KCON 2014 Day 1: Our Experience

Alright, it’s been a little over a week since the event, and we’ve had plenty of time to recollect our thoughts and feels.

Before we left for KCON on Friday morning, we already figured we weren’t going to go to any of the panels at the convention because we attempted that last year and were bored out of our minds. So, we had other things planned for the weekend. Let’s just say that we were right in one way, and wrong in another.

First off, the lines were no joke and they were running way behind schedule, which was a repeat of last year. The first line we had to wait in was the line to GET INTO the venue to start the line for wristbands and vouchers; it wasn’t even the line for the convention yet. I thought we’d be all good just heading out to the convention to wait in line for entrance around 5:30am because they said there was no camping out allowed. Also, since lining up for the entrance into the event wasn’t starting until 6:00am, whatever line started before then wasn’t exactly an official line. However, we met others from our KPOP Dreams hotel group that were going at 3:30am. It was an early start, but we agreed to go anyway. When we got to the event, there were already over 50 people waiting in line. We were still thinking we weren’t going to have to stay where we were in line because it still wasn’t an official line. Then there were fans going around numbering everyone in line. We didn’t see the point in having it done, but we got our numbers anyway. As 6:00am started approaching, tons more of people started arriving, and cutting started happening. Someone even got called out for it. That’s when we learned just how scary some KPOP fans can get. When the staff arrived, those numbers we got earlier ended up guaranteeing us our spot in line (we had become like number 200 at this point, when we were originally 80) because they honored what the fans had done. We all took back what we said about the fans that went around numbering everyone, and give them our most sincere thanks because those numbers gave us the good seats we got at the concert.

The next line was the one to get our wristbands for the convention and our vouchers. This line was supposed to have started at 6:00am but didn’t happen until 8:00am. After they got a system for check-in figured out, which was around 9:30am, we were finally able to start heading in to begin the line for the convention at 10:00am. We got to the convention line at around 9:45am, but they didn’t start letting people in until like 10:30am. When we were finally able to get in, we got our goodies bags (which were the same for both days, so they really should have only given us one) and were about to head back to our hotel to finish getting ready, because, you know, everyone was still in their PJs and no make-up. But on our way out, we got pulled into a Viki raffle at 11:00am, where Darice won an autographed Super Junior Sexy, Free, and Single album. We also found out about the Selfie with Eric Nam, which, of course, meant another line. But they told us that the line for that wouldn’t start until 12:30pm, and we were told they were going to enforce that. So we left for our hotel. On our way out, we saw that the line for the convention had now wrapped around the entire venue. I mean, where the entrance into getting your tickets checked in was, was also where the end of the line had reached. Anyway, we quickly got dressed and came back around 12:15pm. Well, the line that was supposed to have started at 12:30pm had to have started way before then because we got back to the Viki booth at around 12:25pm and there were two other lines after the first one. So we waited in that line for like an hour and a half, only to find out Eric was running late. After he arrived, we waited another hour only to find out we were part of the cut off, which meant no selfie with Eric Nam. We figured we’d try again the next day.

Now, I had a red carpet voucher, so after we left the Viki booth, it was around 2:30pm. Having gone through the hell of lines all morning, I figured I might as well go wait for this one. So I headed over to where it was happening, and what do you know? There was a group of about 20 for the red carpet session mixed in with the B1A4 Audience Engagement line. After the B1A4 line went in, they started the red carpet line on the opposite side that everyone was waiting at. I nearly got trampled trying to get over there, and it was literally only 4-5 yards from where I was standing. Thank goodness I had taken the time to talk to someone in that group because she let me stand in front of her. And this is where I got a really nasty sun burn on my right arm having to wait for another hour in no shade.

After the red carpet session ended, I had to dash to the concert line. I wasn’t too worried about this line because I had a guaranteed spot of being the 54th person in line, although that really meant I could just wait towards the front of the line because they didn’t check numbers when they started letting people in.

Finally, I was able to just enjoy something for the first time that day. VIXX was the first to perform. I wasn’t huge on them before KCON, but after seeing them live, and seeing Leo up close (he was one of our man crushes for yesterday) I have become a fan, and will gladly be waiting to see what they have in store for future activities. IU was next, and she was adorable, although we weren’t very into the performance. B1A4 came on next, and Darice kept shouting for CNU to get over to our side of the stage. She couldn’t grasp why she was so into him that night, hence why he was also one of our man crushes yesterday. TEENTOP came on afterwards. Now, we saw them last year, and they performed a couple of the same songs from then that night. However, for some reason, the performance that night was so much better and more memorable. And finally, G-Dragon, king of the weekend, came on stage, and no need to tell you that he killed the stage that night.

KCON stands for KPOP Convention (or something like that) but I didn’t even go to the convention. There was no time between the lines I had to wait in to even consider checking out any of the panels. But, I did appreciate the chance to take part in the red carpet session this time, although I think I chose the wrong spot to wait in because they were giving hi-touches out to the fans standing where they were coming out from. Now, I know this recap sounds negative for the most part, but take note in that it’s all about lines. I had a great time, although I can’t say it was because of the convention, other than the fan engagements that were provided.

– Zoey


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