KCON 2014 Day 2: Our Experience

Here’s the recap for our second day, which was more frustrating than the first day!

We managed to get audience engagement vouchers for BTS, but they were the first ones for the day. This was our f(x) repeat from last year, so we knew to get out to the line earlier this time. We were planning for 3:30am again, but we were too exhausted from the concert the previous night, which was the only thing to start on time. We didn’t make it out until 4:00am, and what do you know? There was another line again. This time there were less people though. Again, the line that was supposed to start at 6:00am didn’t start until 8:00am again. We got in only to be told we were to line up at the market place entrance. We were supposed to be let in at 9:00am because of the BTS fan engagement, but we weren’t let in until 9:30am. And then they were all pointing us into different directions for a line. When we were finally in the right spot, another fan gave her artist signing voucher for BTS to Darice because she also had a hi-touch with them. Of course, we were very thankful to the fan for that. BTS means more to Darice than to me, so I wasn’t upset that I was on my own. I just wanted a close enough spot to the front of the audience section to get a good video of her. Anyway, originally, the BTS fan engagement line was one line to make sure those who were there first would get to be first in line at the session. But then, the line got split in two and we were told we would all be going in at once. KCON staff, please get your facts straight and solid! The confusion we went through in the span of one hour that morning cannot be stressed enough!

Anyway, we made it to the session, Darice freaked out, and then it was over. We wanted to catch BTS at the DFLA stage too, but the group there was just impossible to get through, or see over. So we headed over to the Viki booth to wait for the second session of Selfie with Eric Nam, only to be told whoever was in line was going to have to leave because they weren’t allowing line-ups until 2:00pm and they would be enforcing it, again. We didn’t trust that, but it’s not like we could stand there. So we headed out of the convention for lunch because food was too expensive there. We came back around 1:40pm, and the enforcement that was supposed to happen at the Viki booth didn’t. So we just said forget it, and went back to our hotel to sleep. We were done with lines for the weekend.

We left our hotel at 5:00pm because, again, we had a guaranteed spot towards the front of the line for the concert. They checked numbers this time, but only so that 100 people at a time were going in. We got in and enjoyed another wonderful concert with BTS performing first. Now, the sole reason Darice went was for BTS, so she definitely enjoyed it, despite having lost her voice the night before. I definitely came away from this a bigger fan of BTS as well. Jung Joon Young was next, and he was just such a wonderful character, and had such a nice voice. Darice was doubtful about him, but when he first sang, she said he had a really sexy voice; she has a thing for guys with deep voices. Spica was next, and they were beautiful. CN Blue was the next group, and when they played I’m a Loner, the one song I wanted to hear them perform, I was done for. Girl’s Generation was last, and they were just adorable.

Now, for the weekend overall. KCON just needs better organization and someone that the security staff can get a better hold of for questions. There was just way too much confusion for something that was supposed to be a professional event. The security were wonderful people, despite having no idea of what was going on, and I felt bad for them having to deal with some upset fans. I loved the queue number for the concert line. If they didn’t have that, KCON would have left an even more negative impression on us. Although the lines were still hell, they were definitely an improvement from last year’s, so I have no doubt that it’ll get better next year. I can’t say much for the convention itself, because, again, I spent well over 24 hours total in line from the two-day event. There were no problems with the concert though. They started on time, and finished early enough.

Due to the likelihood of studying abroad (in South Korea, yo!), I probably won’t be going next year to save money. Darice, on the otherhand, will probably go if there’s a group she likes that is attending, although, again, we can’t say much for the convention itself.

– Zoey


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