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Shuffle-It Sunday

Got some time this week! Enjoy this week’s Shuffle-It Sunday and I hope you all find something new to listen to!


1. VIXX – 기적 (Eternity)

This song has definitely become one of my favorites. It’s the song that has convinced me to listen to every VIXX song release from now on, with the help of seeing them live at KCON 2014 of course. It’ll be awhile before this song comes off my “Favorites” playlist on iTunes.

2. Ailee – 저녁 하늘 (Evening Sky)


3. Brave Brothers ft Jay Park – 울고싶단 말야 (I Want to Cry)

Can I just say how much I loved Jay Park’s voice in this song? It fit so well, and of course Brave Brothers never fail to deliver with their songs.

4. MBLAQ – Hello My Ex

Internet browsing brought me to this song. It has a really catchy tune. I always forget to check out the album when the title song is released for any group. I’ve been good about it recently though. And of course, news outlets are saying the group is planning to remain together despite contract renewal issues. Whether they promote as MBLAQ or not, I was just hoping they kept their friendship and supported each other. MBLAQ, fighting!

5. T-Ara – Sexy Love

Even though they’ve been through some of the worst scenarios possible, you can’t deny that their songs are super addicting to listen to, and this one is just one of them.

6. T-Ara – 내가 너무 아파 (I’m in Pain)

iTunes must have liked hearing Sexy Love because it shuffled out another T-Ara song right away! This was the song that first introduced me to T-Ara, and I’ve stayed with them ever since. Again, I can’t help how addicting their songs are. It’s always a good listen to and I rarely ever skip out on their songs when it comes on.

7. The Wanted – Glad You Came

I don’t exactly remember how I found this song, although I’m pretty sure it was through the radio. Whatever the case, it is also extremely catchy and easy to sing along to; I guess that’s its appeal. I love their voices!

8. Wang Lee Hom – 十八般武藝 (The 18 Martial Arts)

This was my favorite album from Wang Lee Hom! I absolutely loved his combinations of traditional with modern music genres! Everyone already knows how much I love songs that incorporate a traditional sound to it.

9. Big Bang – My Heaven

I’m still disappointed that the YG Power World Tour was still only an East Asia World Tour. The world is not made up of only the east side! KPOP needs to stop using world tour if it isn’t a world tour. But I still love them, and it is still one of my goals to see a YG concert. Whether it’s just one artist, or YG family (preferrably YG family), I’m going.

10. BEAST – 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)

I was just thinking to myself about how awesome Beast’s name is. I’m glad that they switched their name. Beauty and the Beast is such an awesome concept. Anyway, back to the topic on hand. This is a beautiful track, and Yoseob’s voice absolutely shines here.


And we have reached the end of Shuffle-It Sunday for this week! We hope you found something new to listen to and keep on finding new songs! Spread the KPOP love!


Shuffle-It Sunday

We are finally getting around to a Shuffle-It Sunday! And to make up for missing two weeks, we’ll list 15 songs instead of just 10. Enjoy and find something new!

1. Eric Turner – Angels and Stars


2. G-Dragon ft Kim Yuna – Missing You

This one’s a repeat, but who doesn’t love listening to G-Dragon on repeat anyway?

3. BoA ft SuJu-M’s Henry and SHINee’s Key – One Dream

Coming from one of the most well known survival programs in South Korea, KPOP Star, this song is definitely very motivational sounding. I always look forward to a cover it from the contestants of each season. Even though BoA is no longer a judge, the show is still entertaining and fun to watch. I discovered new music every time I’ve watched it, and probably always will. So if you have time and are looking for something outside of dramas to watch, go and watch the KPOP Star series.

4. Electroboyz ft Baek Ji Young – Should I Laugh or Cry


5. Tsubokura Yuiko – Blue Requiem

I’m not a huge fan of anime, but I do watch them from time to time. I’m not sure if Demon Eyes Kyo followed the manga well, but I found it entertaining enough, and enjoyed the story line.

6. Infinite – 몰라 (I Don’t Know)


7. Lee Hong Ki ft Jung Yong Hwa- Promise

This song comes from one of the most loved Korean dramas of all time. Although I might not watch a second time at this age, I watched every single second of the drama. It introduced CN Blue to me, and made me love FT Island, especially Lee Hong Ki. Who wouldn’t come away from the drama without having fallen in love with Jeremy?

8. Epik High – Technology

I discovered this song after Tablo released his solo album. I’ve been a fan ever since their song Fan, but I kind of went off the map and didn’t realize how much Epik High went through until Tablo’s album. I kind of went into an Epik High overdose, and listened to a lot, if not all, of Epik High’s songs. So if you haven’t already, give Epik High’s previous work a listen to. Especially their song Fan. It’s a beautiful song. And this music video is to die for! I know it’s a parody, but I can’t pinpoint the movie. Whatever the case, I watched this at school (I tend to do that a lot) and nearly choked from having to hold in my laughter. It’s nice seeing a group’s mischievous and playful side, especially coming from a more serious hip-hop group.

9. Taylor Swift – You’re Not Sorry (CSI Remix)

I’m not really a Taylor Swift fan, but this song cannot be denied of how good it is! And it’s coming from one of the most loved American TV series, so… I do have to say this remix is what makes me love the song. The original is okay.

10. Kesha – Blow

I’m not sure what it is about this song, but, it explains itself pretty well and I was quite surprised that I liked it when it was released.

11. One Republic – All the Right Moves

I love this group so much! They came to perform in Minnesota (a rare occasion for celebrities, I know) summer of 2013, and tickets were only going for $50! It was a steal for such a talented group. My sisters and I purchased tickets, and One Republic was my first concert. If you want to try something a little different from KPOP, listen to One Republic, and go to their concerts! You will come away with no regrets! The live vocals are so beautiful! If I hadn’t already planned on KCON 2014, I would have definitely purchased tickets to their 2014 concert as well at the Target Center.

12. Brave Brothers ft Jay Park – 울고싶단 말야 (I Want to Cry)


13. T-Ara – Lovey Dovey

I love T-Ara’s extremely catchy songs, and the little mini dramas for their MVs. But because it was a bit long, I decided that I would just post the zombie version and that you all would be willing (or probably have already) to go check out the drama versions on your own time.

14. MyName – Message

I’ll be honest. This song was annoying at first, but I loved the chorus too much, so I bought the song on iTunes. Besides, what is the job of annoying songs anyway? To grow on you, right? It became one of the most listened to songs on my iTunes at the time.

15. Epik High – Be

I think it was this song that started my Epik High overdose. I came across it while listening to Tablo’s solo album, and just started clicking on a bunch of Epik High songs. They are a very talented trio.