the ark

The Ark – 빛 (The Light)

Okay! Moving on from SM to, I believe it’s Key Entertainment. Anyway, up next we have rookie girl group The Ark’s debut with The Light!

Okay, not bad. It definitely has that motivational feel, and heartbreaking kind of sound. I’m excited to see the voices to the faces I don’t know yet. The only downside is that, although I like the song overall, nothing really surprised me. It sounded very much like a song meant for a rookie debut. I like that it’s a different sound from most rookie girl groups, but The Ark is also debuting among some big sunbaes, so I was hoping they would deliver something more. I also noticed that this song has a lot of Kim Yuna rapping. But there are other rappers, right? Why didn’t it get split up a little more equally? I would have loved to hear more from each of the members? But it seems like some of the members got overshadowed greatly, and I feel like they all actually have beautiful voices. Nonetheless, The Ark has garnered my interest, and I look forward hearing more of them and seeing them grow.

I give the music video a 10 because that mom is beautiful and sure can act.

Overall score: 8.5. I don’t think I’ll add it to my iTunes, but it is a beautiful song. I first saw Jeon Min Joo on KPOP Star 2, and she had IDOL written all over her. From YooYoo, she had the most potential in the industry in my opinion. I’m glad she’s officially debuting now, and I look forward to more from her.

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– Zoey