Girl’s Generation

Girl’s Generation – Catch Me If You Can

We’re on an SM roll! We have Girl’s Generation’s newest release next: Catch Me If You Can!

Okay, I know I’m going to get bashed and hated on, but in my honest opinion, this did not help me recover from Mr. Mr., although I do like it much more. And that opening sound did not sound pretty to my ears. I had to pull my headphones out because it made me cringe. Overall, the song sounded a lot like the female twist of DBSK’s Catch Me. I can see that this song is geared more towards dance, but come on! It was very monotone in my opinion. It actually kind of bored me. But, I did love Seohyun’s and Taeyeon’s parts. Their voices never fail to get me. I noticed that Yuri and Hyoyeon got more parts as well, which was a nice low-tone to hear from them. I also noticed Sooyoung’s voice more, which has a beautiful, clear ring to it. I’m not hating on GG because I know they can sing their hearts out, but who oversaw the production of this song?!!!

As for the music video, I liked it much more than I liked the song. The choreography was definitely meant for GG. Although, what was with the random, and awkward, lip bite from Tiffany?

Overall score: 7. I’m actually feeling very neutral about this song. I don’t absolutely hate it, but nor do I love it. So, I don’t really have anything else to add. I guess I’m just a bit disappointed.

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– Zoey


Spontaneous Sunday

Alright, let’s just continue right where we left off from yesterday by getting into the meat of Kpop-calypse 2014; the surprising trend of idols leaving their respective groups.


First off, we’ll talk about Ze:A’s issues with Star Empire since that was the first surprise we at zodareviews94 received. There isn’t any disbandment going on (thus far) but the behind-the-scenes for this group and their company is so shocking! I was also confused as to whether the members knew that their leader was going to be taking this dangerous step in hopes of making things better for the entire group and if Lee Hoo considered how his members’ current statuses would be affected once all of this went public. I understand it was done with the best intentions, but there are so many people involved that this is really a dangerous step to take. After all, that’s how all of EXO’s dealings got ugly. I had really mixed feelings about this whole situation. Of course, angered at the beginning, I obviously sided with Lee Hoo. But as time passed, you become more calm and are able to see more of the big picture, but unfortunately never all of it. His frustrations, disappointment and anger were definitely felt. I don’t criticize his use of Twitter because it is one of the most popular social media sites with many benefits, but I think something like this should have maybe been professionally released, perhaps more thoroughly talked about through Ze:A’s fancafe. You’re only limited to 140 characters via Twitter, and an issue like this definitely needs more than that for fans to really understand what is going on. I can’t be lying when I say so many must have been scared and confused with what was going on, and what would happen to Ze:A. I understand his feelings, but I was so lost during the whole event. I couldn’t really grasp what was going on and it all just felt like a lot of anger, which it was, but in a situation like this, his anger made everything seem like it was a rash decision. To clear any misunderstandings, I was with Lee Hoo on this one and I think he definitely did his part as leader, but I wish he would have taken a different route and chosen better wording to bring this situation to light and to help his fellow label mates. Obviously the company must have done something wrong to give Lee Hoo what he wanted in the end though, and I am glad the nine men came out the winners in this. I also thought this issue had come to an end, but apparently not. I thought everything had already been understood and many fans, as well as those who watched this event unfold, were definitely siding with Ze:A in this case. He won, and he even stated he empathized with the CEO, yet he kept revealing more and more. When you’ve won already, just keep things as private as possible at this point and pull it out when you have to again. The calm had already hit in my opinion, so I think the information he further revealed was uncalled for. If things were already settled, anything revealed afterwards could lead to a negative effect for the rest of the artists at Star Empire.

On a side note, no one has the right to hit an idol besides their parents when punishing their children. And even then, I don’t think a parent would hit their child the way Lee Hoo describes being hit by their CEO. Apparently, there was also a time where the CEO hit one of the members of Nine Muses. Now that was just crossing the line.


Next up is, of course, one of the most shocking news to hit KPOP since Kris’ departure from EXO earlier, and of course it would be the same company to go through this; Jessica Jung is forced out of Girl’s Generation, yet, from my understanding, apparently STILL kept under SM Entertainment. This one was the most shocking news for us after Kris left EXO. SM Entertainment has just not been on their game at all this year. However, we won’t only be criticizing the company this time around, as the idol seems to play a big part as well this time. I thought it was really unfair when the news first broke out, but after reading some fan accounts that made the situation a little more clear, I can no longer completely side with the idol on this one. Yes, SM CEO Kim Young Min is known to be a jerk, but I think Jessica’s decisions helped to lead up to this as well. I did think it was unfair that she was informed of this just as she had been on a plane to make it to her schedule with SNSD. Could they not have waited until afterwards? So many fans had been waiting for the nine members only to be informed that only eight would be coming moments before the event took place. It would have been hard, yes, but I also think it was unfair towards the fans whom they express so much love towards, that this expression of love almost feels fake. I also wonder just how thoroughly this decision was discussed before carrying it out.

Now, onto Jessica’s actions that led the company and the group to feel like this was what had to happen. When she re-signed that contract, she was agreeing to putting as much effort as possible towards making SNSD’s activities her first priority. Yes, she made it back to Korea just before the fan event was to be held, but shouldn’t she have been there at least a couple days ahead for any last minute rehearsals and fittings needed? Also, she mentioned that she had received approval for moving forward with her fashion design under the promise that she stay with SNSD until after their next album. Did she ever inform them when she wanted to move forward with this, because it seems like her plans came as a complete surprise to the company and to the members. I think that was the biggest factor here, informing the members and company of her plans, yet not really informing them as well. Of course the members would support her in her goals as they’ve been together for so long, but her presence in SNSD is also crucial, and if she claimed to have cared so much about SNSD, she should have taken slower steps to set up her business. I know she did it to go to school, but you are never too old to go back to school. She would have also had backing to her brand from the members and the company, so setting up her business later wouldn’t have taken so long to begin with anyway. I know a lot of people are saying something about her having the name of GG being tagged to her brand, but that’s unavoidable when she is part of one of the most famous girl groups. Being with a group like that for so long, there is no way the name would follow you forever. I am in full support of her setting up her future for after her idol years, but again, she did re-sign a contract to basically continue being an idol for 9 years, regardless of what her future plans are. Yes, there are members who have taken on acting, but filming doesn’t take as much time as running a business would, not to mention that they are rarely overseas for filming unless it is a drama meant to be overseas. In Jessica’s case, she has to be either in the U.S. or in Hong Kong, and will constantly be overseas since her business is just starting up and she can’t leave it to grow alone. She may have felt like she was doing all she could, but those who are most affected by her decisions will be the ones watching her and seeing exactly just how much effort she is putting in.

I am sad that this is the route Girls’ Generation has to take, and I too will miss them as nine, but maybe this was for the best. Also, I agree with a lot of fans that Tyler Kwon is definitely playing a role in Jessica’s decisions as well, almost like he’s using her. I’m sorry for offending anyone, but this is my honest opinion about this situation, and if there is anything I stated that seems contradictory or could use some clearing up, please let me know.


Luhan Instagram post

I wasn’t too surprised with this news, and it kind of seems like a lot of fans weren’t. In fact, it feels like a lot of people were already expecting it. Luhan is leaving for health reasons, so no one really blames him, although I can’t say the same for the fans in South Korea. However, I will have to agree that the legal battle this time will be an ugly one. SM invested a lot into EXO, hence they will need to make that back before the members start seeing an influx of profits, and I am pretty sure that was stated somewhere in the contract. But with two members already filing for nullification of contracts within the same year, the profits will be taking a slash. I find that I am leaning towards Luhan for this one though. There are accounts saying that he had informed the company ahead of time about his plans, and he seems to have the support of his members, which then brings us to why his case is so calmly being received compared to that of Kris’. I also read somewhere that it was under Kris’ lawyer’s advising that he reveal his decision to the public, which didn’t give enough time to inform his members, which led them to feeling betrayed. However, again, Kris was known for disappearing acts, and I don’t know if Luhan had any cases like that, but it doesn’t seem like it. Ah, whatever. All in all, SM is known to treat their foreign members unfairly compared to the Korean counterparts. I, too, did feel like EXO-K received so much more attention than EXO-M. Also, with Henry’s recent statement about not having seen his family for eight years now, I am beginning to criticize why SM is bringing in all these foreign artists only to treat them like money machines.

I’m just sad to see this beautiful group falling apart, and I am confident that even though the members are angry with Kris, they don’t hate him. I also hope that things turn out positively for Luhan, although it seems like SM is going to go all out on this one this time. Even if things get ugly, I truly wish the best for Kris and Luhan, as well as the remaining 10 members. I also hope that EXO-L stay true to the “We are One” and continue to support Kris and Luhan as well as EXO. Don’t let their motto remain just a motto; let it come to life. Even after all they’ve been through, it’s good to see that EXO refuse to let these events hinder their bond, not living in fear and questioning the other members about who may be considering leaving next.



This one came as a little more of a surprise to us because it was so unexpected. With MADTOWN’s debut, MBLAQ’s possible break up just never crossed my mind. I’ve said this multiple times before that they are the only group whose album I physically have, even though I’m Big Bang biased when it comes to boy groups. I don’t have much to say about this one though because the company seems understanding of them, and they left after their contract expired. I understand where G.O. was coming from when he tweeted, but I don’t think he needed to express it to his fans because that just confuses us, especially since the company stated that the group was close, like a family. We like to think our artists are on good terms with their group members, so things like this worry us. Leader Seung Ho once stated on broadcast that if the group was no longer together in the future, then they would be doing the things they are passionate about. We wish each and every one of the MBLAQ members good luck on their paths, and no matter what path MBLAQ takes, we’ll always support their music.


And that’s the end of our Spontaneous series! Share your thoughts with us down below, and no negativity just for the heck of it please. All “troll” comments or comments that we deem unnecessary will be deleted.  We know these are touchy topics, and we as fans are just expressing our opinion as well, as we encourage all other fans to do so. All in all, to every idol out there living their dream and trying to make it work for them, we wish you good luck. Don’t give up! To the fans who have gone through so much hardship this year, we are sympathizing with you! Don’t let the current events hinder your love for KPOP and the groups you are stanning that may have happened upon Kpop-calypse 2014! We urge 2015 to hurry on in!

– Zoey

SNSD – 다시 만난 세계 (Into the New World)

Our Throwback Thursday this week is the much loved girl group of South Korea, SNSD and their debut song Into the New World!

I didn’t get into SNSD until “Oh!” was released, so I was far behind. I think I’ve only seen this video maybe twice, but never fully through until now. SNSD was in the middle of a lot of rumors this year, especially in regards to dating. I just randomly felt like giving Into the New World a watch. Just seeing how young they were then, and thinking about all the changes they’ve been through during the last 7-8 years brought a smile to my face. They have all turned into beautiful young ladies now. I’m not hardcore SNSD, but I do still keep up to date with their promotional activities.

– Zoey Thao

Shuffle-It Sunday

Sorry for missing out on last week’s Shuffle-It Sunday! Here are the 15 songs for this week! Hope you all find something new to listen to! Enjoy!

1. Infinite – 붙박이 별 (Fixed Star)

I first discovered Infinite through YouTube browsing (which is how I tend to discover a lot of new groups, or groups that I haven’t heard of before). The first song I heard from them was She’s Back, and I loved how they sounded. I went through an Infinite phase for a good week, and I remember smiling to myself once they became a group who’s fame soon spread throughout the world.

2. Big Bang – Cafe

This song threw me off so bad. The beat is definitely a Big Bang feel, but the way they sang the song was something new for me. Their Tonight album is definitely going to remain a classic Big Bang album; heck all Big Bang albums could probably be considered classics.

3. 2NE1 – In the Club (DJ Jonray Remix)

This is a beautiful remix for a beautiful song.

4. The Legend – 미.남 (미련이 남아서) Left Out

If you haven’t checked out our review yet for this song, then make sure you do so to see what our thoughts are on this song! Overall, it’s a great listen.

5. Super Junior – M – S.O.L.O

I didn’t watch the drama (Taiwanese dramas are a bit hard for me to get around to) but I loved the soundtracks, especially this one. It’s got an addictive tune.

6. Henry – Fantastic

Violin, that’s all I have to say about this song. And Henry’s unique vocals.

7. Fahrenheit – 心裡有數 (In Our Hearts We Know)

The only Taiwanese drama I really got into was Hana Kimi, but I could never bring myself to watch it again. Once was enough for me. At my age now, the drama makes me cringe, but I’d like to keep my good memories of enjoying the drama and the Chun-Ella moments. The drama did also, after all, introduce me to Fahrenheit and S.H.E, two very talented Mandopop groups I would have regretted missing out on.

8. Aaron Yan – 多餘的我 (The Unwanted Love)

When this song first came on during the drama (which was almost immediately) I nearly died waiting for it to be released. It felt like forever, and when it was finally released, I downloaded it immediately and it’s been on repeat multiple times, despite it having been maybe a month now.

9. Yoo Seung Eun ft Baechigi – Be OK

This is such a chill song, and I love Baechigi, although now I am excited to see what else Seung Eun will bring in the future.

10. Girl’s Generation – Baby Maybe

I’m not too fond of GG’s title songs, although there have been some that stuck with me. But I will always love their slowed down songs with a simple beat like this. To me, it sounds so much more beautiful than their title tracks, but you need an upbeat song to promote most of the time anyway, especially if you’re a performance group.

11. Edward Jeon – Give My Love

This was the only drama that my older brother sat through and watched. He suggested it to me, and being as that he wasn’t a fan of Korean dramas, I thought I’d give it a try. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. I didn’t like how Eugene’s character was and… I don’t know, there was something about the drama that just didn’t sit well with me. It’s just my preference though. I’m not going to deny that it was probably one of the biggest Korean dramas of all time, not to mention it brought together Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young.

12. Seung Ri – Strong Baby

This song had me hooked on Seung Ri for quite some time. But, as always, it didn’t last and I moved on. But I still enjoy listening to this song and just randomly dancing to it, and mind you the dances I brought out probably did not match the song at all. Anyway, here’s to a speedy recovery for Big Bang’s baby.

13. Park Bo Young – Free Time

I just love Park Bo Young. She’s adorable and a wonderful actress.

14. CN Blue – Hey You

After seeing them live twice now, CN Blue definitely has a special place in our fangirl hearts. I’m still crying over those drum sticks that Min Hyuk gave away (just kidding). If Ticketmaster hadn’t glitched, Darice and I could have gotten P1 tickets, and then we could have been near the stage entrance, and we could have had a chance. But, let me not fret over it anymore. It’s a dangerous place to go as a fangirl. I’m trying to keep myself content just listening to their music and seeing them from a distance like a normal fan.

15. Bangtan Boys – Let Me Know

Okay, I know there are three songs in the video, but I figured that since we ended on such a beautiful song, I should just include a live of the three best songs (in my opinion) off of the album. Besides, BTS is just beautiful to watch live. Again, thanks to KCON for changing the fangirl in me. I’ve become a bit more desperate, it seems, to get close to them, but I shall resist as much as I can. I don’t have the time and dedication like other fangirls to get too invested in this. Anyway, if you haven’t already, check out their shout out to Minnesota fans via our blog!

Again, I hope you all found something new to listen to, or maybe just a flashback to a classic. Until next time!

– Zoey

Lee Seung Gi

Our Man Crush Monday this week goes to Lee Seung Gi! Although I’m not a huge fan of his, I can’t deny that I was a fan of Gu Family Book, which was one of our Watch-It Wednesdays. You can watch him in  his latest drama, You’re All Surrounded. And, according to Billboard, you can catch this multi-talented entertainer at KCON 2014, where he may just have some interaction with well known girlfriend, Girl’s Generation’s Yoona.

– Zoey

Shuffle-It Sunday

As promised, 15 songs for this week’s Shuffle-It Sunday! Hope you find something new to listen to!

1. Boyfriend – 좀좀좀 (Little by Little)


2. Infinite – Paradise


3. Wang Lee Hom – 你不知道的事 (All the Things You Never Knew)

This is only a snippet in which the song was used in Wang Lee Hom’s movie, Love in Disguise. The movie is definitely worth watching, and the album that most of the songs come from is definitely worth the buy. I even shared the movie during a movie night for one of my high school clubs. It’s a beautiful song overall, and I still listen to it every now and then.

4. 2NE1 – 너 아님 안돼 (Gotta Be You)

I’m sure a lot of fans will agree that this music video was a disappointment for how beautiful the song was.

5. Jay Chou – 四面楚歌 (Surrounded)

So, I did not know that the person rapping in Korean towards the end was actually Jay Chou himself. I was so shocked. And I did not know what the song was about, although I did get the gist from the music video. The things I am forced (and appreciate very much) to learn with this blog. This song can get very addicting.

6. Shinhwa – This Love

One of the oldest KPOP groups to date. The dance may have been a bit awkward, in my opinion, but I loved the song.

7. Fahrenheit – 心疼你的心疼 (Cherish Your Heartache)

The only boy group from the Mandopop genre that I keep a look out for. Anyone watching Aaron Yan’s Fall in Love With Me? Not a fan of the story line, but I can’t help myself from not watching Aaron.

8. 45rpm ft Gummy – Past Luv

First of all, if you haven’t yet watched My Mighty Princess, then you are missing out! That is one of the best Korean movies ever! And the OSTs are amazing! Discovered quite the amount of artists that I would have never known about, such as this one.

9. Ze:A – 하루종일 (All Day)


10. SNSD – Echo


11. Park Bom – Don’t Cry


12. Seven – I’m Going Crazy

I love that Seven featured his girlfriend in this music video, and I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because they’ve been together for so long. But I fangirled pretty hard when Se7en made his domestic comeback.

13. K.Will ft MC Mong – Love 119


14. DBSK – Why Did I Fall in Love With You

These songs always hit home with me. I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say I will always prefer the original DBSK, although I am in full support of the current DBSK and JYJ. This song is definitely a favorite of mine. It’s just so beautiful!

15. Mystic White – Mermaid Princess

Out of the four special collaborations prepared for this SBS Gayo Daejun, Mystic White’s was my favorite, along with Dynamic Black’s.

Spontaneous Saturday

For the first time in awhile, I have nothing much to do on a Saturday, so maybe I can catch up on some reviews after posting Spontaneous Saturday.

First off, last week, I had my phone stolen while on my way back from visiting my sister at the hospital, hence the delay in a few posts. I was on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota campus, and let’s just say that side of the campus has had lots of robberies happen. Being that it was still broad daylight out, I figured I’d be okay. Well, never again will I think that again. I’ve learned a lot from this incident, and I’m just sitting in frustration now. My phone was everything. I’m not dying without it, but I’d feel so much better with it. Unfortunately, I have no intentions of getting another smartphone until my contract is due for an upgrade, so I’ll have to do without quick access to internet, which isn’t exactly helpful with KCON coming up. I’ll have to depend on Darice for that one.

Second, of course we have to talk about the new dating news between two very well known idols, with one attending KCON and the other, we’re hoping will. I’ve seen many fans refer to them as ByunTae, which sounds similar to pervert in Korean to me, but I wouldn’t trust my Korean skills. Anyways, EXO’s Baekhyun’s and Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon’s dating news was unexpected from my stand point. I always thought that idols avoided dating within the same company for professional reasons, in that if the relationship should end, there wouldn’t be any sort of awkwardness since they wouldn’t be working so closely; within the same company though, they would always constantly be working together. Anyway, a moment of surprise overtook me before I found the news hilarious, especially with the alleged kissing photo. I just thought of the Baekhyun that I saw on EXO’s Showtime I guess, and that’s why I started laughing. Not to mention, their well known sunbae groups, SuJu, GG, and SHINee, and F(x) have been in the industry much longer, and GG is the only group to have come out with confirmed dating news so far (unless I’m mistaken, which, in that case, feel free to correct me). EXO has only debuted for about 2 years, and one member is already involved with dating. Darice, on the other hand, is quite the fan of Baekhyun, although he’s not really a bias, so the news was a bit more shocking for her. All in all, we got over the news once we came across the Durex mention, and were able to just seriously laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole thing, along with rumors that SM is using dating news to cover up more serious issues within the company. Anyway, another idol couple is revealed. Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and deserve some love with a special someone! Some overly dedicated fans need to lay off. Seriously though. Darice and I sincerely congratulate ByunTae, and all couples who have become public and all those that will come in the future.

Third, another quick KCON update. I’m sure many of you have already seen the update, but yesterday, KCON announced the fifth artist to join the lineup; VIXX! I’m actually not a huge fan of their songs, but Eternity grew on me, especially since it was the song that was more to my style of music than any of VIXX’s other songs. I’m sure I’ll love them more once KCON comes around.

And while we’re on the topic of KCON, lastly, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to attending artist CN Blue’s leader, Jung Yong Hwa. It’s not yet his birthday here in the U.S., but it already is in Korea. Had to do this since he left such a lasting impression on Darice from the LA Korea Festival back in April.

And that wraps up our Spontaneous Saturday.

KCON 2014

First off, I’d like to apologize for forgetting to post up Shuffle It Sunday, for any of you who follow it. I will gladly do another 15 song shuffle next Sunday to make up for it! It’s been a really hectic weekend for me, and I will update you about that on our Spontaneous Saturday post coming this weekend!

Now, let’s get some KCON information out to those of you who follow us! KCON released the fourth artist line up and ticket information in their most recent live update. KCON’s fourth artist to be invited is none other than the beloved IU! So far, the line up has not been a disappointment, with BTS, GG, and CN BLUE announced beforehand, not that it’s likely we’ll have any that will devastate us.

If you visit you can find more information about the benefits of the different ticket levels, as well as a general map of the seats. That is where you’ll also go to purchase tickets once they go on sale. Here, we’ll just tell you price and time of sale.

As you all know, KCON announced earlier that they’ll be hosting not one, but TWO concerts this August. That means double the artists! In order to attend both concerts though, you will need to purchase two tickets. And if you’re getting a ticket for each night, you might as well purchase their combo package, which saves you anywhere between $30-$100, depending on the ticket you buy.

P1: $400 | P2: $320 | P3: $225 | P4: $140 | P5: $70

The combo ticket packages start going on sale on June 27.

Below are the ticket prices for single ticket purchases. These will start going on sale on June 30.

P1: $250 | P2: $200 | P3: $150 | P4: $100 | P5: $50

There’s about a month left only before KCON is here! Who’s excited, because I know we are!

KCON 2014

Alright! The most looked forward to event is just two months away! That’s right! KCON 2014! If you haven’t been following along, KCON has plans for, not one, but TWO concerts! And yes, you read that right; TWO CONCERTS! Wow! One for each night. They just revealed the first line up, which is, of course, the underdogs that shook up the KPOP scene during 2014, Bulletproof Boys, or better known as BTS! And right next to them is… GIRL’S GENERATION! Honestly, we’re not too big on SNSD, but we still like them. Who’s hoping for a 2PM surprise as well?

No release on prices yet, although it was $3oo last year for a VIP1 ticket, so being as there are going to be two concerts, unless they’re charging each concert separately, I’d say VIP1 this year might be around $400-$500. Save, international fans, and make things possible! When will you get to go to two KPOP concerts within the same weekend ever again? When we went to KCON 2013, we were not impressed with the convention at all; it was very unorganized and there wasn’t much to do. But, the concert was well worth it. Unfortunately, due to flight issues, we were unable to stay for G-Dragon’s performance (ㅠㅠ) but we are making sure that this year, we can stay throughout the entire concert. Follow @kconusa on Twitter for updates, and sign up for KCON’s newsletters for updates as well!

Girl’s Generation – Mr.Mr

Back with a new reaction/review with none other than Girl’s Generation’s Mr.Mr!

I’ll be quite honest here, when the album was released, I was not impressed with the song at all. I felt like their voices had been overpowered by the background music. I don’t even know what the opening noise was, but it gave me a headache. I was extremely disappointed because there was so much hype about this song, and I felt like it didn’t deliver. It wasn’t bad though, but it fell below expectations in my opinion.

Now that the music video is out, I got a new perspective on the song. I still don’t like the opening noise, nor do I like the last line before they go into the chorus, but the music video definitely gave it a boost in scores in our opinion. I think my overall favorite parts of the song are Sunny’s, Yoona’s, and Yuri’s parts. I also feel like the only people who should continue in the rap department is Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Sunny. The only reason I don’t have IGAB on my iPod was because they’re rapping was not rap, except for a couple of them. I felt like they were just speed talking to a beat, and were wannabe rappers. I think Mr.Mr definitely beat out IGAB. I also know that GG has power vocals, but I feel like they need more if they’re going to sing songs like The Boys (which was the better of their venture into a different genre), IGAB, and Mr.Mr. I don’t feel any emotion from their title songs, but their lighter songs definitely have it (Promise, Baby Maybe, etc). When this album came out, I was waiting for that tune that would get stuck in my head, because that’s what GG songs do to you. But there were none on the album for me. With the release of Mr.Mr in that it wasn’t completely unlikable, I await GG’s next album.

The music video was very colorful, and I also liked the switch to black and white as well. The dance break was good, but again, I feel like it could have used more power in that as well. And the warping, blurring, whatever effects they used, were okay, but after awhile it was hard on the eyes.

Overall score; 7. I have heard worst songs, and I didn’t completely dislike the song. However, I don’t think this is a song I would care to put on repeat. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t dislike GG. I have plenty of GG songs on my iPod, but it’s my preference in music. Check out Girl’s Generation’s Mr. Mr. at

I know a lot of fans will be comparing 2NE1 and GG, but I’ll wait until after the 2NE1 review to give my opinions about the two groups. But honestly, don’t create fanwars. We can’t spread the love of KPOP if there’s hate going on within our love for KPOP.

Got an Asian pop song you think is great? Share it with us! Email us at, tweet us at @apopreviews94, or to our personal Twitters found in the About page.

– Zoey