Kim Hanbin

Our first Man Crush Monday of 2016 is none other than the leader of iKON, Kim Hanbin. With his undeniable charisma on and off the stage, it’s easy to see why he would be anyone’s crush!



And as a bonus, below is an adorable tumblr gif of cutie, Han Bin.


Spontaneous Saturday

There really isn’t much that happened since our last Spontaneous post that I want to talk about. We’ll be covering BTS’ condom incident, the wrap up of Mix and Match, and the incident surrounding B.I. and his family.


I never would have thought that simply having a condom would create such uproar. The moment I saw it making headlines, I burst out laughing. First of all, I saw the picture for what it was; Jin simply enjoying his hobby of cooking (and whatever dish he made looked really appetizing and I intend to make it for myself one day). You can imagine my surprise when the same picture came up the next day, with fans fuming over having spotted a condom (a King size at that). I immediately played an I Spy game with the picture, and it took me quite a while to find it. I burst out laughing again once I spotted it because you could barely tell it was a condom unless you were looking really close. I could have easily mistaken it as some sort of skin care product that was given as a sample or something.

And then the company chose to address it, even though they went around in a circle by saying that weren’t going to address the matter. Having confirmed that it was a condom is addressing the matter, is it not? BTS’ War of Hormones, guys. Anyway, to end this all, I think the company should have just left this whole issue alone. There was no need to come in and say it was a condom. If fans could have read context clues, and many of them did, it was so obvious that the condom had been gifted by fans, which is weird in itself; “Oppa, I love you, so take this condom as a token of my love and practice safe sex.” This is honestly a hilarious situation that took a wrong turn into seriousness.


Mix and Match came to an end a couple of weeks ago, and there were mixed reactions everywhere. First of all, let me just say that I am waiting on digital releases for Long Time No See and Sinosijak. I honestly hate these survival programs, but like a lot of YG stans, I keep coming back for more even though I’m aware of what the end result will lead to. In my opinion though, I think this one was a lot tougher on the boys emotionally than WIN was. It’s harder seeing someone every single day for every hour, working hard to achieve your dreams together, knowing a goodbye was in store no matter the results. I personally rooted for Team A during WIN because musically, I felt they were much more prepared. I was pretty much split though until Team B’s first self-composed song was shut down by YG. But even after WIN ended, I was hoping with all my fan girl heart that he wouldn’t tear them apart. It was after hearing Climax that I thought, “Ah, they finally hit it right!” I enjoy hip-hop songs, but I think that Team B may have been trying to hard for hip-hop during WIN.

When Mix and Match was announced, I was happy and sad at the same time, like a lot of fans. First of all, yes, Team B was going to finally debut. Then it went down hill once it was revealed that Team B may still be broken up in the end. When the show officially started the competition, I was surprised by how much Team B improved, and I honestly think that not having won WIN really benefited them. WINNER stated during an interview that they delayed their album because they needed to find their color in music. Having not won WIN, and while waiting for confirmation of their own debut, I think Team B took that time to find their own musical color, and hence why YG is confident there won’t be too much of a delay regarding iKON. Anyway, I think this survival program was more tough though because when all three new contestants were introduced, I wanted to cry. Like the members, I had grown to like all three of them and didn’t even want to know what the end would bring. Darice was personally rooting for Jinhyeong. I was rooting for Chanwoo all the way until I saw how ridiculously awkward and adorkable Hongseok was and switched on over to his side. But in the end, it didn’t really matter to me who made it because all three were just awesome, and touched my heart by how determined they were for their dreams, and I felt like they each would bring their own thing into iKON.

Even after switching sides, I was pretty much certain that the end result was going to be OT6 + Chanwoo. Although his vocals aren’t as unique as Jinhyeong’s and Hongseok’s, he was always praised for improving quickly and blending well with the team. I agree with some fans that blending well isn’t exactly beneficial for Chanwoo, but the whole purpose of the show was to find members that would match well. Jinhyeong and Hongseok were not as natural as Chanwoo on stage, even all the way up to the end, and that was what really hurt them. Since iKON is set to debut almost immediately after the show ended, Chanwoo was the best option in that regards.

YG did, however, take in Jinhyeong and Hongseok as trainees, and I am very happy that he knew he would be letting go of some serious talent. Also, I’m sure Jinhyeong and Hongseok knew that their door into the music industry had been opened, and there would definitely be companies that would want them as soon as they set foot off YG property. But they chose to stay with YG, and I hope they keep in mind just how hard B.I. asked them to train, and that they carry that on over to their personal training now, until their one year term is up, and YG has to make a decision regarding if he wants to keep them or not. Their voices are definitely unique, and with even more training, it can only get better from there. Finally, I also hope that people will stop bashing Chanwoo and give him a chance. He has been constantly improving throughout the show, and I’m sure he’ll keep doing so all the way up to iKON’s debut. I know they were all close, but I honestly felt like it was Chanwoo who constantly brought this odd happiness to the rest of the members. Of course, there is the whole issue of editing decisions, but it is what is. Besides, Chanwoo has always said that B.I. has been a huge help in his improvement and that he looks up to B.I., so why should we doubt that B.I. won’t keep pushing for perfection? We all know how determined that boy is.


Speaking of B.I., I am so upset about the recent news surrounding him. His father was caught having committed fraud and passing others’ money off as his own, using it at his own expense. However, I really don’t understand this concept in the Asian cultures, as well as any other cultures that carry this idea; the son will reflect who his father is. I understand that the concept comes out of the belief that a father raises his son, but when it all comes down to it, most of the time it’s really the mother who raised the son. So for a son who was raised by his mother, why must he be accused of turning out like his father?

I think it is unfair towards B.I. that he is expected to take the fall for his father’s mistakes. The kid is only 18 for crying out loud! These netizens need a slap to their face! I know it’ll be hard for those families who were affected by B.I.’s father’s actions to see him on TV and doing what he loves, but I’m sure the entire nation knows how hard working he is, and just how much he’ll sacrifice for those around him. And I have to comment on this; I saw that netizens were negatively referring to B.I.’s expensive clothing, which they said were bought by his father. I’m pretty sure they were funded by YG, not his father.

Also, not once have we seen B.I.’s father come out to support him. Not saying he doesn’t love him, but that makes it all the more likely that B.I. didn’t even have a single clue as to what his father was doing. Every time his mother and younger sister has come on screen to support him, you can see the love he has for them beaming from his eyes. You can also see just how much his mother misses him, and it almost seems like she actually depends and leans solely on him for support. I’m sure if he knew, he would have told his father to stop. We have all seen how hard B.I. works, and how much he loves his mother and younger sister.

In the end, why does this hard-working boy have to take the blame for his father? I’m sure he’s feeling guilty as hell because that’s the type of person B.I. is from what I’ve seen, and I’m sure he does feel a responsibility for his father’s actions. But to tell the boy to just give up and leave iKON? Everyone knows iKON will be nothing without B.I. He writes their songs for them, choreographs for them, and even the members themselves proudly say that B.I. is their pillar. There’s no doubt the members will find success outside of iKON, but iKON is their dream, and at the heart of it all is B.I.

– Zoey