Month: January 2015

DBSK – 포옹 (HUG)

I’m going back to the happier times this week for Throwback Thursday! I really miss this group as five, as do many fans, I’m sure. Regardless of that though, these five remain happy doing what they love even though they have gone their separate ways, three and two. I wish they could have maintained a good relationship because they were together for so long, but it’s understandable why it’s hard for them to do so.

Anyway, this week, we’re travelling back to DBSK’s debut song, 포옹 (HUG)! Check it out below! I can only imagine how they feel re-watching this! I cringed the entire time, even though I loved it when it was first released. Regardless, they were an outstanding group of five, and they remain just as strong even though there are only two members now.

Wishing all the best for JYJ and DBSK, and that they continue to have the success they’re carrying now!

– Zoey


1PUNCH – 돌려놔 (Turn Me Back)

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a review! Remember, these scores are in no intention judging the musicality of a song, but rather reflecting our own opinions and how much we want to recommend this song to others. Let’s get started! The first song review for 2015, 1PUNCH’s Turn Me Back!

I loved it! I know it was a tribute to two older hip-hop groups in the KPOP scene back in the days, and it really brought back memories of Seo Taeji and The Boys, which was one of the groups they were paying tribute to. I immediately thought of the song 난 알아요 (I Know). I loved how it was like a merging of today’s music with the old school sound. The chorus is extremely catchy too, which is always what draws me in at the end of everything. I also loved the piano breakdown. I also got a hint of 1TYM from them as well, (which, if you didn’t know already, is my all-time favorite hip-hop group from the older days) when they said, “1PUNCH for your mind.” I haven’t added this song to my iTunes, but it’ll be joining soon.

Now, onto the music video. It was fun to watch, and they really looked like they enjoyed themselves. What really got my attention from the video though was the dance. It was simple and, again, really brought back the old KPOP memories.

Overall score; 10. It was a great tribute and completely met its goal of bringing me down memory lane. It has an addictive tune, and 1’s and Punch’s voice are refreshing to listen to. It was awkward to listen to at first because Punch is so young, and I don’t think he’s completely gone through puberty yet! He’s as old as my baby brother (13, yes, but he’s the youngest of the siblings, so he’ll always be called our baby). But in the end, I’ve always said that a good song cannot be denied, and I grew used to his voice and appreciate it’s sound. I might be pushing it too much, but I think he could become similar to GD (no one can be the next GD because it’s impossible to follow in footsteps exactly). I think that as long as he works to develop his own music and creativity, it’s very possible for him to have as big of a name as GD. Trading away a childhood is a tough decision, but to be able to love what you do is not something a lot of people can say for themselves. Good luck to this duo, and I hope to see them shine even more in the future!

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– Zoey

World-Wide Wednesday

It’s our first World-Wide Wednesday this week! I hope you all like the song I picked out, and give it a listen to!

I’ve been in a Thai lakorn phase for a few weeks now, if you couldn’t tell from our Man Crush Monday a couple of weeks ago, and went back to watching a much loved one, Mia Taeng (Wedded Wife). Now, I love me some lakorn, but I have to question how often they include some very aggressive scenes. It makes me question morals, but I won’t deny that this is a favorite.

As for the song, I chose a track from this lakorn because I all of a sudden had an urge to listen to it again, which then led me to watching the lakorn again; and it’s none other than Poo Ying Ngoh Ngoh Tee Yaum Tur Ngai Ngai by Pannada Ruengwat. This is the romanization of it’s Thai title, and I obviously don’t understand Thai, but thanks to English subtitles provided by Brenda T. on YouTube, it seems to translate to “Foolish Woman who Yields Easily”. It sounds so much more beautiful in Thai though. Check out the music video below!

– Zoey

Terrific Tuesday

I discovered B.Girls quite a while ago, and just thought of them for the purpose of today’s post. They are a very talented group, and I always enjoy watching their dance covers. I don’t know if they have any recent materials up, but I absolutely loved their cover of After School’s “Bang”. Check it out below!


– Zoey

James Jirayu Tangsrisuk

Starting off the new year with much loved Thai actor James Jirayu as our Man Crush Monday! I decided that if we want change for our blog, then we need to make ourselves step out of KPOP every once in awhile. Besides, I do enjoy watching some Thai dramas every now and then too. It’s a refresher from all the K-Drama that I watch (which there haven’t been too many of recently).

To be honest though, James Jirayu has been a man crush candidate before, but I never got around to posting one for him. Also, he’s kind of an exception to “stepping out of KPOP” since he did sing a song composed by 4Minute’s Jiyoon, AND he sung it in Korean. You can check it out below. I have yet to watch any of his dramas, but his beautiful smile definitely has me captivated.

– Zoey

Happy New Year!

It’s 2015 everyone! I apologize for letting the blog go untouched for a month. It was a much needed break from everything though, and gave me time to think about pretty much everything. I only have two semesters left, so I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be doing after I graduate. I’ve also been busy with my study abroad application to Yonsei, which I need to hurry up and finish instead of constantly pushing it off until a later date. The sooner it’s done, the better, right? And then, of course, it was the holiday season, so I’ve been spending some quality time with my family before I go back to school.

I’ve also been thinking of what I can do with the blog. For the most part, running the blog while worrying about school is kind of tough. Also, Darice has been so caught up with work, she also rarely has time to get to it. So, I’ve decided that from now on, if I happen to miss out on a topic for the week, I’ll just have to let it go and work on it the next time it comes around instead of tagging it along with the next topic. As the pending list for artist information grows, I’ve also decided to get rid of our pending list for reviews and review songs as I come across them. The pending list keeps growing, and I can’t find the time to get to the songs. If I have a pending list for song or music video reviews, it’ll come from requests, not from what I would like to get to.

Finally, our discussion topics! I have decided to switch out a few of our topics. Also, we will no longer have weekly topics, and will put everything in rotation as follows:

Man Crush Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Worldwide Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Film Friday, Spontaneous Saturday, and Shuffle-It Sunday.

For more details on these topics, check out our About Page in our menu above. Our older topics will remain listed in our categories to the right of the site in case anyone would like to go back.

To our followers and silent readers, we thank you for making 2014 a great start out year for us. We wouldn’t be able to continue working on this site without you all. We hope to continue to grow as fans of KPOP, as well as incorporating music from all around the world. We’re hoping that 2015 will bring about positive changes for us, personally and for our blog. We cannot thank you enough!

– Zoey