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Indie Concert in Shinsadong – Performances by Whale and Royal Pirates

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since the last post, and this is my first post from South Korea! So far it’s been enjoyable, although I’m starting to feel homesick now, but that’s kind of given when I come from such a big family, and now I have to live by myself for almost three months… Anyway, I wanted to share some videos I got last night from my first Indie concert, courtesy of my study abroad program.

First off, let me just say how adorable Whale was. I guess aegyo is just a given for Korean women. She was trying to interact with the other students from my program, but no one understood that she wanted some reactions from them because they didn’t understand Korean. But don’t worry, Whale! A lot of them, if not all, thought you were really cute! I got a picture with her, which I shared on our Instagram and Tumblr.

Next was Royal Pirates without James. I didn’t really understand the reason behind why he couldn’t come, but it sounded like something about a broken arm. Hmm, not too sure. My Korean isn’t up to par yet. Anyway, although a lot of the female students from my program said they loved Soo Yoon’s voice, I was all for Kim Moon, and that probably has to do with the fact that he sung a song about falling in love with him. I can’t remember if that was the song he said still has yet to be released, but if it is, fangirls, prepare yourselves.

I didn’t record the entire performance, and I’m sorry about the quality. I thought the camera I borrowed was HD, but it must not be. My sister is visiting in August though, and I asked her to bring an HD camera, so hopefully I’ll have better pictures and videos to share with you all then! For now, please enjoy the videos below; they’re also on our YouTube channel! If you want updates on my travels in South Korea, follow us on Instagram and/or Tumblr! That’s where I’ve been posting a lot to lately!



Whale 2


Royal Pirates – Soo Yoon Performance


Royal Pirates – Kim Moon Performance


B.I.G (Boys in Groove) – Hello

I believe this is also another rookie group… Anyway, here’s our review for B.I.G’s Hello.

So, this song was quite surprising. It’s extremely catchy and I loved the beat. Even though I can’t say that their rapping and singing (???) was on point to impress, the concept and the way they carried themselves covered that part. This song just left me in complete shock at its unexpectedness, which is a positive point from us. A song promoting one’s country? They needed more attention for this. “Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello!”

It was a simple music video, although they should have included the things they were singing about. If you’re promoting South Korea, then the video should have carried through. I liked the dance though.

Overall score; 8. The beat was something I expected to come out of them, but the concept was not. It was a surprising song for me and I don’t think there’ s anything else that I could say about this song at this point. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for future activities.

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– Zoey