man crush monday

Kim Hanbin

Our first Man Crush Monday of 2016 is none other than the leader of iKON, Kim Hanbin. With his undeniable charisma on and off the stage, it’s easy to see why he would be anyone’s crush!



And as a bonus, below is an adorable tumblr gif of cutie, Han Bin.



Our Man Crush Monday this week is Xia, who just recently released his new album “Flower”! I have always enjoyed listening to Xia’s voice, and I’m glad he’s still able to do well with his talent despite all the restrictions being put on him, as well as the rest of JYJ. We have a review coming for “Flower” soon, so keep an eye out for it!

– Zoey


Park Jin Young

With his wonderful gift of 하지하지마 (Stop, Stop It) to GOT7, our Man Crush Monday this week is the ever-talented producer, and artist himself, Park Jin Young! We thoroughly enjoy his humorous personality! Catch him on the currently airing, and much loved survival audition program, KPOP Star, Season 4!


Darice just came back from the 2PM concert in Chicago yesterday, and she must still be feeling the hype because our Man Crush Monday this week is Chansung! I don’t fan-girl over 2PM, but I listen to their songs and watch them on shows often enough to be updated on them, and I am starting to regret not going…

– Zoey

Seo Kang Jun

This week’s Man Crush Monday is pretty boy, Seo Kang Jun, whom we’ve gotten to know through Roommate! When he first appeared, he got my attention. I have yet to watch his dramas, but I’m sure time will bring me to one eventually. I am definitely anticipating their debut, and I just have to say that they’re doing it right by listing their first tour as “Asia Tour” and not “World Tour”. Asia isn’t the only existence of the world (*ahem* YG *ahem*).

And one more thing; to that actor who said he didn’t like idols turned actors, 5urprise started out in acting first. I know Choi Min Soo kind of patched up his wording by saying that the one member should be glad that he met him first as an actor, but that whole situation was just wrong. I am disappointed in this veteran actor. I’ll discuss more in our upcoming Spontaneous Saturday next week. Getting away from this negativity, here’s to wishing Seo Kang Jun and the rest of 5urprise good luck! You can expect a review from us on their debut!

– Zoey

Jo Kwon

To celebrate 2AM’s comeback, leader Jo Kwon is our Man Crush Monday this week! Need I remind you that I don’t particularly listen to ballads? However, I never fail to listen to any 2AM songs because they are just that good. 2AM 화이팅! It feels so good to hear their songs again!

– Zoey

Lee Joon

First off, let me apologize for failing to get to that Spontaneous Saturday I promised. So many things to talk about and the list for things to talk about keeps growing each time I put Spontaneous Saturday off! I also didn’t get a chance to do Shuffle-It Sunday. However, as no plans have been set, I am hoping this weekend stays free so I can get this blog updated! On to today’s topic!

We have chosen Lee Joon as this week’s Man Crush Monday! We know about him not renewing his contract with the company, along with Thunder, but we’ll save that for Spontaneous Saturday (and let’s hope I don’t have to push it off anymore because I have so many thoughts about Kpopcalypse 2014). Good luck to this passionate rising actor, Thunder, and the rest of MBLAQ! And remember A+, you all helped to carry each member of MBLAQ this far; your love will not be forgotten by them and we hope you can continue to love each member the same, whether they remain in MBLAQ or not! Spread the KPOP love!

– Zoey

Lee Kwang Soo

Man Crush Monday this week is Running Man’s beloved 기린 giraffe, Lee Kwang Soo! It was a hard decision this time around, as I am left with the decision this week, and I can never think of anyone. So I went back through our past Man Crush Mondays (and saw that one of our pictures has turned into unintentional ad) and realized that we only had two or three actors in our long list of man crushes. I thought about another idol, but then Kwang Soo kind of popped up and wouldn’t leave, so he’s our choice this week! I cannot express how much I love Running Man, and I am forever thankful that I was introduced to Lee Kwang Soo because of it. He’s a wonderful actor and seems to always work hard and put forth his best efforts.

런닝맨 대박! 이광수은 진짜 멋있어요! 평생 팬 이에요! 기린 기린 기린 화이팅!

– Zoey