baby i’m sorry

Shuffle-It Sunday

Well, it’s been a really long time since our last Shuffle-It Sunday, and I’m really glad to have found some time to do it this week, despite having a research report to write. This was always my favorite day of the week for our blog. No reviews though, just a list. Enjoy!

1. Kim Hyun Joong – Smile


2. Aaron Yan – 這不是我 (That’s Not Me)


3. Dalmatian – Lost in Love


4. C-Clown – 멀어질까봐 (Far Away… Young Love)


5. CN Blue – Cold Love


6. Jung Dong Ha – Mystery


7. Jun.K ft. J.Lim – Don’t Go


8. MyName – Baby, I’m Sorry




10. TeenTop – 향수 뿌리지마 (Don’t Spray Perfume)


Shuffle-It Sunday

Okay, I’ll be honest. I nearly completely forgot about Shuffle-It Sunday. But, I have a good enough reason… I hope. Hahahaha… ha… ha. Anyway, I ended up working this entire Labor Day weekend, so it ended up not feeling like a Sunday at all. My schedule has completely been thrown off ever since KCON, since I’ve been stuck in a constant cycle of work. As a broke college student with intentions to study abroad, and having to pay for nearly everything myself, I have to accept that this constant cycle of work will never end until I’m out of college. Thank goodness for music though. It makes life so much easier to get through. Well, let’s get this list started, shall we? Hope you all find a new song to listen to! Enjoy!

1. Eminem – Survival

My favorite American rapper singing a song for one of my all time favorite video games; Call of Duty. Enough said.

2. U-KISS – 숨도 못 쉬어 (Can’t Even Breathe)

This song actually comes from one of my favorite U-KISS albums. I’ll admit that I don’t know all the members though, maybe three? Despite that, they are still a group I always look for future activities from.

3. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

I see that iTunes is trying to cheer me up before school is in session. Well, it won’t work. But music will always make life a bit easier, and I always love listening to Kelly Clarkson’s voice.

4. D-Unit – Luv Me

Okay, I feel like I might have missed this group’s activities, but I seriously feel like I also haven’t heard anything about them recently. Where are they? I loved this song!

5. 4Minute –  거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror)

I do keep up with 4Minute’s new stuff, but honestly, for me, their recent stuff haven’t been anything to keep me listening to it. Mirror Mirror and Volume Up are the last two songs that I can remember liking from them. But I have faith that they will release another song that will completely draw me in. I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but this is my honest opinion; HyunA needs to stop rapping the way she is now. I loved her flow in Change.

6. MyName – Baby I’m Sorry

Have they released a new song yet? I feel like I’ve already asked that question multiple times right now. I seriously need to follow KPOP better. MyName, where are you?!

7. B.o.B ft Taylor Swift – Both of Us

I’m not too big on B.o.B’s parts, but I loved how T.Swift sung this song. It felt different.

8. Big Flo – Fly

If you haven’t yet done so, go listen to Big Flo’s debut album! Although I mostly liked Delilah and this song, the album may appeal to a lot of you, so don’t miss out on this rookie boy group! I’m definitely staying on the lookout for their future activities.

9. B.A.P – Warrior

Has it really been two years?! Wow… Well, this song is a classic B.A.P song, and if you’re only listening to this song now, you’ve been missing out. WARRIOR! It’s a very addicting song.

10. U-KISS – Standing Still

Whoa… Okay, so I love this song, but I never knew there was a music video for it! Oh, gosh, I’m such a horrible KPOP fan. Well, I’ve seen it now, if that makes up for anything. Go U-KISS!

And that’s the end of the list! Glad I managed to remember before I went to sleep. I would have missed so many good songs, and I loved the flash backs to baking cookies in our school bakery for high school and blasting U-KISS. I never got yelled at once for it either. The school be loving KPOP too, I see. Anyway, I hope you all found something new to listen to and look forward to next week’s list because I know I am.

– Zoey

Shuffle-It Sunday

Since we missed Shuffle-It Sunday last week, we will be posting 15 songs this week. Enjoy and hope you find something new to listen to on the list!

1. Big Bang – 붉은 노을 (Sunset Glow)

A classic! I know this song has been mentioned on our blog before, whether it be here or a Throwback Thursday. I’m not a fan of all of Big Bang’s songs, but they are still my all time favorite in the KPOP industry.

2. Kim Yeo Hee – 꽃잎 (Petal)


3. Ailee – I’ll Be O.K.


4. T-Ara – 떠나지마 (Don’t Leave me Alone)


5. Wang Lee Hom – Can You Feel My World

This song was the song that brought upon my discovery of Wang Lee Hom and, although I haven’t been faithfully following him, I do get updates now and then about his current activities. I’ll have to a Watch-It Wednesday on his movie, Love In Disguise, so that I can just talk about how good the album involved in that movie was. If he has something more recent out, please, someone let me know.

6. Super Junior – 너라고 (It’s You)

Oh, man… It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to this song, and it still gets me! It’s just such a beautiful song! I love the instrumental. And, of course, this song was with all original SuJu members still present, so it brings back the good old memories. I could keep this song on repeat.

7. MBLAQ – Cry

So, MBLAQ has a special place for me in that they are the only group whose album I actually physically have, which is their BLAQstyle album. Yes, I know I said Big Bang was my all time favorite, but my older sister had their albums so I never saw why I should have them too. And then I got into a phase where I was content enough with just having them on my iTunes.

8. 2NE1 – Scream

So, I tend to like the first version of a song better, and although the Korean version is awesome, it’s kind of hard to get past the fact that I already really love the Japanese version. However, when I heard the PV version, it wasn’t really clear (and I believe I was on the official YouTube channel for the song, so I don’t know why it wasn’t clear) so hearing a much more clear Korean version was nice.

9. MyNAME – Baby I’m Sorry

So, I loved the song, but I can’t say the same about the music video. It started out pretty good, but the ending was so… really??? Anyway, thanks to this song, I got back into MyNAME and went in search of their previous songs, and now I make sure to listen to their new stuff when I see updates about it.

10. BEAST – Shock


11. MBLAQ – 전쟁이야 (This is War)

MBLAQ is a little popular this week on Shuffle-It Sunday this week, I see. I know this song completely threw me off of expectations when it was released and hooked me on as an MBLAQ fan for sure.

12. Se7en – I’m Going Crazy


13. Gym Class Heroes ft Neon Hitch – Ass Back Home

So, umm… I’ve only listened to this song, but I hadn’t watched the music video until now. I love Neon Hitch’s voice though.

14. Park Jung Min – Not Alone

You already know my weaknesses for good instrumentals. And I just love the classical instruments, so the violins in this song was already a plus. SS501’s Park Jung Min? Another plus. A motivational/inspirational song? I’m done for.

15. M Street – For My Love

So this song I came across while looking for random songs on YouTube. Again, I’m not really a ballad person, but some songs just get to you. I may just have to see if M Street is still active and what they’ve released thus far.

Well, that’s the end of this week’s Shuffle-It Sunday! I’m pretty sure most of these songs haven’t made the Shuffle-It Sunday lists before, so I hope there was something new for you guys!