EXO. Don’t let their motto remain just a motto; let it come to life. Even after all they’ve been through, it’s good to see that EXO refuse to let these events hinder their bond, not living in fear and questioning the other members about who may be considering leaving next.



This one came as a little more of a surprise to us because it was so unexpected. With MADTOWN’s debut, MBLAQ’s possible break up just never crossed my mind. I’ve said this multiple times before that they are the only group whose album I physically have, even though I’m Big Bang biased when it comes to boy groups. I don’t have much to say about this one though because the company seems understanding of them, and they left after their contract expired. I understand where G.O. was coming from when he tweeted, but I don’t think he needed to express it to his fans because that just confuses us, especially since the company stated that the group was close, like a family. We like to think our artists are on good terms with their group members, so things like this worry us. Leader Seung Ho once stated on broadcast that if the group was no longer together in the future, then they would be doing the things they are passionate about. We wish each and every one of the MBLAQ members good luck on their paths, and no matter what path MBLAQ takes, we’ll always support their music.


And that’s the end of our Spontaneous series! Share your thoughts with us down below, and no negativity just for the heck of it please. All “troll” comments or comments that we deem unnecessary will be deleted.  We know these are touchy topics, and we as fans are just expressing our opinion as well, as we encourage all other fans to do so. All in all, to every idol out there living their dream and trying to make it work for them, we wish you good luck. Don’t give up! To the fans who have gone through so much hardship this year, we are sympathizing with you! Don’t let the current events hinder your love for KPOP and the groups you are stanning that may have happened upon Kpop-calypse 2014! We urge 2015 to hurry on in!

– Zoey

Lee Joon

First off, let me apologize for failing to get to that Spontaneous Saturday I promised. So many things to talk about and the list for things to talk about keeps growing each time I put Spontaneous Saturday off! I also didn’t get a chance to do Shuffle-It Sunday. However, as no plans have been set, I am hoping this weekend stays free so I can get this blog updated! On to today’s topic!

We have chosen Lee Joon as this week’s Man Crush Monday! We know about him not renewing his contract with the company, along with Thunder, but we’ll save that for Spontaneous Saturday (and let’s hope I don’t have to push it off anymore because I have so many thoughts about Kpopcalypse 2014). Good luck to this passionate rising actor, Thunder, and the rest of MBLAQ! And remember A+, you all helped to carry each member of MBLAQ this far; your love will not be forgotten by them and we hope you can continue to love each member the same, whether they remain in MBLAQ or not! Spread the KPOP love!

– Zoey

Shuffle-It Sunday

I’m not missing it this week! Here’s our Shuffle-It Sunday for this week! Hope you enjoy the list and find something new to listen to.

1. EXO-M – Thunder

It feels so weird now, listening to EXO’s songs and hearing Kris’ voice in it still, especially from the “Overdose” album. But, everyone appreciates good music, and this song is most definitely a good song, if not more. Here’s to hoping that SM will give EXO the break they need, and the time it takes to move on and get a fresh, new feel when they have another comeback.

2. CN Blue – 나 그대보다 (Myself More Than You)

I am so excited to see this group at KCON this year! We got to see them at the KBS LA Korea Festival back in April, and their fan service made me love them more. And, in my opinion, they were, hands down, the best performance that night. Yonghwa knows how to get his crowd going! CN Blue definitely shocked more than expected.

3. FT Island – 너의 말 (Your Words)


4. Seung Ri – White Love


5. J.Min – 일어나 (Stand Up)

So, I feel like she’s an underdog of SM Entertainment. Of course, I watched the drama, and this song completely caught my attention when I first heard it. Can you imagine my shock when I found out she was under SM Entertainment? I mean, when did SM Entertainment start recruiting someone like J.Min? I hope they give her more attention and promote her a whole lot more than it seems like they’re doing now.

6. FT Island – You’ll Be In My Heart

Okay, FT Island seriously needs more attention. This song is just beautiful!

7. DBSK – Lovin’ You

My iTunes sure is being cruel. How does it shuffle to DB5K songs twice in a week for Shuffle It Sunday? Man, do I miss them as a whole.

8. Dalmatian – Lost In Love

So, like, umm… what happened to this group? I hate it when KPOP groups are put out there, and taken down so quickly. I know there was a scandal with one of the members, but what happened to them before that? There have only been two albums that I’m aware of from them. And I feel like they were in the industry for at least 3-4 years.

9. Son Dam Bi – Can’t U See

So, where is the music video for this song? There are teasers all over YouTube, but I can’t find the music video anywhere! Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. If anyone knows, please let us know.

10. BEAST – Shock

I’ve seen their music video for “Good Luck”; just have to review it. But I happen to come across BEAST when I was still very into buying DVDs from the local market of KPOP music video compilations, and they were on one. It was “Say No” that I saw, but they caught my attention, and I’ve listened to nearly all their songs to date. And is their new album not yet available on iTunes?

And our Shuffle-It Sunday ends here!