Hello readers!

Although KPOP is the mainstream here, this blog was made in hopes of suggestions in finding new music and cultural aspects. Find us on SNS through our IDs below:

[Email] zoda_reviews_94@yahoo.com

[Twitter] @zodareviews94

[Instagram] @zodareviews94

[Tumblr] http://zodareviews94.tumblr.com/

[YouTube] zodareviews94

You can also follow us on our personal Twitters:

[Zoey] @zthao94

[Darice] @D_chennel.

Along with the occasional song and music video reviews, our posting schedule goes through a weekly rotation as follows:

Man Crush Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Worldwide Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Film Friday, Spontaneous Saturday, and Shuffle-It Sunday.

Man Crush Monday speaks for itself as a topic.

Terrific Tuesday will be showcasing talented individuals who surprise us, no matter what it is as long as it remains appropriate.We’ll feature up to five videos, either through YouTube browsing or via email. So if you want to be featured, let us know!

Worldwide Wednesday was thought up to encourage ourselves to venture out of KPOP. This is the only topic where KPOP is a no-no for the blog.

Throwback Thursday will take us back to KPOP songs from 10+ years ago.

Film Friday will be the day we suggest movies we’ve seen, or we’ll talk about movies we want to see from all around the world.

Spontaneous Saturday includes all sorts of KPOP related news, positive and negative, that interest us.

Shuffle-It Sunday will introduce 10 songs from Zoey’s iTunes list of 800+ songs, with repeats likely to happen. There will be an occasional iTunes giftcard giveaway of $10 as well, so be on the lookout for those!

Of course we are no professionals when it comes to music, and our reviews only reflect our opinions. When we score songs during our reviews, it’s solely on a scale of how much we would like to recommend the song to others.

We are open to suggestions, so feel free to share with us through any of the SNS above! Also, please share information with us and help us keep our group profiles up to date as we add them!

We hope to gain a lot of support, and thank you in advance!

Much love,

Zoey & Darice


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