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Hollywood Bowl 2014

Just another quick update to summarize what we have so far.

Confirmed artists to attend: 2AM, Crayon Pop, Dal Shabet, Ulala Session, Insooni, B1A4, Kim JongSeo, Shim SooBong, Jung DongHa

And now onto the tickets. I don’t know if it’ll switch on me like it did before, but here we go.

Pool Circle ($300): 0 out of 4 rows available

Garden Box ($200): 4 out of 6 rows available

Terrace Box ($175): 5 out of 6 rows available

Ramp Box ($175): 2 out of 2 rows available

Ramp Seat ($175): 2 out of 2 rows available

Super Seat ($120): 3 out of 3 rows available

Bench_0 ($120): 2 out of 2 rows available

Bench_1 ($70): 8 out of 8 rows available

Bench_2 ($50): 6 out of 6 rows available

Bench_2b ($35): 6 out 6 rows available

Bench_3 ($35): 5 out of 5 rows available

Bench_3b ($30): 6 out of 6 rows available

Bench_4 ($25): 7 out of 7 rows available

Want a good seat? Get your tickets now before the next set of closest seats sell out! Buy your tickets at http://ktmf.koreatimes.com/!


Hollywood Bowl 2014

So, thanks to my older sister, I discovered the Hollywood Bowl, I think, around 2006. I was so jealous because Big Bang, Fly to the Sky, BoA, Super Junior, and so many other big names at the time (and still are now) were there. What could I do though? I was a 6th grader with no money at the time. Hollywood is not cheap.

Although I probably won’t be able to go this year, as I am saving up to go to South Korea for summer of 2015, I am happy to promote another awesome fan gathering for you KPOP fans.

Attending artists have not been mentioned yet, but tickets are on sale. If you’re an avid KPOP fan who loves nearly all the groups, then I’d suggest getting tickets now. Who knows when those VIP seats will disappear. You can find more information at http://ktmf.koreatimes.com/ , and we will happily keep you fans updated.

– Zoey