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Eve – Agape

It’s been a really long time since our last post, let alone our last Throwback Thursday post! So, here we are this week with one of the best K-Rock songs of all time, Eve’s Agape!

I absolutely love this song, and still listen to it these days. This is probably the only dark, rock song I’ve ever truly listened to, and my entire family absolutely loves this song. It’s a really beautiful song with quite the combo of instruments. It definitely brings me back to the late 90’s, early 2000’s. If you haven’t listened to this song yet, what are you waiting for?! Check it out below! I highly, HIGHLY recommend this song to everyone!

– Zoey


DBSK – 포옹 (HUG)

I’m going back to the happier times this week for Throwback Thursday! I really miss this group as five, as do many fans, I’m sure. Regardless of that though, these five remain happy doing what they love even though they have gone their separate ways, three and two. I wish they could have maintained a good relationship because they were together for so long, but it’s understandable why it’s hard for them to do so.

Anyway, this week, we’re travelling back to DBSK’s debut song, 포옹 (HUG)! Check it out below! I can only imagine how they feel re-watching this! I cringed the entire time, even though I loved it when it was first released. Regardless, they were an outstanding group of five, and they remain just as strong even though there are only two members now.

Wishing all the best for JYJ and DBSK, and that they continue to have the success they’re carrying now!

– Zoey

MyNAME – Message

We missed it last week, but here is our Throwback Thursday to MyNAME’s debut song, Message!

I’m not sure how Darice, who suggested this song, came across it, but I came across this song just doing my usual YouTube browsing. It sounds awkward at first, but like any other KPOP song, listen to it enough, and you are done for. I could not stop listening to it for the first few days after discovering it. MyNAME seriously needs more recognition.

SNSD – 다시 만난 세계 (Into the New World)

Our Throwback Thursday this week is the much loved girl group of South Korea, SNSD and their debut song Into the New World!

I didn’t get into SNSD until “Oh!” was released, so I was far behind. I think I’ve only seen this video maybe twice, but never fully through until now. SNSD was in the middle of a lot of rumors this year, especially in regards to dating. I just randomly felt like giving Into the New World a watch. Just seeing how young they were then, and thinking about all the changes they’ve been through during the last 7-8 years brought a smile to my face. They have all turned into beautiful young ladies now. I’m not hardcore SNSD, but I do still keep up to date with their promotional activities.

– Zoey Thao

CN Blue – 외톨이야 (I’m a Loner)

I know we missed quite a bit of Man Crush Mondays, and a couple of Shuffle-It Sundays, so I’ll try making that up as we go. KCON was much more than we expected, and that’s not to say for the convention itself, which we took no part in. The panels aren’t interesting enough for us, and the lines we had to wait in took up most of the day anyway, not giving us ample time to even consider the panels. For us, it was the fan engagements.

We were hoping for fan engagements and got audience passes to BTS, but we didn’t expect to get red carpet access as well (only I did). And then, we met an awesome fan with an artist signing for BTS as well as a Hi-Touch, so she gave the artist signing to Darice, which she then traded for a Hi-Touch, not knowing she would be allowed to shake their hands along with getting their autograph.

Anyway, more KCON recaps from our points of view to come later this week. If you follow us on Instagram, our “nicer” pictures have been uploaded. The same pictures are also on our tumblr, along with two videos, so go and check that out as well. The KCON 2014 album is also in our gallery area, located at the bottom of the page. We’ve included all our good, bad, and uncropped pictures. We’ll edit the titles at a later time. We’ll also post videos as time becomes available.

Now, onto this week’s topic; Throwback Thursday. And, of course, we had to choose a group that performed this past weekend at KCON. And our choice is no other than CN Blue after they endlessly seem to keep Darice intrigued; well, YongHwa anyway, to which Darice now refers to as YumYum because she couldn’t remember his name for the longest of times. Oh, and we met a Mommy KPOP fan who had just found out about CN Blue from KCON and decided that she had to go and find their music now. Here’s to the boy band that drove fan girls crazy this past weekend!

CN Blue’s debut song, 외톨이야 (I’m a Loner) may just be my all time favorite CN Blue song thus far. I hoped so much that they would perform this song for KCON, and when that tune first struck, I nearly died. They impressed at the LA Korea Festival, and they did it again for KCON.

– Zoey

Taeyang – Ma Girl

So Throwback Thursday usually has reviews along with it, but that was because we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to to do with it; we just knew we wanted some old songs involved. Well, we’ve settled on debut songs as our Throwback Thursday and will not include reviews for it as we’ve more than likely already heard the song before. If we happen to come across a debut song that we haven’t heard before, then we’ll consider doing a review for it.

Now, on to this week’s song for Throwback Thursday: Taeyang’s solo debut, Ma Girl featuring fellow Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P.

g.o.d – To My Mother

I know it’s not Thursday, but my laptop went down yesterday, so I couldn’t post anything. I guess I could have used my phone, but then things get more difficult and frustrating with limitations.

Darice is quite busy working her multiple part-time jobs, and dealing with moving around as well, so I am once again in charge of Throwback Thursday. Our Throwback Thursday this time around is for one of the oldest, and most well known KPOP group of the early 2000s, g.o.d, or Groove Over Dose, and their song, To My Mother.

I’ll be honest in that I only knew g.o.d as a group, but never listened to a single one of their songs before. I mean, I may have, but they’re not a group whose song I could remember listening to because they’re a ballad group, and I don’t listen to ballads much. I definitely love Son Ho Young’s voice though, and loved his songs My Heart is in Heaven and I Know. Darice is a huge of Kim Tae Woo as well. I had noticed that a lot of the older KPOP groups were making a comeback though, and thought I’d give their latest single, Lone Duckling, a listen to. After listening to that song, I wondered as to why I hadn’t yet listened to a complete g.o.d song yet, so under Darice’s suggestion, we chose to do g.o.d for Throwback Thursday.

The title itself is enough to draw me in. Any song that has some sort of touching meaning behind it, or a motivational story always gets me. I think I may have listened to this song before because I do recognize the chorus, but then again, the yayiyayiya part was used quite a bit back in the days, so I may not have listened to it. Who knows? I love the smooth rap. It’s not fierce or anything, and doesn’t really sound like a rap, but they are using enough in it to make it sound like they’re telling a story and are giving thanks to their mother. Coming from JYP, of course they would have some of the greatest ballad vocals. And Kim Tae Woo is probably the best male vocalist out there. You can hear the control and passion in his voice. It amazes me at how clearly his vocals ring out, and how distinct it is. The beat is simple and definitely represents its time.

Overall score, 8. It’s a beautiful ballad, with a beautiful story behind it. Although I like it, it doesn’t make me feel the same as their newly released song, Lone Duckling. But I’m happy that they’re releasing a new album after nearly 8 years, and that I took the chance to listen to them. They didn’t follow the idol foot steps, yet they held one of the biggest records for the KPOP industry.

– Zoey

Kara – Break It

[Darice] This week’s Throwback Thursday is Kara’s debut song, Break It. I’ve never really listened to the group before or had much interest in them, but their debut song Break It was a pleasant surprise.

[Zoey] I’m not a huge fan of Kara either. I first heard about them when all the original members were still there. My brother had just bought their album from his trip to California. I remember really liking their song If You Wanna, but that was the last of my memories regarding Kara. The next I heard about them, a member had left and there were now five members. I don’t even remember what song it was that brought the familiar Kara name back to me. They have catchy songs, but nothing ever really stood out for me to want to be on the lookout for song releases from them.

[Darice] Now, the English at the very beginning of the song wasn’t awful when she began, but towards the end I had no idea what she was trying to say. I will say, however, that the English was probably the best I’ve heard in a debut song thus far. The song itself was really advanced for a debut song in my opinion. The girls sang wonderfully and confidently, not sounding like rookies at all.

[Zoey] The song is definitely catchy and definitely brings the old KPOP feels back. And their voices are very beautiful, but a bit… emotionless? But hey, it’s a debut song so I can’t expect them to hit the roof with this song. They’re a household name now, and that’s all that matters.

[Darice] The music video was a bit awkward though, with the girls seeming as though they were trying to be sexy and cool when they just looked uncomfortable. They were completely different from the popular Kara that everyone knows and loves today only because it seems they have developed more confidence now, I think.

[Zoey] I’ll have to agree with Darice in that the music video was just really awkward. I honestly could not bring myself to watch it all the way through. I don’t know if they were trying to be tough or sexy, and if it was supposed to be a combo, it was not successful. But companies learn, and work harder on improving the debuts of their rookies. Nowadays, rookies look more confident, although I did just watch JJCC’s debut, and it was not at all what I had expected, but I’ll save that for another day.

[Darice] Although I was a little disappointed that Goo Hara wasn’t yet part of the group, I still really enjoyed the song and give it a 7.

[Zoey] My score is also a 7. The song didn’t really hit home with me, but it was still enjoyable. With everything the group has gone through and is going through now, I hope Kara stays a strong household name, and that Kamilias keep growing because that’s what Kara needs; their fans.

We couldn’t find an official music video for Break It, so check it out on Cammy41514’s channel at and share your thoughts below!

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BIG BANG – Sunset Glow

Since BIG BANG’s T.O.P was this week’s Man Crush Monday, it only makes sense to have a BIG BANG song as this week’s Throwback Thursday. As everyone knows, Haru Haru (하루 하루) was BIG BANG’s hit song of 2008, making it hard for anyone to remember any of their other songs from that year. Almost two months after the release of 하루 하루, another song was released. You might be wondering “What song could she possibly be talking about” or “I don’t think any other songs came out that year” but trust me on this.

That song is Sunset Glow (붉은 노을), which was released on November 5, 2008 through BIG BANG’s second full Korean album, Remember. Sunset Glow was the title track for their Remember album and is actually a song by artist Lee Moon Sae that BIG BANG put their own spin on. The two performed the song together at the 2008 KBS Music Festival.

Let’s address the music video first. This video was more of a fan service, if anything, with the boys running around the city, pulling fans away from whatever activity they were engaged in (school, shopping, sight-seeing, etc.) and taking them on their magic school bus of “hotness” to go west with them. Although most videos somewhat follow what the actual song is about, with their heavy, traumatic, epic love stories, it was nice for BIG BANG to do something different and lighthearted, even if the song wasn’t as bright and colorful as the music video suggests.

Now the song would seem like a happy, heartwarming jam to the average non-Korean speaker; that is, until they read the lyrics. It’s actually a very sad post-breakup song! The lyrics themselves are quite beautiful. The song is about how badly someone can miss another person, but can eventually move on, more or less. It might sound odd to have such a happy, upbeat tempo with such sad and depressing lyrics, but they work together like peanut butter and jelly, balancing each other out. Of course, we can’t forget about the English in the song either. Even if it was a little “I love you girl” here or an “all in the world” there, the English was almost perfect for a group of Koreans who have never had to speak English or be around English speakers (at the time).

Over all, Sunset Glow is a classic among other BIG BANG songs that should get more recognition among all KPOP fans, and then some, around the world. We couldn’t find it on the official BIG BANG YT channel, so give it a listen to on Escalade1080p’s channel at

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– Darice