James Jirayu Tangsrisuk

Starting off the new year with much loved Thai actor James Jirayu as our Man Crush Monday! I decided that if we want change for our blog, then we need to make ourselves step out of KPOP every once in awhile. Besides, I do enjoy watching some Thai dramas every now and then too. It’s a refresher from all the K-Drama that I watch (which there haven’t been too many of recently).

To be honest though, James Jirayu has been a man crush candidate before, but I never got around to posting one for him. Also, he’s kind of an exception to “stepping out of KPOP” since he did sing a song composed by 4Minute’s Jiyoon, AND he sung it in Korean. You can check it out below. I have yet to watch any of his dramas, but his beautiful smile definitely has me captivated.

– Zoey


Shuffle-It Sunday

I know I missed Shuffle-It Sunday last week, but to give enough time to finish our Spontaneous Saturday in a part two of Spontaneous Sunday, I’ll be sticking to our original 10 songs. Enjoy the list!

1. Infinite – 3분의 1 (1/3)


2. Big Bang – Still Alive

It’s been so long since I last listened to this song! I forgot how much I liked this song. I think this album was after all the issues that Big Bang went through, and they came out winners in the end, so this song hits home so much more. “BIG BANG IS STILL ALIVE!” And I don’t think they’ll be leaving any time soon. They all know they have a strong hold in the music field, no matter how old they get.

3. G-Dragon ft Lydia Paek – R.O.D

G-Dragon’s Coup D’Etat album was just over the top! I loved every single song off of it! If I had to exclude the title songs, then this would be the one at the top. I never really followed Lydia Paek, but this song really got me into her. I loved her rendition of Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips as well.

4. Wilber Pan ft Zhang Xianzi – 不得不愛 (Cannot Not Love)

I can’t speak Chinese and I only know the commonly heard phrases from songs and dramas. I love this song and I always sing to it when it comes on. Can’t help it; it’s a song that does that to me. I think it’s beautiful.

5. Snow Patrol – What if the Storm Ends

This isn’t the full song, but it was because of this trailer that I immediately went in search of this song. My sister and sister-in-law asked about it too, and since I tend to be really good at finding a song, they asked me. It left a really lasting first impression on me. I knew who Snow Patrol was because I always sing one of their songs when ever I karaoke, but I didn’t really listen to their other music.

6. Ailee – Rainy Day

No other words needed for this song; it was beautiful and I can feel something with it.

7. Bangtan Boys – 하루만 (Just One Day)

I’m so used to BTS going hard in all their songs and being filled with charisma that this slower track threw me for a loop. I also think I talked about this song at the start of our blog, but I can’t be too sure. But anyway, this smooth track gives me some feels that I would rather not have when a majority of the members are younger than me. I’m still adamant about not being a noona fan. Anyway, that was off topic. I love this song. It’s not on my repeat playlist, but it’s definitely a tune I let play through when I occasionally shuffle through my iTunes, like this.

8. B.A.P. – 1004 (Angel)

This song from B.A.P really surprised me. I was not expecting this for their comeback. This is like the in-between for their tracks like One Shot and What are you Doing. It was definitely beautiful, as usual, and it could very well be one of my favorite B.A.P tracks.

9. Pink ft Nate Reuss – Just Give me a Reason

This song surprised me when I realized that I really liked the vocals here. And the beat is nice too. The emotion is very much present here. I wish Pink would sing more songs that relayed her emotions like this.

10. 4Minute –  거울아 거울아  (Mirror Mirror)

There are a lot of songs that seem to surprise me. I think I have a set preference, but sometimes some songs just get you. 4Minute is no exception. I’m not too big on their recent stuff, but when they released songs from HuH to Volume Up, I was in love with them!

Well, we’ve reached our end for this week’s Shuffle-It Sunday! Hope you all found something new to listen to and enjoyed the list this time! Spontaneous Sunday will be going up within the day, so keep on the look out for that!

Shuffle-It Sunday

Okay, I’ll be honest. I nearly completely forgot about Shuffle-It Sunday. But, I have a good enough reason… I hope. Hahahaha… ha… ha. Anyway, I ended up working this entire Labor Day weekend, so it ended up not feeling like a Sunday at all. My schedule has completely been thrown off ever since KCON, since I’ve been stuck in a constant cycle of work. As a broke college student with intentions to study abroad, and having to pay for nearly everything myself, I have to accept that this constant cycle of work will never end until I’m out of college. Thank goodness for music though. It makes life so much easier to get through. Well, let’s get this list started, shall we? Hope you all find a new song to listen to! Enjoy!

1. Eminem – Survival

My favorite American rapper singing a song for one of my all time favorite video games; Call of Duty. Enough said.

2. U-KISS – 숨도 못 쉬어 (Can’t Even Breathe)

This song actually comes from one of my favorite U-KISS albums. I’ll admit that I don’t know all the members though, maybe three? Despite that, they are still a group I always look for future activities from.

3. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

I see that iTunes is trying to cheer me up before school is in session. Well, it won’t work. But music will always make life a bit easier, and I always love listening to Kelly Clarkson’s voice.

4. D-Unit – Luv Me

Okay, I feel like I might have missed this group’s activities, but I seriously feel like I also haven’t heard anything about them recently. Where are they? I loved this song!

5. 4Minute –  거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror)

I do keep up with 4Minute’s new stuff, but honestly, for me, their recent stuff haven’t been anything to keep me listening to it. Mirror Mirror and Volume Up are the last two songs that I can remember liking from them. But I have faith that they will release another song that will completely draw me in. I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but this is my honest opinion; HyunA needs to stop rapping the way she is now. I loved her flow in Change.

6. MyName – Baby I’m Sorry

Have they released a new song yet? I feel like I’ve already asked that question multiple times right now. I seriously need to follow KPOP better. MyName, where are you?!

7. B.o.B ft Taylor Swift – Both of Us

I’m not too big on B.o.B’s parts, but I loved how T.Swift sung this song. It felt different.

8. Big Flo – Fly

If you haven’t yet done so, go listen to Big Flo’s debut album! Although I mostly liked Delilah and this song, the album may appeal to a lot of you, so don’t miss out on this rookie boy group! I’m definitely staying on the lookout for their future activities.

9. B.A.P – Warrior

Has it really been two years?! Wow… Well, this song is a classic B.A.P song, and if you’re only listening to this song now, you’ve been missing out. WARRIOR! It’s a very addicting song.

10. U-KISS – Standing Still

Whoa… Okay, so I love this song, but I never knew there was a music video for it! Oh, gosh, I’m such a horrible KPOP fan. Well, I’ve seen it now, if that makes up for anything. Go U-KISS!

And that’s the end of the list! Glad I managed to remember before I went to sleep. I would have missed so many good songs, and I loved the flash backs to baking cookies in our school bakery for high school and blasting U-KISS. I never got yelled at once for it either. The school be loving KPOP too, I see. Anyway, I hope you all found something new to listen to and look forward to next week’s list because I know I am.

– Zoey

Shuffle It Sunday

It’s about that time of the week again! Last week sure flew by fast. I feel like I just posted up a Shuffle It Sunday. Must be the excitement for KCON, which, by the way, is just six days away. For us, it really feels like five days though since we’re heading out to LA on Friday. And we’ll be taking up the opportunity to hit up Universal Studios Hollywood as well, so I’m super excited for that, as I’m a huge amusement park/thrill rides kind of person.

Just a quick update as well. We didn’t get the chance to put up a Transformation Tuesday last week, so we’ll be adding that onto this week along with Watch It Wednesday.

Now, on to our list! Hope you enjoy the songs and find a new one to listen to.

1. Ga In – 너만은 모르길 (For You Not to Know)

I’m pretty sure this song is a remake, but I can’t remember who actually sings it, although I want to say it’s As One because, I don’t know, it just has an As One kind of feel to it. But anyways, this song really showcases Ga In’s vocals, which I hadn’t known to be this good as I hadn’t really heard her sing like this before.

2. Orange Caramel – One Love

Orange Caramel’s concept isn’t really something I can get into. It’s just not my style. But I do love some of their other songs off of their albums, and this is one of them.

3. IU – Marshmallow

So… I don’t really like cutesy songs, but this song is just way too catchy to not have. It is indeed an adorable song, and was what really got me into IU. Cannot wait to see her at KCON, although I’m sure this song isn’t going to be one she performs.

4. T-Ara – 떠나지마 (Don’t Leave me Alone)


5. FT Island – 보내주 (Let Her Go)

Lee Hong Ki’s voice never fails to impress. It’s unique and I could listen to it all day.

6. B1A4 – In The Air

It’s another artist from the KCON line-up! What a way to keep me excited about the concerts!

7. BEAST – 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)

I love BEAST’s vocals. I think we also have a pending review for their recent release, Good Luck, so be on the look out for that.

8. U-KISS – Everday


9. N.O.M – 누난예뻐 (Noona is Pretty)

The song continues to always shock me when it plays on iTunes. I really wish I had watched this song first before A Guys. Has anyone heard of anything from them yet? I would definitely love to listen to more songs from them.

10. 4Minute – HuH (Hit Your Heart)

I liked these kinds of songs from 4Minute. This was the song that introduced me to 4Minute and made me stay. I wish Hyuna would stick to this kind of sexy. I’ve always liked a tough image with a sexy concept. But if you do something well, then keep on doing it.

And that wraps up our list! I hope you all found something to your taste, or something new.

Shuffle It Sunday

Back with a new list for Shuffle It Sunday! Enjoy and I hope you all find a new song to get into!

– Zoey

1. Anna Kendrick – When I’m Gone (Cups) http://youtu.be/cmSbXsFE3l8

2. Infinite – 날개 (Wings) http://youtu.be/pZ74THKklc4

3. B1A4 – 걸어 본다 (Tried to Walk) http://youtu.be/IxLV7M1sdjg

4. Park Shin Hye – Lovely Day http://youtu.be/lYMw3KWqwSI

5. Eve – Agape http://youtu.be/eEJovmee-ns

6. 4Minute – HUH (Hit Your Heart) http://youtu.be/eEJovmee-ns

7. G.Na – 소문났어요 (There a Rumor) http://youtu.be/S_P0ZjJvwcs

8. U-Kiss – Some Day http://youtu.be/FBBp04_1ZoU

9. Dalmatian – E.R. http://youtu.be/FBi0tattU10

10. Son Ho Young – My Heart’s in Heaven http://youtu.be/xV–sMnb9Tk