Month: October 2014

Shin Hae Chul Passes Away

I first saw Shin Hae Chul on 비정상회담 (Abnormal Summit) earlier this year, but when news broke about his heart attack and hospitalization it didn’t click with me. I saw pictures being posted of Shin Hae Chul, and knew that there was something familiar about him, but I just could not put my finger on it. Then I saw Sam, who is a fixed member on the show, post up a picture on Instagram, and that’s when I knew. I was so shocked. I loved the episode Shin Hae Chul appeared on, as it was a relatable topic and he was very down to earth. His passing came as a complete shock to me because of how recently I had found out about him.

We’ve mentioned this on Twitter, but as you support your artists through MAMA 2014, please join your favorite artists also in remembering this talented musician. To show you just how awesome he was, check out a recent music video of his down below. My regret is having discovered his music so late. RIP Shin Hae Chul.


– Zoey


Jo Kwon

To celebrate 2AM’s comeback, leader Jo Kwon is our Man Crush Monday this week! Need I remind you that I don’t particularly listen to ballads? However, I never fail to listen to any 2AM songs because they are just that good. 2AM 화이팅! It feels so good to hear their songs again!

– Zoey

Shuffle-It Sunday

Got some time this week! Enjoy this week’s Shuffle-It Sunday and I hope you all find something new to listen to!


1. VIXX – 기적 (Eternity)

This song has definitely become one of my favorites. It’s the song that has convinced me to listen to every VIXX song release from now on, with the help of seeing them live at KCON 2014 of course. It’ll be awhile before this song comes off my “Favorites” playlist on iTunes.

2. Ailee – 저녁 하늘 (Evening Sky)


3. Brave Brothers ft Jay Park – 울고싶단 말야 (I Want to Cry)

Can I just say how much I loved Jay Park’s voice in this song? It fit so well, and of course Brave Brothers never fail to deliver with their songs.

4. MBLAQ – Hello My Ex

Internet browsing brought me to this song. It has a really catchy tune. I always forget to check out the album when the title song is released for any group. I’ve been good about it recently though. And of course, news outlets are saying the group is planning to remain together despite contract renewal issues. Whether they promote as MBLAQ or not, I was just hoping they kept their friendship and supported each other. MBLAQ, fighting!

5. T-Ara – Sexy Love

Even though they’ve been through some of the worst scenarios possible, you can’t deny that their songs are super addicting to listen to, and this one is just one of them.

6. T-Ara – 내가 너무 아파 (I’m in Pain)

iTunes must have liked hearing Sexy Love because it shuffled out another T-Ara song right away! This was the song that first introduced me to T-Ara, and I’ve stayed with them ever since. Again, I can’t help how addicting their songs are. It’s always a good listen to and I rarely ever skip out on their songs when it comes on.

7. The Wanted – Glad You Came

I don’t exactly remember how I found this song, although I’m pretty sure it was through the radio. Whatever the case, it is also extremely catchy and easy to sing along to; I guess that’s its appeal. I love their voices!

8. Wang Lee Hom – 十八般武藝 (The 18 Martial Arts)

This was my favorite album from Wang Lee Hom! I absolutely loved his combinations of traditional with modern music genres! Everyone already knows how much I love songs that incorporate a traditional sound to it.

9. Big Bang – My Heaven

I’m still disappointed that the YG Power World Tour was still only an East Asia World Tour. The world is not made up of only the east side! KPOP needs to stop using world tour if it isn’t a world tour. But I still love them, and it is still one of my goals to see a YG concert. Whether it’s just one artist, or YG family (preferrably YG family), I’m going.

10. BEAST – 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)

I was just thinking to myself about how awesome Beast’s name is. I’m glad that they switched their name. Beauty and the Beast is such an awesome concept. Anyway, back to the topic on hand. This is a beautiful track, and Yoseob’s voice absolutely shines here.


And we have reached the end of Shuffle-It Sunday for this week! We hope you found something new to listen to and keep on finding new songs! Spread the KPOP love!

Song Ji Eun – 쳐다보지마 (Don’t Look at Me Like That)

I was so excited for this comeback! I really loved her song Going Crazy with Bang Yong Guk! Here’s our review for Song Ji Eun’s 쳐다보지마 (Don’t Look at Me Like That).

Of course, she didn’t let us down with this song, although I was waiting for her to just lose it and let her emotions go with her voice because that’s kind of what I felt should have happened based on the idea behind the song. I was waiting for a powerful moment that didn’t come. I still loved the song though. My favorite part was, no doubt, the chorus, and the part leading up to the chorus as well. I liked how she sings “why”. The composition was beautiful as well. Honestly, I think it was the instrumental this time around that won me over for this song.

The music video was simple overall with lots of symbolism, but for a song that many have deemed to be in support of LGBT, I’m not amazed that there’s so much there.

Overall score; 9.5. I loved this song and it is one of the most repeated songs on my iTunes favorites list. Again, the only thing I felt a bit disappointed about for this song was that there was no power moment in this song. It felt like a build-build-fall kind of structure. I’m not sure if this was officially stated, but I liked the idea that this song was made to promote LGBT, although it could honestly be a song in support of all sorts of relationships deemed unsuitable by society. It’s a beautiful song, and I’m sure it’s going to stay in my favorites list for a long time.

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– Zoey

Cross Gene – Billion Dolla

Cross Gene has drawn my interest since Shin’s casting in the drama Big. I watched some of their old stuff and listened to their latest release, Amazing Lady. Then my friend introduced me to 비정상회담 (Abnormal Summit), and now I’m slowly developing a permanent interest in the group thanks to member Takuya’s charming personality on the show. So, onto the review for their song Billion Dolla, which was actually made to promote their movie ZEDD.

The song… was okay. It had it’s catchy moments, like “Billion Dolla” of course. And I loved when they dropped the hard beat and put in the piano. The singing for that part was beautiful. The song was also in English, a bonus for many international fans if I must say so, although it’ll be hard to understand everything they say. They also give fans another bonus by including a second version at the end where it sounds like they’re singing in all the languages they know. Even though I don’t think this song did them justice, I was still able to notice that they do have good vocals despite that.

As for the music video, I found it really funny, which I don’t think was their intention. The serious acting at the beginning by the girl and soldier was so bad! Of course, the members did their parts well. I also absolutely love zombies, so this music video really peaked my curiosity. Even though it was funny, I was not going to ignore dancing zombies. And then they brought in children at the end, and those children were extremely adorable! I do have to say that the guy with the hat needed to lose the hat because that destroyed his whole look. All the other members were cool and chic, and then you have this guy who looks like a cowboy. Although Shin pulled me into the group, Takuya made me stay, but it was Casper that I noticed the most in the video.

Overall score; 6.5. I have to be honest that the song wasn’t that great. It was kind of cheesy to me. I mean, there are cheesy songs that stick, but this one didn’t have that appeal. I think if they extended the part I mentioned above in the song review, I would’ve given a higher score. I just don’t see myself listening to this song anymore after this review. Despite this score though, I am still waiting in anticipation for Cross Gene’s comeback because I honestly think this was just a bad song. However, even though I don’t score music videos, I have to for this one because it has zombies! I give the music video an 8.5 because, minus the acting, it was still very entertaining.

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T-Ara – Sugar Free (Big Room version)

T-Ara never fails to deliver a catchy dance track, particularly a club friendly one. Let’s get right into the review for T-Ara’s Sugar Free (Big Room version).

When I went to go buy this song, there was the original version and this version, which was the one I wanted. However, when I first saw this video, Big Room Version was not tagged with it, so I didn’t know which one it was. I ended up buying the original version, and of course I was a bit upset that it wasn’t the version I wanted, but I didn’t really want to repurchase the same song with one difference. Now, going back to listen to it for this review, I realized that there is actually enough of a difference for me that I decided I’d purchase the Big Room version anyway. I really love the beat, which I’m not too surprised about because I grew up listening to trance/club tracks, not that my siblings, whom I got my music taste from, were crazy party people. And I can’t leave out my most favorite part in all songs, the chorus! So Yeon and Eun Jung’s voices never fail to amaze me. I do have to say that I wasn’t too big on Qri and Hyomin’s parts, not because of them, obviously. It was a really monotone part and I think it could have used more color to it.

The music video gave lots of people headaches. It was nice though, just too much frame-to-frame movement. I know it’s supposed to go with the beat, but we’re not looking to suffer motion sickness while watching the music video. And what was that dance move at the beginning, where they’re connecting the wrists and doing a sort of body roll? I don’t know if they intended it to look cool or sexy, but to me, it just looked really awkward.

Overall score; 10. Even though I didn’t like Hyomin’s and Qri’s parts, there are multiple aspects of the song that overshadowed all of that for me. It’s really addictive and it kind of makes me want to get up and just dance to it, in the own comfort of my room of course. No matter how many versions they release (14), this one will probably be my favorite. And can I just say one more time how much I loved Eun Jung’s voice in this song, not that I never loved it in their other songs.

Being in my Bangtan Boys phase (War of Hormones review coming soon), of course I have to include this adorkable video of them parodying the girls in Suga Free? Hope Free? Mon Free!

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John Park – U

I know who John Park is, thanks to Running Man and his being a fan of CL. But, I never really listened to any of his music because, again, I’m not a big fan of that genre although I do love his voice. Anyway, here we are again with a review for John Park’s U.

As soon as the first second went by, I was drawn in. What a way to start a song, needless to say that he has a very distinctive voice that can easily enrapture you. That piano really did it for me. I also love how he sang his “Oooohhhh…” part at the beginning. That really sucked me into the song. Of course, my favorite part was the chorus, especially how he sings “Uuuuuu…”, particularly at the end. You could already feel the psycho-lover emotions from this song. I love how he hits all sorts of notes throughout the song, kind of like he’s playing around in the song.  This song was beautiful and so much more. If you like country songs and KPOP, well, here’s the perfect combination.

The music video totally fit with the song; psycho kills the lover. However, I did say that I first saw John Park when he was confessing to being a fan of CL’s and when he appeared on Running Man. So my image of him is a funny guy who seems lost for the most part. Seeing him in the music video, I couldn’t help but laugh. He was being so serious, but you already know he’s not. I enjoyed it though.

Overall score; 10. I was surprised at how much I liked this song from him. I know he mostly sings ballads, so I intentionally never listened to any of his other songs. However, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to click on this teaser. The moment that teaser played, I was done for. I knew I was going to love the song and I could not wait for it to be released. It has joined my favorites list on my iTunes and when I first bought it, I kept it on repeat for about a week. I am most definitely anticipating John Park’s next comeback, and whether it be another addictive tune like this one or a ballad, I’ll give it a listen to. Here’s to hoping that John Park’s U gets the attention it deserves.

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Mino – 걔 세 (I’m Him)

Finally! I made it to this review! No intro needed; WINNER’s Mino and his solo 걔 세 (I’m Him).

A lot of people don’t see me as a hip-hop kind of girl, and I will be honest that there are some hip-hop songs that I don’t like. This is a song that completely threw me off. I can’t even say why I like it so much, that’s how speechless this song left me. Even when I determined that I liked it when I first heard it, it’s still growing on me. I continuously listen to this song even now. Mino’s voice just draws you in, and you can’t help but stay. He also has this classiness to him that I like, and I absolutely love how he says, “Yes, I’m Him!”

The music video was good. I think I would have liked something a little more, but I was satisfied. Even though I was already expecting the WINNER members to appear I was still ecstatic at seeing them in the music video. I’m wondering who discovered this kid and let his skills go to waste under them? I’m glad YG scooped him up, and it’s not only because they’re YG. If anyone had taken Mino in and let him shine like this, I would have been thankful towards that company.

Overall score; 10. Even when I annoy other people by blasting this song, I let it play. It’s addictive. Well, WINNER as a group is addictive. They are so random and give such good laughs. I honestly want to see a Bangtan Boys and WINNER collaboration just because of how goofy each group is as a whole. And I am sure there are people who would love a Mino and Rap Mon collaboration, which many fan girls may deem illegal because of the awesome flow both of these rappers have, and their deep voices.

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WAX – 가을 끝 (The End of Autumn)

Everyone is making a comeback and we don’t have enough time to play catch up! Midterms (more papers for me than exams) are all flowing in now, so my time is really being cut short here. Let’s just move on, shall we? This time, we’ll be reviewing WAX, who is from the older KPOP generation, and her song 가을 끝, The End of Autumn.

Just a reminder that I am not a huge fan of ballads. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to them. I realized that the ballads I tend to listen to are the ones where the singer’s vocals are distinctive and I can just feel raw emotion from hearing it, which means goose-bumps throughout the entire song. WAX, of course, is one of them. I don’t really remember her old songs, but I definitely remembered her voice. I loved how they opened the song with just her voice echoing. Then, of course the guitar comes in to accompany her already emotion-filled voice. At this point, I just wanted to grasp my chest. I definitely felt the build up. And then the chorus hit. Her voice was so beautiful, and of course, the chorus was my favorite part. I love songs like this, where I don’t need to understand what is being said because the vocals convey the emotion so well.

The music video really went well with the song, and the ending really got my emotions going. The actor and actress did their part well for a 6-minute video. I loved it. I think it came out beautifully.

Overall score; 10. It’s a beautiful ballad, and I still listen to it, which is saying something about it because I can’t ever listen to ballads more than a few times. I was hyped for her comeback, but this was the song that stole the spotlight.

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굿 닥터 (Good Doctor)

When this k-drama series first came out, I had no intentions of watching it. So many medical dramas had come out during that time and I was just tired of watching them. A lot of them were quite depressing too. But then, my Korean professor showed us a clip of Good Doctor in class for grammar purposes, and I was shocked! I’m sure it would have its depressing moments, but this drama was actually comical! I think Joo Won pulled off his character really well, and he was just adorable as Shi On! Alright, onto the synopsis!


Credits to You can also watch this drama on Viki!

Park Shi On (Joo Won), is an autistic savant with the mentality of a ten-year old. As a child, he was sent to a specialized care centre, where he discovered genius capacities for his autism. He had a dream of becoming a doctor, and so, coupled with an exceptional memory and keen spatial skills, he was able to enter pediatric surgery. However, his mentor Choi Woo Seok (Chun Ho Jin) also played a role in helping Shi On get into the hospital by putting his title as CEO of the hospital on the line. This is where the common power struggle of many k-dramas come in. Anyway, Shi On has 6 months to prove himself capable of being a pediatric surgeon. Despite his dream and skills though, his mental and emotional development seems to have stopped at 10-years-old, which leads to many incredible conflicts in and out of the O.R., especially with hotheaded surgeon Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook). Eveyone sees Shi On as a soulless, robotic doctor that was relying heavily on his photogenic memory only and not feeling what the patient needs.

Even though Shi On has warm-hearted and fair colleagues like Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won) and Han Jin Wook (Kim Young Kwang), it is a fierce and competitive adult world he may not have been prepared for. However, as time goes on, he faces another challenge during his residency, something else he was not prepared for as an adult – he falls in love with Yoon Seo.

On to the beautiful OSTs!

I might have been a little biased (Running Man) when picking Kim Jong Kook and the song 모르나요 (How Come You Don’t Know) for an OST. but I honestly do like this song at the same time. Kim Jong Kook’s voice actually seems more clear and stronger here. Oh, the feels! And I absolutely loved the violins.


I haven’t heard of Ha Dong Kyun before, but this song, 좋아보여 (Looks Good), is just beautiful! And his voice!


And there is our Watch-It Wednesday for this week! If you have time (and trust me, you’ll need at least three free days unless you are a k-drama binge watcher) give this drama a shot! The romance is to a low, which was refreshing for me. It also didn’t have overly active bad guys in it, and the character progression was great. I watched every second of this drama, and I don’t regret it at all. I suggested it to my sister, and I ended up watching it again with her whenever it was on and I was around. It’s addicting. I liked Moon Chae Won from Innocent Man, but she was wonderful here too! And I had never watched a drama with Joo Won in it before, but my eyes have been opened. No words can describe how good this drama was. You’ll have to see it for yourself.