KCON 2014 Outdoor Stage – Superstar KCON

Since we are using WordPress’ free blogging option, we’re kind of limited to what we can post up, and that excludes videos. So, unfortunately, we won’t be showing you all the videos from our KCON 2014 experience. BUT we did open up a YouTube account to upload our good videos for you all and we hope you can get a small taste of what the concerts were like, enough to convince you to maybe go next year! Of course we’ll eventually move our reviews to over there, but that’s for another time. To avoid copyright issues (it might not even have mattered, but we wanted to take precautions), we decided not to record the full performance for all of the artists, except VIXX’s 기적 (ETERNITY) since, you know, I forgot to press stop on the camera because I honestly wanted to capture this entire performance at least.

Our first videos up are for the outdoor stage. We managed to capture two performances: [H.D] and MC Unlimited.

[H.D] Covers Taeyang’s Ringa Linga


MC Unlmited Medley Performance


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