spanish pop

Aldrey – La Lista

It’s a Spanish song this time around up for a review, sent to us via Twitter from @pedrahierro809. Thanks for the suggestion, and send us more! There are a few Spanish songs that I like, but I rarely listen to Spanish songs, and I think that’s only because we don’t get enough exposure to it. I don’t even know where to start searching. Anyway, moving on to the review, here’s La Lista from Aldrey!

I think the beat is catchy and easy to listen to. It’s easy on the ears, and Aldrey’s voice is beautiful. It’s very unique, and it’s crisp and clear. Once the chorus hits, I kind of want to dance along with everyone that featured in the video. I could definitely see this song being performed on a stage. On another note, I think that Spanish songs sound very romantic. There’s something about the language weaving in with the tune, and then making its way all around your body.

The music video was very creative, and it’s great for anyone looking to learn Spanish.

Overall score: 8. It’s not the typical sound that I usually listen to, but I still genuinely liked it, and a lot of it has to do with Aldrey’s voice. The moment he started singing, I was drawn in, and would definitely check out more of his songs. Good luck with expanding your career, and you have gained another fan here!

– Zoey