Shuffle-It Sunday

Well, it’s been a really long time since our last Shuffle-It Sunday, and I’m really glad to have found some time to do it this week, despite having a research report to write. This was always my favorite day of the week for our blog. No reviews though, just a list. Enjoy!

1. Kim Hyun Joong – Smile


2. Aaron Yan – 這不是我 (That’s Not Me)


3. Dalmatian – Lost in Love


4. C-Clown – 멀어질까봐 (Far Away… Young Love)


5. CN Blue – Cold Love


6. Jung Dong Ha – Mystery


7. Jun.K ft. J.Lim – Don’t Go


8. MyName – Baby, I’m Sorry




10. TeenTop – 향수 뿌리지마 (Don’t Spray Perfume)



This was supposed to have been from Darice’s trip to Chicago to see 2PM’s concert, but I let it go, and now we’re here.

Our Transformation Tuesday is 2PM’s Jun.K! Honestly, physically, I don’t think he changed too much. You know those Koreans though; they have discovered the fountain of youth. I can definitely feel a change in Jun.K. What it is though, I don’t know.