Month: September 2014


On a rare occasion, Darice and I have crossed paths in Man Crush Monday! Not that I disagree with her choices, but I had been meaning to bring up Cross Gene’s Takuya as a suggestion ever since I started watching Abnormal Summit a few weeks ago. But with all this school stuff going on, it constantly slipped my mind. If you haven’t already, check out Takuya on Abnormal Summit. He has definitely caught my eye. I can’t help but think he’s adorable on the program, and that may be due to the fact that he’s the youngest on there. We got a review coming soon for their Billion Dolla music video, so check that out too if you haven’t already!

– Zoey


Shuffle-It Sunday

No papers to worry about for the moment, so I have plenty of time to do a Shuffle-It Sunday this week! Here’s to hoping that I can pick up on reviews too, as we have begun to fall behind again. Enjoy the list!

1. VIXX – 기적 (Eternity)

This is the song that got me hooked on VIXX! If you haven’t already, check out our fancam of them performing at KCON 2014! The videos are shared on our blog, and you can also find them on YouTube!

2. Big Bang – Emotion


3. Wheesung – Night and Day

I cannot stress how beautiful this song is! My one year old niece loves it, and there’s not even anything flashy to catch her eye! Her older brother, my 4 year old nephew, loves it too! This is how I know it’s a good song. Even children can fall in love with Wheesung’s voice. If you’re only listening to it now, you’ve been missing out.

4. Super Junior – Monster


5. Jo Sung Mo – 웃을께 (I Will Smile)

I did not watch Coffee House, but I happened to come across this song while browsing through YouTube, as is always the case with me when I get bored. I can’t say it’s enough for me to want to watch the drama, but I like it.

6. Ze:A – Heart for 2

We are aware of what happened with Ze:A and their company. We’re just glad things came to an agreeable close with them and that they are able to continue their dream as a group. 제국의 아이들 화이팅!!!!!!!!!

7. Skull ft Park Hyo Shin – 나 이러고 살아 (I Live Like This)

I haven’t listened to this song for awhile, so after seeing Skull on Running Man and then hearing this song again, I couldn’t help but become shocked. His regular speaking voice wouldn’t indicate such unique vocals!

8. TaeTiSeo – Library


9. i13 – One More Time

I don’t know what happened to this group. I do know that they broke up, and a group called JQT came out of it. I don’t know what happened to that group either. But I did follow them after belatedly discovering i13… until they kind of just disappeared. If anyone has any news, please do feel free to let us know.

10. One Republic – Secrets

Yes, I’m a solid KPOP fan, but One Republic was actually the first concert I attended, and for that, they will always have a special place in my heart. It was cheaper and followed the true “First Come, First Serve” concept too. Of course the prices are much higher, now that they know they got some hardcore MN fans, but I was happy to have gotten to see them live at least once. Maybe if money allows, I can take another chance to see them live again. They have the most beautiful vocals.

11. 2PM – Hot

Even though most of these KPOP groups had comebacks, iTunes is still throwing their old songs at me. Not that it’s a bad thing, of course.

12. Kim Soo Hyun – Dreaming

Although this might not do justice to the song, it was a really well-done scene from the drama. Kim Soo Hyun’s voice…

13. Outsider ft MC Sniper – Face Off

I’m sure you can all guess how I discovered Outsider… YouTube browsing. I can’t believe I would have missed this talented artist otherwise! Just goes to show, everyone, if you have time and can’t think of anything to do, browse YouTube for some music! The things you find are amazing!

14. Edward Chun – Give Your Love


15. DMTN – Still By Ur Side

Did I miss their comeback? Please tell me this group has not disbanded! It would be such a waste!

Hope you all enjoyed the list and found something new to listen to! Every time I do Shuffle-It Sunday I am always surprised at the songs I find. I’m not that far from 1,000 songs, so I might have to consider increasing the number of songs for Shuffle-It Sunday.

Super Junior – Miracle

Going back to 2006 with Super Junior and their sweet tune Miracle! It’s been nearly a decade with them already!

There was no specific reason as to why this is our Flashback Friday song this week. It’s just a good song to go back to every now and then. So many memories! This was, after all, the song that pulled me in and made me stay with Super Junior until now.

JJCC – 빙빙빙 (One Way)

The comeback train is coming through town again, and we’re already behind by over a month again. So, let’s trudge on forward and get one more review done! This one’s for JJCC’s 빙빙빙 (One Way).

This song left me all over the place. It was definitely not what I expected to come right after 첨엔 다 그래 (At First). I’ll come right out with it now; I loved the chorus. The sound reminded me so much of the sound of old KPOP, and that is always a plus for me. Other than the chorus though, I can’t say much else for the song. I know there’s something about it, but I just can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s definitely got something addicting about it though, and if I were to listen to this song more, it may eventually end up on my iTunes. As of right now though, I genuinely like the song, but I don’t think I could listen to it very often, and I honestly think it’s because of that awkward part when they’re singing “Oh~ Oh~ Woah~ Oh~” and dancing something similar to pushups.

The concept of the music video was nice though. I liked the technological feel it gave off. Even though it was cool, I couldn’t help but laugh when whatever they were apparently punching to pieces eventually became their backup dancers. It was really cool, honestly. But… it was funny too.

Overall score; 8. It’s good. I don’t question the song, except for one part, but the rest of the song rules that out.

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– Zoey

Lee Ki Hong

Due to a busy schedule, I unfortunately had to miss this week’s Shuffle-It Sunday again. Too many papers to write, I tell you, and it doesn’t help that I procrastinate. And yes, we are aware of the things going on in KPOP world, specifically regarding Ze:A, but we just haven’t found time to address them. Maybe in our Spontaneous Saturday next week, or when we have time. Anyway, on to today’s topic; MAN CRUSH MONDAY!

This week’s Man Crush Monday is upon Darice’s suggestion. She works at a movie theater, so it makes sense as to why she knows who this guy is and I don’t. Lee Ki Hong is featured in the movie Maze Runner, and I’ve only heard about this movie once. I’ve never read the book, and I still have yet to watch the movie, which I’ll do when I have time. But nonetheless, if Darice has chosen him as Man Crush Monday this week, he must have something special about him. I’m kind of curious now.

– Zoey

SNSD – 다시 만난 세계 (Into the New World)

Our Throwback Thursday this week is the much loved girl group of South Korea, SNSD and their debut song Into the New World!

I didn’t get into SNSD until “Oh!” was released, so I was far behind. I think I’ve only seen this video maybe twice, but never fully through until now. SNSD was in the middle of a lot of rumors this year, especially in regards to dating. I just randomly felt like giving Into the New World a watch. Just seeing how young they were then, and thinking about all the changes they’ve been through during the last 7-8 years brought a smile to my face. They have all turned into beautiful young ladies now. I’m not hardcore SNSD, but I do still keep up to date with their promotional activities.

– Zoey Thao

개와 늑대의 시간 (Time Between Dog and Wolf)

Since we missed out on Watch-It Wednesday, we’ll be tagging it on this week along with Throwback Thursday tomorrow! Watch-It Wednesday this time around is one of my all time favorite Korean dramas, Time Between Dog and Wolf. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve mentioned a lot that it’s hard for me to watch a drama more than once or twice because it starts getting cringe worthy. I’ve seen Time Between Dog and Wolf at least four or five times now ever since it was first aired. In part though, it probably has to do with how well the memory loss played into this drama. There was an actual purpose for it from the screenwriter, and it truly helped develop the plot.

After witnessing his mother’s brutal murder by the Thai Qing Faction’s gangster Mao, Lee Soo Hyun (Lee Joon Ki) was taken into NIS agent Kang Jung Ho’s (Lee Ki Young) family. Although their friendship had a rough start, Soo Hyun and Min Ki (Jung Kyung Ho), Jung Ho’s son, become the best of buds and share the same dream of becoming NIS agents. Fast forward to an NIS test at an airport where Soo Hyun is diligently at work whereas Min Ki is busy trying to pick up girls, to which we are then introduced to Seo Ji Woo (Nam Sang Mi) who is a childhood friend of Soo Hyun’s from his time in Thailand. Certain circumstances will reunite them. Anyway, the test results lead Soo Hyun to succeed in becoming an agent while Min Ki is stuck working in the offices of the NIS.

One day, Soo Hyun returns from a failed operation that dealt with the Cheongbang (the same gang run by Mao that killed his parents) due to the resurfacing of his terrible childhood memories of Thailand. Unfortunately, he can’t contain his thirst for personal revenge, and chooses to ignore orders, which gets him fired from the NIS. However, he is later approached by the head of NIS, Chief Jung Hak Soo (Kim Kap Soo), who gives Soo Hyun the opportunity to infiltrate the Cheongbang. Through this proposition, Soo Hyun stages his own death via a car accident, giving up everything including his loved ones, and becomes an undercover NIS agent, as his father once had been. The only people who know are Chief Jung and Soo Hyun’s adoptive father, Jung Ho. Soo Hyun plans to become one of Mao’s underlings in order to take him down. What Soo Hyun doesn’t know though is that Ji Woo is the birth daughter Mao.

Posing as a young man named Kay, Soo Hyun roams through the backstreets of Bangkok. Having heard that Mao likes Muay Thai, he becomes a Muay Thai athlete, hoping to get noticed by Mao. When Mao does come to a Muay Thai game, Kay deliberately loses a match. While waiting in the resting room, he overhears a conversation between a Cheongbang boss who doesn’t have much influence and his subordinate planning to kill Mao. Sure enough, when Mao goes up to the stage to congratulate the champion, the assassin aims at him but Kay saves Mao. As a result, Mao takes Kay in as his right-hand man. Mao and his gang then head to Korea in order to expand their drug business. They start a company by the name of BS Enterprise, and Mao assigns Kay to protect his daughter,  Ji-woo, from the Korean gang, Spider. You can imagine the surprise there for Kay, or Soo Hyun for love’s sake, when he connects the dots.

Of course, assigning Kay that task only means there will be danger, and sure enough, the Spider gang attempts to kidnap Ji Woo, only to be thwarted by Kay. Again, you can also imagine the surprise Ji Woo faced when her savior has the same exact face as the man she still loved with all her heart. Kay gets Ji Woo to safety, and heads back to throw off the Spider gang from their track. Unfortunately, as he’s driving away, he gets shot and drives off the pier as he loses consciousness. When he comes to, he finds himself in an old lady’s home and having no recollection whatsoever of who he is; the classical case of amnesia that I love only for this drama. So more unfortunate events happen as HE is the one to get kidnapped by the Spider gang to draw out Mao. When Mao does come out to get Kay, the tables turn, and Kay ends up killing the leader of the Spider gang, having once again saved Mao’s life. Mao now not only sees Kay as his life savior, but also as his son, and states that for the Qing Faction gang, Kay’s words are now Mao’s orders.

While escorting Mao’s girlfriend on an outing, we see Soo Hyun’s adoptive father, Jung Ho, following them around, trying to get Soo Hyun’s attention. Upon noticing him, Soo Hyun takes Mao’s girlfriend and runs for it, confusing Jung Ho, who then begins to suspect that Soo Hyun may have suffered amnesia and may now really believe himself to be Kay. He brings this up with Chief Jung, who unexpectedly tells Jung Ho that there is no better spy than one who doesn’t know that he’s a spy. So Jung Ho turns to a long time friend and they set out on a separate mission to bring Soo Hyun back to tell him of his original purpose. Unfortunately, Jung Ho loses his life while trying to carry out this secret mission, and who else to be caught as suspect to his murder other than Kay? Of course, it’s not good that Min Ki notes this. Even though he may look like Soo Hyun, Min Ki will never second guess who Kay is and vows to take him and the whole Qing Faction gang down with his own hands. Kay may be cocky about the whole situation, but after being released from interrogation, he too begins to question who he is and his identity of Kay.

Wow. Watch-It Wednesdays are always longer than I anticipate. But this drama has a very intriguing story line, and gets really good the moment the amnesia comes into play, so I couldn’t bear to leave out anything that might convince you to watch it! Now, onto the OSTs!

The first one is MC the Max’s (Lee Soo) Foolish Heart.

For this song, what got to me first was the harmonica that opened up the song. It’s just so heart-wrenching! This song is a total fit for the drama. I had never listened to MC the Max before until this song. It’s just filled with so much emotion, and that’s exactly what this drama is; a rollercoaster of emotions. Every time I hear this song, I’m always tempted to pull the drama up on my computer and watch it. And I just love MC the Max’s voice. It’s smooth and easy on the ears.

The second song is Jang Hye Jin’s Hidden Sky.

It’s another very heart wrenching song for this drama. I also hadn’t heard of Jang Hye Jin until this drama. Just like MC the Max (and I believe they actually sang a duet together for another drama) her vocals are very smooth.

After this drama, I became a hardcore JunKi-SangMi shipper, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was for their reunion in Joseon Gunman. Unfortunately, Joseon Gunman didn’t keep me hooked for long, although it did do well with ratings in South Korea. I guess it kind of felt like a repeat of Time Between Dog and Wolf without the amnesia, and set hundreds of years back. However, their chemistry was definitely still there.

If you’re looking for something new to watch, then go check this one out!

– Zoey


FCUZ (포커즈) – CHA-GA-WA

I know I’ve mentioned my curiosity about where this group was whenever they showed up on Shuffle-It Sunday. When this song first came out, I was so surprised. So, onto the review for FCUZ’s Cha Ga Wa!

I liked the opening, and I genuinely liked the song overall. It didn’t really have anything that stood out to me though. Instead, I’ll praise the member’s vocals for this review because I did like how the vocals sounded. Of course, I enjoyed the chorus and I actually really liked how the rapper with the higher tone carried out his parts. I like his voice.

The music video was very simple in KPOP terms, although I was fascinated at the girl seemingly dispersing.

Overall score; 7. Again, I liked it, but I don’t think I’d want to keep listening to it. It has peaked my interest in FCUZ some more though and I look forward to their next comeback!

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– Zoey


As many fans know, Eun Hyuk can make some pretty derpy faces, and those tend to be the ones you find online for the most part. It was a task to find a normal picture, and now that I take a second glance at this photo, it looks like it was drawn. Oh well. He has his own appeals whether it be physical or through his personality. This man is our Man Crush Monday this week. I loved him on variety shows, and I hope to see him more often on TV, especially since SuJu is promoting now. I missed him on Strong Heart.

– Zoey

Shuffle-It Sunday

Sorry for missing out on last week’s Shuffle-It Sunday! Here are the 15 songs for this week! Hope you all find something new to listen to! Enjoy!

1. Infinite – 붙박이 별 (Fixed Star)

I first discovered Infinite through YouTube browsing (which is how I tend to discover a lot of new groups, or groups that I haven’t heard of before). The first song I heard from them was She’s Back, and I loved how they sounded. I went through an Infinite phase for a good week, and I remember smiling to myself once they became a group who’s fame soon spread throughout the world.

2. Big Bang – Cafe

This song threw me off so bad. The beat is definitely a Big Bang feel, but the way they sang the song was something new for me. Their Tonight album is definitely going to remain a classic Big Bang album; heck all Big Bang albums could probably be considered classics.

3. 2NE1 – In the Club (DJ Jonray Remix)

This is a beautiful remix for a beautiful song.

4. The Legend – 미.남 (미련이 남아서) Left Out

If you haven’t checked out our review yet for this song, then make sure you do so to see what our thoughts are on this song! Overall, it’s a great listen.

5. Super Junior – M – S.O.L.O

I didn’t watch the drama (Taiwanese dramas are a bit hard for me to get around to) but I loved the soundtracks, especially this one. It’s got an addictive tune.

6. Henry – Fantastic

Violin, that’s all I have to say about this song. And Henry’s unique vocals.

7. Fahrenheit – 心裡有數 (In Our Hearts We Know)

The only Taiwanese drama I really got into was Hana Kimi, but I could never bring myself to watch it again. Once was enough for me. At my age now, the drama makes me cringe, but I’d like to keep my good memories of enjoying the drama and the Chun-Ella moments. The drama did also, after all, introduce me to Fahrenheit and S.H.E, two very talented Mandopop groups I would have regretted missing out on.

8. Aaron Yan – 多餘的我 (The Unwanted Love)

When this song first came on during the drama (which was almost immediately) I nearly died waiting for it to be released. It felt like forever, and when it was finally released, I downloaded it immediately and it’s been on repeat multiple times, despite it having been maybe a month now.

9. Yoo Seung Eun ft Baechigi – Be OK

This is such a chill song, and I love Baechigi, although now I am excited to see what else Seung Eun will bring in the future.

10. Girl’s Generation – Baby Maybe

I’m not too fond of GG’s title songs, although there have been some that stuck with me. But I will always love their slowed down songs with a simple beat like this. To me, it sounds so much more beautiful than their title tracks, but you need an upbeat song to promote most of the time anyway, especially if you’re a performance group.

11. Edward Jeon – Give My Love

This was the only drama that my older brother sat through and watched. He suggested it to me, and being as that he wasn’t a fan of Korean dramas, I thought I’d give it a try. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. I didn’t like how Eugene’s character was and… I don’t know, there was something about the drama that just didn’t sit well with me. It’s just my preference though. I’m not going to deny that it was probably one of the biggest Korean dramas of all time, not to mention it brought together Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young.

12. Seung Ri – Strong Baby

This song had me hooked on Seung Ri for quite some time. But, as always, it didn’t last and I moved on. But I still enjoy listening to this song and just randomly dancing to it, and mind you the dances I brought out probably did not match the song at all. Anyway, here’s to a speedy recovery for Big Bang’s baby.

13. Park Bo Young – Free Time

I just love Park Bo Young. She’s adorable and a wonderful actress.

14. CN Blue – Hey You

After seeing them live twice now, CN Blue definitely has a special place in our fangirl hearts. I’m still crying over those drum sticks that Min Hyuk gave away (just kidding). If Ticketmaster hadn’t glitched, Darice and I could have gotten P1 tickets, and then we could have been near the stage entrance, and we could have had a chance. But, let me not fret over it anymore. It’s a dangerous place to go as a fangirl. I’m trying to keep myself content just listening to their music and seeing them from a distance like a normal fan.

15. Bangtan Boys – Let Me Know

Okay, I know there are three songs in the video, but I figured that since we ended on such a beautiful song, I should just include a live of the three best songs (in my opinion) off of the album. Besides, BTS is just beautiful to watch live. Again, thanks to KCON for changing the fangirl in me. I’ve become a bit more desperate, it seems, to get close to them, but I shall resist as much as I can. I don’t have the time and dedication like other fangirls to get too invested in this. Anyway, if you haven’t already, check out their shout out to Minnesota fans via our blog!

Again, I hope you all found something new to listen to, or maybe just a flashback to a classic. Until next time!

– Zoey