The Ark – 빛 (The Light)

Okay! Moving on from SM to, I believe it’s Key Entertainment. Anyway, up next we have rookie girl group The Ark’s debut with The Light!

Okay, not bad. It definitely has that motivational feel, and heartbreaking kind of sound. I’m excited to see the voices to the faces I don’t know yet. The only downside is that, although I like the song overall, nothing really surprised me. It sounded very much like a song meant for a rookie debut. I like that it’s a different sound from most rookie girl groups, but The Ark is also debuting among some big sunbaes, so I was hoping they would deliver something more. I also noticed that this song has a lot of Kim Yuna rapping. But there are other rappers, right? Why didn’t it get split up a little more equally? I would have loved to hear more from each of the members? But it seems like some of the members got overshadowed greatly, and I feel like they all actually have beautiful voices. Nonetheless, The Ark has garnered my interest, and I look forward hearing more of them and seeing them grow.

I give the music video a 10 because that mom is beautiful and sure can act.

Overall score: 8.5. I don’t think I’ll add it to my iTunes, but it is a beautiful song. I first saw Jeon Min Joo on KPOP Star 2, and she had IDOL written all over her. From YooYoo, she had the most potential in the industry in my opinion. I’m glad she’s officially debuting now, and I look forward to more from her.

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Girl’s Generation – Catch Me If You Can

We’re on an SM roll! We have Girl’s Generation’s newest release next: Catch Me If You Can!

Okay, I know I’m going to get bashed and hated on, but in my honest opinion, this did not help me recover from Mr. Mr., although I do like it much more. And that opening sound did not sound pretty to my ears. I had to pull my headphones out because it made me cringe. Overall, the song sounded a lot like the female twist of DBSK’s Catch Me. I can see that this song is geared more towards dance, but come on! It was very monotone in my opinion. It actually kind of bored me. But, I did love Seohyun’s and Taeyeon’s parts. Their voices never fail to get me. I noticed that Yuri and Hyoyeon got more parts as well, which was a nice low-tone to hear from them. I also noticed Sooyoung’s voice more, which has a beautiful, clear ring to it. I’m not hating on GG because I know they can sing their hearts out, but who oversaw the production of this song?!!!

As for the music video, I liked it much more than I liked the song. The choreography was definitely meant for GG. Although, what was with the random, and awkward, lip bite from Tiffany?

Overall score: 7. I’m actually feeling very neutral about this song. I don’t absolutely hate it, but nor do I love it. So, I don’t really have anything else to add. I guess I’m just a bit disappointed.

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EXO – Call Me Baby

We’re a little late in the game, but here’s our review for EXO’s latest release, Call Me Baby!

Needless to say, I liked it; it’s a very catchy song. Honestly though, it didn’t get me on the first listen like Wolf or Growl did, and I think those two songs will be hard for EXO to top, personally. But the song did slowly grow on me after listening to it a few more times. I actually like the Chinese version more though. Anyway, as always, the chorus was what did the trick. I found myself humming along to it after the second listen. D.O.’s voice also really stood out to me this time. Well… D.O., himself, really stood out to me. Of course I knew he could sing, but for some reason, I could really hear his voice this time around. I especially loved his harmonization with Chen. I also loved that Lay got more prominent parts in the song. I’ve always loved hearing his voice; it’s sweet, smooth, and very clear. His voice is one that makes me just want to smile.

As for the music video, I loved the dance overall. All I have to say is, who styled Kai? I honestly did not like how he looked in this MV, and could someone please stop the stylists from ever giving middle-split hair to these idols?! It did no justice for both Kai and Chen!

Overall score: 8. I like the song, and I could listen to it every now and then, but I probably won’t play it as many times as I did with Wolf and Growl. It’s kind of hard to not compare EXO’s songs to these because those two songs were the songs that really got me into EXO. I’ve stopped listening to Overdose for awhile now already; I just listen to it whenever I have my iTunes on shuffle. I also didn’t think this album followed up well to EXO’s previous albums, but that’s because of my personal preference for music. I know a lot of other people who absolutely loved the album, like Darice. I’m sure that some time down the road, the album will grow on me. I did, however, like El Dorado and Hurt. I could also, for some odd reason, really hear where Kris would have had his parts if he was still in the group. On the other hand, because EXO has so many beautiful vocals, missing Luhan’s voice wasn’t as noticeable. But everyone has moved on, and I hope this will be the last time I mention EXO, Kris, and Luhan in the same post. Anyway, regardless of my opinion, Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, Tao, and Sehun are all doing great after overcoming a harsh year in 2014, and are continuing their rise in fame.

“Never don’t mind about a thing.”

On a side note, SM, please use your money to get your English right. Sehun sounds like Google Translate. How about trying, “Don’t you worry ’bout a single thing” next time?

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D&E – 너는 나만큼 (Growing Pains)

Got another review ready to go with SUJU’s Donghae’s and Eunhyuk’s recent release, Growing Pains! I actually wasn’t a big fan of their previous songs, so I originally had no plans to listen to this one. But, Darice and I were texting each other one day, and she brought it up. I thought, why not?

I loved it! At least much more than their previous releases. As we all know, SUJU has a lot of members, so they have to split the lines among members, and the ones with more unique and outstanding voices tend to get more lines. And of course, Eunhyuk is usually rapping. But this song really showed me that both Donghae and Eunhyuk can sing, and I enjoyed listening to them. I do have to say though, I think they sound better when they’re singing together in the chorus than when they’re singing on their own. They express more emotion there in my opinion. I think what first attracted me though was the combination of guitar and piano at the beginning. The instrumental for this song is beautiful and really hit home with me. Another thing, I usually find it hard to listen to Eunhyuk rapping because I just don’t feel anything. I admit I’m more of YG girl (which I’m sure most of you know by now already) and I know they’re not the standard for KPOP, but we have to admit they house some of the best Korean rappers: that’s where I draw my standard for listening to Korean rap. But, in Growing Pains, I enjoyed Eunhyuk’s rap overall, much more than I usually would have.

As for the music video, I don’t think there was anything too special about it. I kind of didn’t get the story line though. I know they went through something like hypnosis to erase their memories of a relationship, but were they seeing the same girl, and is that the connection as to why they kept bumping into each other? Or was the connection just that they were two guys who wanted to erase their memories and ended up going to the same place? I loved the rooftop-dance scene though. That spin on the camera, for some reason, brought back some old KPOP memories.

Overall score: 9. The only thing I wanted more of from this song was emotion, because, you know, it is supposed to be expressing feelings. I felt it in the chorus for sure, but other parts of the song fell a little behind in my opinion. Other than that, I loved this song! As I mentioned before, D&E’s previous songs just didn’t pull me in, but this one has more of an R&B and pop sound, which is my absolute favorite kind of sound. I think what really pulled me into the song though, besides the instrumental, was the chorus. I didn’t know that Donghae and Eunhyuk could sing like that, and it really threw me in for a surprise when I first heard Growing Pains, which was good.

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Another reaction ready to go! Again, we are in search of new music, so if you have something you think is great, suggest it to us, please! Alright, let’s go! Here’s my reaction to XIA’s latest song, 꽃!

The instrumental definitely got to me, especially the opening. It goes right to where music hits you the most; the emotions. And then Tablo’s voice rolls in, and his voice is just made for these kinds of songs. I have always loved XIA’s voice. It’s unique and very soothing to the ears. And finally, my favorite part of most songs; the chorus. I loved it! I’ve always loved the sound of motivational songs, and XIA definitely covered that aspect with this song.

As for the music video, I don’t even need to say anything. It speaks very well for itself, if you watch it, and was beautifully done. If he doesn’t get an award for this MV, and song, then South Korea’s music industry is just messed up. Loosen up, people! Despite the restrictions they’re under, I’m glad JYJ isn’t letting it suppress them from what they enjoy doing.

Overall score: 9.5. I was expecting a really big explosion of emotions somewhere in this song. Although it sounded like the ending was supposed to be it, it wasn’t a very strong explosion in my opinion. I was waiting for XIA to really send me over the edge with his voice, but it didn’t happen. Despite that very small matter regarding my personal opinion, I absolutely loved the song overall.

Also, one more thing. We are looking for videos for next week’s topic, Terrific Tuesday, which consists of showing videos of talented people! If you have a video to share of your talent(s), please email us, and you may find yourself included in our list next week!

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1PUNCH – 돌려놔 (Turn Me Back)

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a review! Remember, these scores are in no intention judging the musicality of a song, but rather reflecting our own opinions and how much we want to recommend this song to others. Let’s get started! The first song review for 2015, 1PUNCH’s Turn Me Back!

I loved it! I know it was a tribute to two older hip-hop groups in the KPOP scene back in the days, and it really brought back memories of Seo Taeji and The Boys, which was one of the groups they were paying tribute to. I immediately thought of the song 난 알아요 (I Know). I loved how it was like a merging of today’s music with the old school sound. The chorus is extremely catchy too, which is always what draws me in at the end of everything. I also loved the piano breakdown. I also got a hint of 1TYM from them as well, (which, if you didn’t know already, is my all-time favorite hip-hop group from the older days) when they said, “1PUNCH for your mind.” I haven’t added this song to my iTunes, but it’ll be joining soon.

Now, onto the music video. It was fun to watch, and they really looked like they enjoyed themselves. What really got my attention from the video though was the dance. It was simple and, again, really brought back the old KPOP memories.

Overall score; 10. It was a great tribute and completely met its goal of bringing me down memory lane. It has an addictive tune, and 1’s and Punch’s voice are refreshing to listen to. It was awkward to listen to at first because Punch is so young, and I don’t think he’s completely gone through puberty yet! He’s as old as my baby brother (13, yes, but he’s the youngest of the siblings, so he’ll always be called our baby). But in the end, I’ve always said that a good song cannot be denied, and I grew used to his voice and appreciate it’s sound. I might be pushing it too much, but I think he could become similar to GD (no one can be the next GD because it’s impossible to follow in footsteps exactly). I think that as long as he works to develop his own music and creativity, it’s very possible for him to have as big of a name as GD. Trading away a childhood is a tough decision, but to be able to love what you do is not something a lot of people can say for themselves. Good luck to this duo, and I hope to see them shine even more in the future!

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Boyfriend – Witch

Crossing another one off the list! Our next review is for Boyfriend and their recent comeback with Witch.

Something about this song makes me think of Shinhwa just a tad bit, back in their older days of course. That probably explains why I was so drawn to this song because Shinhwa was my first KPOP boy group that I really got into. I can definitely say that Boyfriend’s voices really stood out this time around. I don’t think there was any part that I exceptionally liked more than another, although I do have to say that I love how they sang “cause your body goes boom bara boom.” I was also surprised by their rappers, Minwoo and one of the twins (whom I don’t think I’ll ever get down but feel free to help me). I don’t know why, but that second verse just really stood out to me because of them.

I wouldn’t say the music video was a disaster, but it definitely did not aid the song in any way. The acting was off, and I couldn’t stand their vampire stares. But I did love the curtains as dance props, although I do feel bad for whoever is holding those up. And I liked their concept overall, but the story line was a bit confusing once the girl came in. I was thinking who, what, when, where, why, and how the entire time.

Overall score; 9. I wasn’t too fond of Boyfriend’s previous stuff, at least their main tracks anyway, except for Janus. I kept seeing cute, and cute is not really my style once someone is over the age of 10. I grew up surrounded by very young children all the time though, so that probably affects my perspective of aegyo. I think Boyfriend definitely came back stronger with this one though, although I think I slightly prefer Janus over this one. But where I had wandered away from them, this song has brought me back and I look forward to their next comeback.

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VIXX – Error

I had caught up with reviews only to let myself fall behind again. Well, let’s not delay anymore and get on with the list. Up next is the boy group who knows how to work their concepts; VIXX and their hit comeback song, Error.

This song has come to equal footing with Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby in regards to my nephew. He can sing along to Fantastic Baby, and he moves along to it too, with his awesome shoulder bouncing and slow-mo moves. I didn’t think any other song would be able to get him as hyped, but I was wrong. He’s starting to sing along to VIXX’s Error, especially the chorus, and the same moves come out for this song as well.

I like it overall. I definitely enjoyed listening to the piano in the background. It was beautifully played out, and really got the emotions going once it was joined by the bass. I also enjoyed the violins as well. You can never fail with a song when you use strings, and I especially love it when they’re taken out of their ballad zones. The most shocking part for me this time around was Hong Bin in the first part, when he hit the low notes. I know they infused some auto-tune to it, but still, it sounded nice and it’s the one part that continues to stick out to me. I usually say I like the chorus, but this time around, it was when Hong Bin sang low-key and Ravi’s rap. For some reason, I used to really dislike how Ravi rapped, but after listening to Eternity, aside from my biased rappers of YG, I actually really like hearing Ravi rap. I guess I just needed to hear a song that was more towards my liking.

I also enjoyed the music video. It was a nice watch overall, and I think VIXX should look into entering the acting market; all of them. No other group has as many concepts as VIXX has had, and VIXX has conveyed each one very successfully. The past two concepts that VIXX has had has really opened up my eyes to them as a group.

Overall score; 9. I personally think Eternity was a better song, and so my anticipation was a little let down with the release of Error. But, I still think this song is really good, and shows VIXX’s potential to get even better. While Eternity was a better song for me, Error definitely had the better concept. The hot cyborg with a six pack is a fantasy I’m sure many KPOP fans have had. Error has kept up VIXX’s hype, and I cannot wait for their next release.

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Song Ji Eun – 쳐다보지마 (Don’t Look at Me Like That)

I was so excited for this comeback! I really loved her song Going Crazy with Bang Yong Guk! Here’s our review for Song Ji Eun’s 쳐다보지마 (Don’t Look at Me Like That).

Of course, she didn’t let us down with this song, although I was waiting for her to just lose it and let her emotions go with her voice because that’s kind of what I felt should have happened based on the idea behind the song. I was waiting for a powerful moment that didn’t come. I still loved the song though. My favorite part was, no doubt, the chorus, and the part leading up to the chorus as well. I liked how she sings “why”. The composition was beautiful as well. Honestly, I think it was the instrumental this time around that won me over for this song.

The music video was simple overall with lots of symbolism, but for a song that many have deemed to be in support of LGBT, I’m not amazed that there’s so much there.

Overall score; 9.5. I loved this song and it is one of the most repeated songs on my iTunes favorites list. Again, the only thing I felt a bit disappointed about for this song was that there was no power moment in this song. It felt like a build-build-fall kind of structure. I’m not sure if this was officially stated, but I liked the idea that this song was made to promote LGBT, although it could honestly be a song in support of all sorts of relationships deemed unsuitable by society. It’s a beautiful song, and I’m sure it’s going to stay in my favorites list for a long time.

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Cross Gene – Billion Dolla

Cross Gene has drawn my interest since Shin’s casting in the drama Big. I watched some of their old stuff and listened to their latest release, Amazing Lady. Then my friend introduced me to 비정상회담 (Abnormal Summit), and now I’m slowly developing a permanent interest in the group thanks to member Takuya’s charming personality on the show. So, onto the review for their song Billion Dolla, which was actually made to promote their movie ZEDD.

The song… was okay. It had it’s catchy moments, like “Billion Dolla” of course. And I loved when they dropped the hard beat and put in the piano. The singing for that part was beautiful. The song was also in English, a bonus for many international fans if I must say so, although it’ll be hard to understand everything they say. They also give fans another bonus by including a second version at the end where it sounds like they’re singing in all the languages they know. Even though I don’t think this song did them justice, I was still able to notice that they do have good vocals despite that.

As for the music video, I found it really funny, which I don’t think was their intention. The serious acting at the beginning by the girl and soldier was so bad! Of course, the members did their parts well. I also absolutely love zombies, so this music video really peaked my curiosity. Even though it was funny, I was not going to ignore dancing zombies. And then they brought in children at the end, and those children were extremely adorable! I do have to say that the guy with the hat needed to lose the hat because that destroyed his whole look. All the other members were cool and chic, and then you have this guy who looks like a cowboy. Although Shin pulled me into the group, Takuya made me stay, but it was Casper that I noticed the most in the video.

Overall score; 6.5. I have to be honest that the song wasn’t that great. It was kind of cheesy to me. I mean, there are cheesy songs that stick, but this one didn’t have that appeal. I think if they extended the part I mentioned above in the song review, I would’ve given a higher score. I just don’t see myself listening to this song anymore after this review. Despite this score though, I am still waiting in anticipation for Cross Gene’s comeback because I honestly think this was just a bad song. However, even though I don’t score music videos, I have to for this one because it has zombies! I give the music video an 8.5 because, minus the acting, it was still very entertaining.

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