Shuffle-It Sunday

Well, it’s been a really long time since our last Shuffle-It Sunday, and I’m really glad to have found some time to do it this week, despite having a research report to write. This was always my favorite day of the week for our blog. No reviews though, just a list. Enjoy!

1. Kim Hyun Joong – Smile


2. Aaron Yan – 這不是我 (That’s Not Me)


3. Dalmatian – Lost in Love


4. C-Clown – 멀어질까봐 (Far Away… Young Love)


5. CN Blue – Cold Love


6. Jung Dong Ha – Mystery


7. Jun.K ft. J.Lim – Don’t Go


8. MyName – Baby, I’m Sorry




10. TeenTop – 향수 뿌리지마 (Don’t Spray Perfume)

Shuffle-It Sunday

I managed to get up a Transformation Tuesday last week, but I didn’t get to the rest of what I was supposed to post up last week, and I apologize for anyone waiting for those. The semester is coming to an end for me, so hopefully I’ll have lots of free time opened up to catch up, as well as get through some reviews we’ve fallen extremely behind on. However, with the end of the semester comes lots of papers and studying, and so I, unfortunately, am looking at missing out on more posts this week. I’ll work hard to get them up, but there’s no guarantee. This also means that today’s Shuffle-It Sunday will be coming with no commentary as well. Enjoy the list and I hope you find something new to listen to!


1. Infinite – 몰라 (I Don’t Know)


2. Team B – 기다려 (Wait For Me)


3. Park Shin Hye – Lovely Day


4. EXO-M – Thunder


5. Kim Bo Kyung – Suddenly


6. Jeon Min Ju ft. Yuna Kim and Hankyu – 비별 (Goodbye Rain)


7. MBLAQ – Hello My Ex


8. Fahrenheit – 超喜歡你 (I Really Really Like You)


9. 2NE1 – Scream


10. BENI – One in a Million


And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed our list this week!

Shuffle-It Sunday

We missed out on a Throwback Thursday last week, but we’ll add it in this week with Flashback Friday! I almost missed out on Shuffle-It Sunday too (college readings will be the death of me). But, I refuse to fall behind again on this, so let’s get started! I hope you all find something new to listen to, or take a walk down memory lane!

1. Wonder Girls – Be My Baby

Wow! It’s been three years already! I remember when I was singing to this song all the time when it was first released. You can never go wrong with a Wonder Girls’ song. Even though it’ll be hard to see them all together again, especially since one of them is now a mother, I can’t wait to hear another Wonder Girls’ track that won’t let my ears rest!


2. Zia – 웃음만 (Just Laugh)

This is a beautiful song, and I hope it gets more attention. Zia has such a beautiful voice.


3. DMTN – E.R.

This song definitely pulls at emotions. I think they were too underrated when they were active, and it’s unfortunate that the other members were affected by the decision of one. Being a fan of KPOP in general is tough. I don’t know what’s going on half the time. Anyone know what’s going on with DTMN? If they are still together, and release a new song in the future, I’ll definitely be on the look out for it.


4. 2NE1 – Let’s Go Party

I am so sad that 2NE1 is not attending MAMA 2014. YG performances are what I always look forward to. I’m glad Taeyang and G-Dragon will be showing up, but still… For us, the more of YG Family, the better. Anyway, I remember having forgotten about 2NE1 after Lollipop promotions with Big Bang, and then I randomly remembered them one day while I was at my sister’s house on vacation. Let’s Go Party was the song that helped me rediscover them and I’ve been hooked onto the Black Jack wagon ever since.


5. Super Junior – Miracle

This is one of my all-time favorite songs from Super Junior, and I think it’ll be hard to wipe it out from its spot. My top 3 are Miracle, It’s You, and then Sorry Sorry. I haven’t played any Super Junior songs as often as these three.


6. Super Junior – 너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)

After Hankyung left Super Junior, along with DBSK’s issue, I kind of went on an SM riot by myself (you have to remember I was a naive 15 year-old and my young teenage mind was not ready for this). I didn’t listen to any thing from them for awhile. Then I was doing my usual YouTube browsing and came across this song. I was hooked on again, although it won’t ever be as strong as before, Like I’ve stated many times before, you can’t deny a good song. I do love that the remaining members have had their fill of shit from netizens and the industry though, and are speaking their own minds in public now without much of a care about what others have to say about them, good or bad.

7. EXO-M – Lucky

What do I do?! My iTunes must just want to hear me cry, making me reminisce so much, especially playing a song EXO said was for their fans. It feels so weird to listen to EXO now knowing they’re no longer “one”. I also hate that there is so much negativity going around among fans when we don’t even know what happened, and we never will. Although I might not pay as much attention to EXO as I did before, I’ll always support their music.


8. B.A.P. – Good-Bye

Glad to know that it’s not “Good-bye”, but rather “See you later”. This is probably one of my favorite songs from them that’s more on the ballad side. I’m not as into B.A.P as Darice is, but they definitely have a place in my KPOP heart, which knows no end. I don’t think it’ll be long before I’m on the same boat as Darice is with them. 1004 definitely got me closer. I think they’re a talented group and I cannot wait to hear from them again. Hoping they get a good rest so they can come back stronger than ever.


9. Tablo ft Jinsil – 나쁘다 (Bad)

I am so glad that Epik High was able to stay together, even though I didn’t really know what was going on. I just knew something was off when Tablo made a solo comeback. I loved it, no doubt, but it’s always better when a group is whole. I get more excited and my feels can sometimes spill over. Jinsil’s voice here caught me by surprise, and hearing it again now makes me wonder why I still haven’t looked her up. She has such a unique voice!


10. Lee Seung Hwan ft Jo Kwon – Dunk Shot

Oh, man, this song! Again, found through YouTube browsing. If you haven’t yet heard this song, you have missed out on one of the greatest KPOP songs ever! And I absolutely loved Jo Kwon’s featuring here. It’s a catchy tune, and I hope it grows on many more KPOP fans!

And that’s the end for this week’s Shuffle-It Sunday! I hope you found something new to listen to, or joined me in a walk down memory lane, some being quite recent.

– Zoey

Shuffle-It Sunday

I’m not missing it this week! Here’s our Shuffle-It Sunday for this week! Hope you enjoy the list and find something new to listen to.

1. EXO-M – Thunder

It feels so weird now, listening to EXO’s songs and hearing Kris’ voice in it still, especially from the “Overdose” album. But, everyone appreciates good music, and this song is most definitely a good song, if not more. Here’s to hoping that SM will give EXO the break they need, and the time it takes to move on and get a fresh, new feel when they have another comeback.

2. CN Blue – 나 그대보다 (Myself More Than You)

I am so excited to see this group at KCON this year! We got to see them at the KBS LA Korea Festival back in April, and their fan service made me love them more. And, in my opinion, they were, hands down, the best performance that night. Yonghwa knows how to get his crowd going! CN Blue definitely shocked more than expected.

3. FT Island – 너의 말 (Your Words)


4. Seung Ri – White Love


5. J.Min – 일어나 (Stand Up)

So, I feel like she’s an underdog of SM Entertainment. Of course, I watched the drama, and this song completely caught my attention when I first heard it. Can you imagine my shock when I found out she was under SM Entertainment? I mean, when did SM Entertainment start recruiting someone like J.Min? I hope they give her more attention and promote her a whole lot more than it seems like they’re doing now.

6. FT Island – You’ll Be In My Heart

Okay, FT Island seriously needs more attention. This song is just beautiful!

7. DBSK – Lovin’ You

My iTunes sure is being cruel. How does it shuffle to DB5K songs twice in a week for Shuffle It Sunday? Man, do I miss them as a whole.

8. Dalmatian – Lost In Love

So, like, umm… what happened to this group? I hate it when KPOP groups are put out there, and taken down so quickly. I know there was a scandal with one of the members, but what happened to them before that? There have only been two albums that I’m aware of from them. And I feel like they were in the industry for at least 3-4 years.

9. Son Dam Bi – Can’t U See

So, where is the music video for this song? There are teasers all over YouTube, but I can’t find the music video anywhere! Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. If anyone knows, please let us know.

10. BEAST – Shock

I’ve seen their music video for “Good Luck”; just have to review it. But I happen to come across BEAST when I was still very into buying DVDs from the local market of KPOP music video compilations, and they were on one. It was “Say No” that I saw, but they caught my attention, and I’ve listened to nearly all their songs to date. And is their new album not yet available on iTunes?

And our Shuffle-It Sunday ends here!

Shuffle It Sunday

Here is this week’s Shuffle It Sunday! Hope you all find something new to listen to, and enjoy the repeats if there are any!

1. Brian Joo ft Valerie – Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong


2. B.A.P – Stop It

This cute image of theirs was such a breath of fresh air and was what really hooked me into becoming a fan of B.A.P.

3. Katy Perry – Wide Awake


4. Big Bang – Love Song

It seems like a YG song is a must on all the Shuffle It Sundays.

5. Big Bang – Tell Me Goodbye

Wow, two Big Bang songs in a row! Actually, it happens all the time; if it’s not Big Bang, it’s 2NE1. Speaking of Big Bang, who else is excited for Taeyang’s album (FINALLY!)?

6. EXO – Baby

Hearing Kris’ voice… I’m going to miss the original EXO so much.

7. f(x) – Electric Shock


8. Ayumi Hamasaki – Rainy Day

Sorry! I had a hard time finding a full music video, so here’s a snippet.

9. Big Bang – Emotion

Well, this makes three of Big Bang’s songs now. I wonder how many I have in my iTunes?

10. Nelly – Just a Dream

This song! I love it!

Spontaneous Saturday

Alright! The day is almost done here in Minnesota, but I didn’t feel like I should let this get pushed to next week, which would just make it hard to stay on schedule with posts. Here is our Spontaneous Saturday for this week, recapping and discussing multiple rumors, breakups, and a focus on the biggest news thus far; EXO’s Kris, or better yet, Wu Yifan vs SM Entertainment.

Here was a random post by someone; “Dara films on the TV show of rumored ex-boyfriend” or a title along that line. Really? I saw this on Twitter, and thought, “WTF? Is there really nothing better to report on?” For one, it was “rumored”. Two, it was a rumored ex-boyfriend. I’m glad that fans were updated about their idol, but this sort of post wasn’t really necessary. At this point, whoever posted this, is just seeking attention, which is the goal of most bloggers, I guess. I don’t know though; these kinds of posts just get me really annoyed. I obviously didn’t click on the link though. The title spoke enough for itself.

As the year started out with multiple couples going public (SNSD in particular), within one week, three couples, to our knowledge, were reported to have ended their relationships. No reaction much to Kim Woo Bin’s relationship ending. There wasn’t much about their relationship that was revealed to allow us to even have a reaction, and that’s a total positive, although it could be a negative as well, as it can be seen that they really didn’t have much contact, leading to the break up. Well, actually, Darice likes Woo Bin, so… Anyway, the next relationship that ended that we found out about was Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na. I laughed at this one, because there was such a huge fuss about revealing their relationship just right before Hyun Woo entered the army. And then when he is discharged, he’s also girlfriend-less. I can’t imagine how it must have felt to have a girlfriend during the span of serving one’s country only. This was an odd ball relationship in my opinion. Finally, Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum. This is why co-stars shouldn’t date right away. Give time for you sort your true feelings from your character feelings before you make it official. Things just get awkward in the entertainment circle once you start dating all your co-stars. Well, that’s the end of that.

Here’s a quick rumor we heard; there seems to be speculation that there is another KPOP group (we’ll get to EXO in a bit) that is looking into suing their company. At one point, fingers were pointing to B.A.P. Remember, dear fans, it’s only rumors so far, although EXO’s rumors took us for a wonderful spin.

Okay, on to the news that is shaking up the Korean entertainment industry right now; EXO-M’s leader, Kris, or probably referred to now as Wu Yifan, has filed against SM Entertainment to terminate his exclusive contract due to insufficient pay and lack of attention to his health. There’s even a rumor (confirmed or not has yet to be determined) that he is suffering from bad heart conditions due to stress. When the first sparks of this rumor made its way onto Twitter, I had hoped that it was only a rumor; EXO looked like they had it all under control, so who would believe this? And then news broke in South Korea that it was indeed false, and the court hadn’t received such a lawsuit. Literally less than five minutes later though, the rumor took a turn for the worst (in most fans’ perspective) and turned into fact. It shocked me for the first 5-6 hours, but then I got over it. Why? Because I saw this coming the moment they debuted and I guess I must have somehow already been prepared for it. Due to SuJu’s own case, when EXO debuted with Chinese members, I was surprised. I thought, “Did they just not see what happened to a fellow SM Chinese idol?” But I assumed that SM must have changed something, and just became a fan (although not to the extent as others I guess). Well, looks like there was no change, at least in the perspective of Wu Yifan. I’m not as devastated as many EXO stans are now, but I do wish the members would have held off on voicing opinions until the case was settled. It doesn’t put them in a good light, what with all their “We are one” quotes going on. They’re calling Kris a traitor, but fans don’t know what’s going on behind the scene, and there was this whole image of brotherhood built in EXO, so them calling Kris a traitor makes them seem like they’re not any better. It doesn’t put SM in a good light either because, due to the brotherhood image, there are many fans speculating that there was company manipulation involved, such as threats and beatings due to SM’s notorious reputation. SMentistheworstcompanyinKorea, or something like that was trending on Twitter for awhile, which amazed me. KPOP fans are definitely not to be messed with. The members voicing their opinions obviously isn’t helping Kris either, and in so many ways. This is also most definitely not going to end things any sooner. They wanted Kris to return? Yeah, as if he’s going to do that after the members have so publicly made it known that he’s a traitor in their eyes; they killed whatever chance there was left for Kris to come back to EXO. Honestly, since he’s suing for stress and all, who would return to something even worst, if you guys can understand my meaning. I have so many thoughts in regards to this situation, but I guess I should just end it here and keep myself from rambling. To finish off, EXO has my interest about as much as DBSK and SuJu do; I will listen to them occasionally (no one can deny good music) but I will always think of the original and how much better it was then. I won’t be on the search for comebacks or new TV shows anymore in regards to EXO though, just because I’ll remember how bad of a fallout they had, and that just frustrates me. Even now, I feel awkward listening to their Overdose album. But hey, I bought the songs already, and it is, after all, still a good album. Here’s to EXO and Wu Yifan; continue to fight for your dreams, and know that no matter what happens, each and every one of you 12 young, passionate men, will always have fans who will support you.

Oh, and KPOP fans, don’t let yourself get too invested. If you cried, bawled, and questioned what to do with life now, you’ve fallen too deep into KPOP. It’s good music and entertainment, but let that be all it is to you; don’t let it control your life. It won’t help anyone and you’ll be depressed for, honestly, no good reason. How silly is that?

I’ll probably get bashed a lot, but hey, everyone gets their opinion, right? I’m not saying I’m no longer a fan, just no longer as dedicated as I used to be. I’ve been an international fan of KPOP since the S.E.S., Shinhwa, and 1TYM days; I’m only 20. KPOP has been a part of my life for a very, very long time, and probably will always be, but I’ve learned to not freak out over these things that don’t affect me physically in any way. The idols have it worst, after all, and being that fan who spams their SNS doesn’t help them. All they need is one message of encouragement.

– Zoey

EXO – Overdose

Back with another review with none other than the 12 men shaking up the KPOP scene right now; EXO – Overdose.

I have only one word for what this song did to me; speechless. I liked EXO and all before, but it wasn’t to an extent like it is for Big Bang and 2NE1, and even my extent for these two groups don’t go as high as it does for many other fans. Most times I only listen to the title song of an album and leave it at that; I don’t delve into the other songs like I do with YG artists (and it’s because I mainly listen to RnB and Hip Hop songs, which is YG’s thing, although AkMu and Lee Hi are slowly breaking that down and introducing me to new styles). It’s been a long time that I’ve listened to all the songs off an album that wasn’t by YG (I think the last one was Jo Kwon’s solo album).

I’ll start with EXO-K’s version of Overdose, although both groups actually sing it (I don’t think they do on the album though). Let’s just say that they definitely sound desperate, which is the concept of the song. I don’t really know how else to explain this song except that it sounds like a stalker, and I don’t think there are many girls who would even allow enough time for EXO to become a stalker if EXO were into them. I definitely love D.O.’s and BaekHyun’s vocals in this, especially when they’re singing “Oh, she wants me”. Suho is starting to stand out a lot more now too. His vocals aren’t as powerful as BaekHyun’s and D.O.’s, but it’s a lot more smooth and clear in my opinion. And then, of course there’s ChanYeol’s addicting rapping voice, singing about wanting to drink in sweetness or something like that (O.o). I also noticed that SeHun’s rapping can get quite addictive to listen to as well, and I kind of wished he would get longer parts.

Anyway, EXO-M’s version now. This version doesn’t have as desperate a feel to it, but it definitely sounds like they’re singing their heart out for the girl. It has a smoother feel to it in my opinion. It kind of sounds like they’re actually trying to convince the girl that they’re better for her, rather than stalking her. For some reason, I feel like Chen has a variety of singing voices, and I was definitely loving his voice in this song, especially when he sang “So bad, no one can stop her”. I also noticed that Xiumin got a lot more parts this time around. Although I’ve heard his voice before, because of this song, I got to actually HEAR it, if you can understand what I’m trying to get at. And then there’s Kris’ voice, and like the rest of the Mandarin version, Mr. Galaxy’s rap was most definitely very smooth. For Tao, my thoughts are the same as SeHun; this wushu panda can sing and rap, so why is he only getting one part?

Not much to say about the music video. The dancing was beautiful, although I did laugh at some parts. I especially liked the move where they spider-ran their hands down their body. Their suits were beautiful, although I can’t say much for whatever their other style was supposed to be. The pony tails and bucket hats needed to go though. That’s all I have to say for the music video.

Being that this was the first time that I’ve purchased both K and M versions of EXO’s songs, overall score; 10. I was expecting another Growl, but this song completely threw me off. It’s different, and just as addicting, if not more so. It’s on my iPod, along with Moonlight and Thunder (my RnB feels), although, because I have an older brother named Thunder, when that song plays, I have to remind myself not to laugh out loud. Anyway, Overdose is very catchy, and if you haven’t checked it out yet (who hasn’t?) then you’re missing out.

A lot of EXO fans will probably hate me, but seriously, who can actually have a bias among the 12 members of EXO? They each have that something that’ll draw you to them. I started out with Kris, then Tao, then Luhan, then Lay, then Xiumin, back to Lay, back to Luhan, and now it’s ChanYeol (thanks to Roommate, which you can watch at http://pastebin.com/2qAQRNpz  with English subtitles). But who’s to say that won’t shift soon either?

Got an Asian pop song you think is great? Share it with us! Email us at apop_reviews_94@yahoo.com, tweet us at @apopreviews94, or to our personal Twitters found in the About page.

– Zoey

Just For Fun!

Okay, nothing really important. Just thought I’d share with some fans who support idol interactions and haven’t yet noticed this small interaction. So you know how SM and YG are usually pitted against one another rather than the friendships that are probably there? I noticed that, compared to the other EXO members who have Instagram accounts, Lu Han was following quite a few people already. Out of curiosity, I browsed through the list and noticed that he follows Dara, G-Dragon and TaeYang. Now, for fan satisfaction, can someone tell these three (or just Dara and TaeYang since it seems G-Dragon isn’t going to follow anyone) to follow Lu Han back?

The reason why I even want to share this is because I, along with many others, love it when idols remind fans that there is no hate among them (at least for the most part) and that they, too, are fans of other idols. When there are positive idol interactions, they are also promoting an end to fan wars (whether knowingly or unknowingly). Besides, YG and SM interactions are so rare, I cherish moments like these.

On a side note, I also noticed SeHun’s name on the list. Lu Han wouldn’t be following a fake, would he? Unless one of his friends just really likes SeHun. Anyway, right now the account is private though, so we’ll have to wait and see. If you haven’t already, go and follow the members that currently have confirmed accounts (Kris, Lu Han, ChanYeol and Xiumin). With the variety among the 12 of them, I’m sure there will be interesting photos to come.

On another side note, the KTMF concert is approaching! Just a few more days! If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, do so at http://ktmf.koreatimes.com/! For some reason, the front rows and back rows are all sold out, but there are still plenty of seats left! The concert is nowhere near sold out yet! To everyone going, enjoy and post plenty of pictures please!

– Zoey

Spontaneous Saturday

First and foremost, we will start Spontaneous Saturday by asking that everyone take a moment every single day to give a prayer to anyone affected by the Sewol accident. It has been well over a week since the incident and there still has yet to be closure for this horrifying accident. South Korea, Seoul, and Danwon High School needs to know that there are those from all around the world sending prayers for them. Please continue to trend #PrayforSouthKorea on Twitter and through any other social media, as it is the best way to reach them. Also, through the LA Korea Festival, we came to know about KPOP Dreams, a nonprofit organization that promotes the hallyu wave as well as anything in relation to Korea. They are doing a wondrous thing by collecting letters and sending them to Danwon High School in hopes of letting friends and family of the victims know that everyone around the world is thinking of them. If you would like to take part, check out http://deardanwon.tumblr.com/post/83704944041/dear-danwon-a-letter-project for more information.

We apologize for the delay of our first Spontaneous Saturday. Things are more entertaining when there is still hype about it, but we’re posting our thoughts well after the event has already happened. Just a reminder, Spontaneous Saturday is a day out of our weekly rotation topics where we talk about basically anything. We are also hoping that we can engage some interaction from our readers in the comment section or through email and get suggestions from them.

For this Spontaneous Saturday, we’ll focus on the KBS LA Korea Festival that took place two weeks ago.

First of all, as mentioned above, we met those in charge of the nonprofit organization KPOP Dreams, and all we have to say is that we were very thankful towards them for a lot of things. They took great care of those that took part in their hotel package they got especially for the fans who were going to be in town for the LA Korea Festival. They were extremely kind and very easy to get along with. We will definitely be taking part in many of their activities and promotions from now on and look forward to when we will next get to meet these awesome and wonderful people.

Second, the security. When we first got there, we were forbidden from bringing in outside drinks or food, which is understandable. BUT, they even made us toss our water! Seriously?! Water is a necessity in such weather. Did they really have to make us throw it away? Not to mention, we were going to the festival having prepared based off of our KCON experience, so we had a lot of water. At that we were annoyed, but what made us pissed off was how rude the security was! Not all of them, but there were more rude security personnel than need be. Man, if only they were wearing name tags! We would have gladly put their names down here. They were talking to us as if we didn’t understand anything! Just because you carry “security” as your work title doesn’t mean you just drop your human communication skills and treat everyone else like you’re the king because you’re in charge of making sure the rules are followed. What was even worst was when we left the festival two hours later and asked for our water bottles back. Do you know what the security guy said? NO! It wasn’t even politely said or explained. He just, with his extremely rude attitude, said no. Gosh, does this get us riled up. If there’s one thing that annoys us the most, it is being impolite to someone you don’t even know.

Third, the festival. It was not what we expected at all. To be honest, it was like a really small version of KCON. The festival was being held in celebration of Korean-American immigration, but there was nothing at the festival that I remember seeing that dedicated the festival so. Well, there were food stalls, but that was the closest we got to any relation to the Korean culture. From this though, we do recommend trying the swirled potato on a stick. If any of you watched EXO’s Show Time, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. It’s what the members ate when they took their Chinese members on a tour of Seoul. We spent our two hours there, and then left. Lines were too long and there was just too many people and too little room to move.

Fourth, the gate. So there was this gate that blocked off the LA Memorial Coliseum, but we could also see idols going back and forth from here. This was also the spot where you would find most of the fans, and if there was screaming, it was from here. Anyway, we somehow managed to make our way to the front after some time. If you saw last week’s Man Crush Monday featuring Jung YongHwa, then this is where we explain how Darice came to choose him. It was solely because the man knew how to satisfy his fans. The air kisses were never ending! And Darice got a lot in her direction (probably not just specifically for her, but we can let our imagination go, right). I, Zoey, usually don’t make any effort to get an idol’s attention or freak out when I see them, but I took a little step forward here. JungShin and MinHyuk from CN Blue had come out to go start their rehearsal and fans were screaming left and right. From some reason, a lot of the idols were trying hard not to give attention, at least in our perspective (Kim MyungSoo, L from Infinite, we’re talking about you here). We understand their tired and all, but a small wave satisfies us enough. Anyway, JungShin and MinHyuk were doing the same thing. So, I just randomly decided to stick my arm through the gate hole and wave like crazy (just motion and a smile, mind you readers, as I’m not screaming fan girl type). MinHyuk looked up towards my direction and waved back. If I let my imagination go the way I want, then I could say he saw me and that’s why he waved back, and that’s what I’m going to do, because that’s what a fan does, right? Their thoughts will always be “IT WAS ME!” I still didn’t scream, just smiled a little bigger. Sad thing was, I was too distracted and didn’t take pictures of or record this moment. Check out the photos we did manage to capture in our gallery, located at the bottom of this page.

Fifth, the concert. Nothing needed to say much here. We both agreed that CN Blue had the best performance of the night and it was probably all because YongHwa did such a good job of fan interaction. Despite being so far from the stage, we still had an amazing time. My sister enjoyed her first concert and is now listening to CN Blue’s songs, which I previously showed her already, but she had been indifferent toward. Darice cried for the first time, apparently, when Taecyeon, one of her biases, was MC-ing, joined Baek Ji Young in performing, and came out with 2PM. She also found a liking towards CN Blue, and enjoyed the fan chanting for I’m Sorry.

Overall, if we were to score this festival based off of our scale, we’d give it a 7. We came out of this event with three new friends from three different states, and we came to know KPOP Dreams. That in itself would break our scale and keep soaring. The festival was a bit disappointing, especially the security. Next, we understand every one attending is probably doing so for KPOP, but for someone like me, who is learning Korean and would actually like to go back home being able to show her professor the awesome new things she learned, would have liked a couple of booths about the Korean history and culture. From my memory, the only thing that the festival had related to this whole concept was a 3-5 minute video that I can’t even really remember.

There was so much more to this that I’m sure I’m leaving out, but I can’t write a story now, can I? Who wants to read a blog post like that when it’s not a fanfiction? Anyway, I’m not sure if I’d go to another festival like this, but I said that about KCON 2013, yet I’m planning on attending KCON 2014 already.

Remember that this blog is solely opinion based, and we are more than able to keep the discussion going if one starts via comments or email, so please do comment or email us!

And remember, the Hollywood Korean Bowl 2o14 is coming in just a week! Purchase your tickets at http://ktmf.koreatimes.com/ if you haven’t already! My bias, which is constantly changing, and for an unknown reason, is currently Lu Han, so I am quite disappointed that I am unable to see EXO-M perform, but I hope all of you who are attending have a great time and take lots of pictures! Don’t be like me, and miss out on an important moment! Oh yeah, KPOP dreams is also having a ticket giveaway for this, so check them out on Facebook. Just type in KPOP Dreams in the search box and they should be the first to show up. If I remember correctly, they are drawing tickets around April 30th.