Month: August 2014

Shuffle-It Sunday

Okay, I’ll be honest. I nearly completely forgot about Shuffle-It Sunday. But, I have a good enough reason… I hope. Hahahaha… ha… ha. Anyway, I ended up working this entire Labor Day weekend, so it ended up not feeling like a Sunday at all. My schedule has completely been thrown off ever since KCON, since I’ve been stuck in a constant cycle of work. As a broke college student with intentions to study abroad, and having to pay for nearly everything myself, I have to accept that this constant cycle of work will never end until I’m out of college. Thank goodness for music though. It makes life so much easier to get through. Well, let’s get this list started, shall we? Hope you all find a new song to listen to! Enjoy!

1. Eminem – Survival

My favorite American rapper singing a song for one of my all time favorite video games; Call of Duty. Enough said.

2. U-KISS – 숨도 못 쉬어 (Can’t Even Breathe)

This song actually comes from one of my favorite U-KISS albums. I’ll admit that I don’t know all the members though, maybe three? Despite that, they are still a group I always look for future activities from.

3. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

I see that iTunes is trying to cheer me up before school is in session. Well, it won’t work. But music will always make life a bit easier, and I always love listening to Kelly Clarkson’s voice.

4. D-Unit – Luv Me

Okay, I feel like I might have missed this group’s activities, but I seriously feel like I also haven’t heard anything about them recently. Where are they? I loved this song!

5. 4Minute –  거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror)

I do keep up with 4Minute’s new stuff, but honestly, for me, their recent stuff haven’t been anything to keep me listening to it. Mirror Mirror and Volume Up are the last two songs that I can remember liking from them. But I have faith that they will release another song that will completely draw me in. I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but this is my honest opinion; HyunA needs to stop rapping the way she is now. I loved her flow in Change.

6. MyName – Baby I’m Sorry

Have they released a new song yet? I feel like I’ve already asked that question multiple times right now. I seriously need to follow KPOP better. MyName, where are you?!

7. B.o.B ft Taylor Swift – Both of Us

I’m not too big on B.o.B’s parts, but I loved how T.Swift sung this song. It felt different.

8. Big Flo – Fly

If you haven’t yet done so, go listen to Big Flo’s debut album! Although I mostly liked Delilah and this song, the album may appeal to a lot of you, so don’t miss out on this rookie boy group! I’m definitely staying on the lookout for their future activities.

9. B.A.P – Warrior

Has it really been two years?! Wow… Well, this song is a classic B.A.P song, and if you’re only listening to this song now, you’ve been missing out. WARRIOR! It’s a very addicting song.

10. U-KISS – Standing Still

Whoa… Okay, so I love this song, but I never knew there was a music video for it! Oh, gosh, I’m such a horrible KPOP fan. Well, I’ve seen it now, if that makes up for anything. Go U-KISS!

And that’s the end of the list! Glad I managed to remember before I went to sleep. I would have missed so many good songs, and I loved the flash backs to baking cookies in our school bakery for high school and blasting U-KISS. I never got yelled at once for it either. The school be loving KPOP too, I see. Anyway, I hope you all found something new to listen to and look forward to next week’s list because I know I am.

– Zoey


Winner – 공허해 (Empty)

WINNER was known as Team A for awhile, and I was rooting for them during WIN Who Is Next. Along with others, I hated that YG even thought of this program because it’s cruel. But being a KPOP idol isn’t just happy-go-lucky, so I can kind of see why he did this. Anyway, despite rooting for them, I couldn’t help but feel that they were indeed lacking in the beginning. But then, when they busted out Smile Again during the second battle, I was on full support for them. Smile Again has got to be one of the most shocking tracks I’ve ever heard, and I’m sure many senior idols may be somewhere in shame knowing that this song was produced by trainees. I love YG because they make their own songs for the most part, and I’m talking about the idols here. I have strong fan support for G-Dragon, Akdong Musician, and now WINNER. Idols that write their own albums leave me with a more lasting impression. Anyway, here’s our review for WINNER’s 공허해 (Empty).

Okay, first off, let’s give a big round of applause to BI and Bobby too. This track is beautiful. It is a slower track, so I didn’t really enjoy it when I first heard it. But after giving it a few more listens, it’s a song that grows on you. Now that they’ve debuted, Jin Woo’s voice really stands out. Was it always this clear and smooth? And Taehyun too. Was his always that controlled? I loved the guitar, no doubt about it, and of course, I loved the chorus the most. Mino’s voice has totally enraptured me.

I liked the simple music video, but it was kind of boring. That’s all I have to say about that.

Overall score; 8. Despite it being a beautiful song, it’s not one I could listen to continuously. I need upbeat songs that get my heart pounding just from hearing it. But I loved that this was a collab with BI and Bobby. I also loved the entire album.

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– Zoey

Infinite – Back

Yay! This is the last one and then we’re into the August comebacks! Here’s our review for Infinite’s Back.

You all know that ballads aren’t what I really listen to unless there’s power to it. So, when Back first started playing, I nearly just said, “Forget it” because it had the ballad feel to it. But I continued on because, you know, seeing groups live makes you have more patience. And then the chorus dropped, and like always, I was gone. It’s such a beautiful chorus, although I will say it has a drama tune to it. I don’t know what drama it is, but it’s an old school drama that I’m reminded of. It also has an old KPOP feel to it, and again, you all know how I get with songs like that. I don’t know what else to say. I liked it.

As for the music video… eh. It was a cute story line, but did it really need for the girl to have TWO important guys? It’s a music video for crying out loud. And I felt bad that Sunggyu didn’t get the girl, and only got to play the big brother. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. Of course, L would get to be the boy with the girl in the end.

Overall score; 8. It surprised me, but not enough to the point that I would give it higher. I liked the piano though. And for some reason, their vocals did stand out more for me with this song. Maybe that’s why they gave it that ballad feel, because ballads can get a voice out.

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– Zoey

Spontaneous Saturday

It’s Labor Day weekend and I have been scheduled all three days to work. School starts up for me on Tuesday, and here I am with no vacation before it happens. I guess I better just enjoy the pay check once it comes in. The good side; I’m waiting for my ride home, so that means there’s open time for me, which means I can get Spontaneous Saturday done and maybe a few reviews! And I cannot wait to get to Mino’s review for his solo MV release for 걔 세(I’m Him), which you should check out if you haven’t yet.

Anyway, there’s about, like, three things that are probably interesting to talk about for this week’s Spontaneous Saturday, and all involving relationships.

First off, SM is just in the spot light this year, especially for dating. I have no problem with Sulli and Choiza’s relationship. I support all idols dating no matter who their special person may be! However, I’d be lying if I said that this one wasn’t a shocker. I mean, I know there were warning signs everywhere, which they just kept shutting down. Just them being linked to each other really surprised me. I think it was because of the age gap, and the fact that, I don’t know, they’re just an odd couple and them being coupled together never really crossed anyone’s mind. Sulli is just full of aegyo, and then… there’s Choiza. You have to admit that this relationship is an oddball. BUT, even if we find it odd, they find it special, and if you support either of them, then you’ll accept them and send congratulations their way.

The next news piece I saw was G-Dragon’s Instagram ALS ice bucket challenge. Apparently there were two different videos floating around of G-Dragon’s ice bucket challenge (and I give props to him for having challenged the Big 3). The other video, which of course was removed, was of him challenging his “dear Kiko”. Again, there was a link between him and Kiko for awhile as well, but as all idols tend to do, the rumors were shut down. I don’t really know who Kiko is, but I did look her up. Anyway, not much to say about this one. It’s not even that big of a shocker since it wasn’t as blown up as other dating reports usually are. The only thing we have to say is, LAY OFF THE IDOLS,  SASAENG FANS! How dare you hack into G-Dragon’s account?

And finally, the relationship news that took the spot light from these two is SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and his abuse of his former girlfriend. It was shocking to me because Kim Hyun Joong just has this image of a softy. But I guess I should have remembered the number rule of judgment; never judge a book by its cover. I also feel bad for the girl because if it is true, she is getting so much backlash from fans because they want to protect their oppa. And if it isn’t true… well we’ll just leave it at that. Here’s to hoping that things end quickly and preferably as painless as possible for both parties. Abusive relationships are a touchy topic.

And just a random topic that happened awhile back, but we hadn’t been able to touch on yet; Kemy’s diss track on Park Bom. I’ll admit that I was fired up with anger when I saw this. I didn’t watch or listen to it on YouTube, but I did read the translations. Even if what Kemy rapped about has some truth to it, this was so not acceptable, and I can’t imagine that the Korean culture would approve of this either. One, Park Bom is much older, so what happened to respect your elders? Two, Park Bom is a senior to this girl; what happened to respect the seniors? I don’t know. This was just so disrespectful in all sorts of aspects, and I still get mad thinking about it. This was such a cheap move too! I kind of feel bad for the members, but not really because I don’t know if they’re in support of this diss track or not. Oh, and one more thing. From what I’ve been reading, apparently this shouldn’t even be called a diss track because diss battles are really supposed to take part among rappers, and last time I checked, Park Bom isn’t a rapper. So is this a cry-for-attention-because-I’m-want-to-be-popular-no-matter-what track? Ugh. Frustration to the maximum. This just really disgusts me because I hold respect high on my list of personal qualities. And to the company, you guys are what frustrate and disappoint me the most! “It was only a diss track; we didn’t expect this kind reaction from fans.” Yeah, totally. Let’s just diss one of the biggest names in KPOP because no one is going to say anything about it.

I’m sure there’s a lot more I could have talked about, and I may regret it later, but this is all I can think of at the moment. Share your thoughts on these topics down below in the comments!

– Zoey

BIGFLO – 딜라일라 (Delilah)

We’ve almost reached the end of the pending list as more recent songs come into play here. Again, we’re reviewing a rookie group this time, and so far, the rookie groups that we’ve come across thus far have not disappointed. Here’s to hoping they can build their way up and become household names in all this KPOP chaos. Up next, we have Big Flo’s Delilah.

So, this song completely took me by surprise. At first, when the song played, I was a bit skeptical and almost just closed out of it. But, I waited through the rap, and BAM! The beautiful chorus came in and I was gone. I even eventually came to like the rap… well, maybe not the second verse, but still. It sounds familiar to a classical piece (and I’m sorry if I can’t name it; I almost want to say something by Beethoven), and I think that’s why I like it. When I first saw Delilah was the title of the song, I thought it was going to be something like Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah. So imagine the curve ball I received when Delilah referred to sounds. Anyway, the song was really catchy, and I think this group has some beautiful vocals. I haven’t dug much into the group yet, but I am definitely going to look out for their new stuff. Go Big Flo!

As for the music video, it was really, really simple. Even the set wasn’t too much. But, that allowed the group to stand out since I wasn’t busy assessing the background. I literally was able to pay attention to the group as a whole and note each member.

Overall score; 9. This song is extremely addicting. I have nothing else to say about it because you know a song is good once it goes on repeat, and that’s exactly what happened with this song.

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– Zoey

Jeon Min Joo ft Yuna Kim and HyunKyu – 비별 (Goodbye Rain)

I can’t stress how much I love the KPOP Star series. They really do discover some awesome talents via KPOP Star, and you truly do have to stand out with your talents and personality to even make it through the auditions. So, of course, I tend to be on the lookout for the debut and comebacks of the participants. The girl group project formed by BoA for season 2 of the series definitely left an impression, and I wish some company would have just scooped the five girls up together. But, unfortunately, the KPOP world is no happily ever after. At least all five found a company, and are nearly ready for debut if they haven’t yet debuted. Jeon Min Joo, who was the last of the five to be heard from in regards to debuting, is actually rumored to be debuting in a girl group with former YG trainee and a participant in the Superstar K series, Kim Yuna, who features in this song.

So, without further ado, here’s our review for Jeon Min Joo’s, nicknamed Little BoA, 비별 (Goodbye Rain).

First off, I don’t understand how this can be a solo debut for Jeon Min Joo when she only sang the chorus. Those featuring in the song got more lines than she did. All she did was sing the chorus, and that’s usually the part for those who are featuring. With that aside though, I loved the song! I even got my older brother into it, and my four year old nephew calls Jeon Min Joo his girlfriend. To be organized in regards to the three beautiful voices in this song, let’s start with Yuna’s rapping. I first heard her when she collaborated with Yoon Mi Rae’s and Tiger JK’s group, so I already knew she would be rapping and that I was going to love it; of course I was right in that aspect. Next would be Hyunkyu from Bromance. I don’t know much about Bromance, but I know they sung a song for Heirs, which I didn’t listen to because it was a ballad, and it wasn’t a ballad that called out to me. I didn’t even watch the drama all the way through.  BUT, I really loved Hyunkyu’s voice in this song. It was beautiful and really matched well with the beat. I don’t know if Bromance has other songs out, but I hope they get an RnB track or something that will completely catch my attention. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for their future activities, that’s for sure. And finally, onto Min Joo. I can’t really remember what she sounded like on KPOP Star, but based off of this song, I think her voice is very unique.

Now on to the music video. Of course, the dance break had to be included, and I think she did well. I love that it was on the tougher side, and not completely sexy, because you all know how tired I am of the sexy concept. That seems to be all KPOP is about nowadays with the girl groups. In my opinion, a girl who carries herself like Jeon Min Joo did in this music video is sexier. I think that it’s sexier when girls bare just their midriff (and it makes me jealous that I don’t have a flat tummy) or just enough skin and dance with a passion rather than sexual appeasement. A simple look teases, and what guy isn’t attracted to a tease?

Overall score; 10. It was a really good song. When the piano started playing in the beginning, and Hyunkyu’s voice started in, I was smiling already and knew I had fallen in love with the song already. Honestly, I think it was because of Hyunkyu that I love this song so much. So, Bromance, release a new song already because I am ready to become a fan.

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– Zoey

Henry – Fantastic

So, when I finally got our pending list down to under 10 songs, the KPOP world decided to shoot up in comebacks. Let’s see if I can get it under 10 again. Up next is our review for Henry’s Fantastic.

Let’s just first get this over with; THE STRINGS USED IN THIS SONG WERE AMAZING! It was because of the violin that I completely fell in love with this song. I can’t say much for the song, but the instrumental was definitely the best part. Now, as for the song overall, I preferred Trap to Fantastic. It took me listening to the song a few more times before I put it on my iTunes. My favorite part was the “Ohhhh, ohhhh, wooooaaaahh, ohhh, ohh…” in the chorus. I didn’t feel as much from this track like I did with Trap, but it does have its addicting tune.

As for the music video, that violin box set was amazing. The dance also looked fun. The one thing that got me though was that Henry looked like he could be five years younger than me, when he’s actually five years older than me… but he’s still adorable. The beginning was a bit awkward, and I didn’t see the point in the story line, but I still enjoyed it.

Overall score; 8. This is mostly due to the violin, otherwise I might have given it a lower score. I just love when classical instruments are used in pop music. There’s a sound to it that just enraptures me.

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– Zoey

Shuffle-It Sunday

I’m finally on schedule for this, after having been off for the past few weeks. Enjoy the list and hope you find something new to listen to!

1. Aaron Yan – 這不是我 (That’s Not Me)

I’m not a huge fan of the drama this song is used in, but I love this song! And there’s no doubt that Aaron brings back my preteen memories with Fahrenheit.

2. Mad Clown ft Soyu – 착해 빠졌어 (Stupid Love)

I fell in love with this song on the first listen. I also noticed that Soyu has a really nice voice as well, and that Hyorin isn’t the only amazing vocalist in the group.

3. 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody (Eng. Ver.)

Hey, Will.I.Am, wasn’t there supposed to be an American album released from them? I know they featured on his album, but still… My hopes were up high when I found out they were working with him.

4. Yumi Shizukusa – 花篝り (Hana Kagari)

I’ve recently gotten into a JPOP phase, and hearing this song makes me happy for some reason. It’s definitely an impressive song. I had it on repeat when I first heard it.

5. Utada Hikaru – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (FYI)

And it seems as though even iTunes knows I’m on a JPOP rampage. Here’s to one of the most legendary JPOP singers to this day, Utada Hikaru. Most people who are into JPOP will recognize her name immediately. She was up there during my siblings’ KPOP phase as well.

6. Taeyang – 새벽한시 (1AM)

Touching on some more recent territory with this song. I had a recent review of this song, so I’m not going to say much about it here, except that I’m still moving along to the beat.

7. IU – 잔혹동화 (Cruel Fairy Tale)

I wish IU would sing another song like this. I love the opening and I love her vocals for this song. I think she has a very versatile voice that can adapt to whatever song category there is. I don’t listen to her title songs much after the first listen, but that’s all only because of my taste in music.

8. MBLAQ – 그대여 (Baby)

This song comes off of the sole KPOP album I own from my 15+ years of being a KPOP fan. This was before I had an iPod, so there really was no other option for me if I wanted to legally support my favorite groups. The chorus is beautiful for this song.

9. Taylor Swift – Better than Revenge

This is a really addicting tune. I don’t dig much of T.Swift’s new stuff, but I will always love these older songs.

10. f(x) – 피노키오 (Danger)

Oh, Luna’s vocals! And this song is like a mix of all sorts of concepts. It’s sexy, but in a cute way. And SM, get your s*** together! You are the only company that would have rumors of groups breaking up multiple times within a year, and at this point, fans have no confidence in those rumors being false. AND, you need to start taking better care of f(x) to begin with. Are their fans still seriously without a confirmed fandom name? Better not get one out for Red Velvet first or you’ll feel the wrath of f(x) fans soon enough.

And, although a bit uncalled for maybe, but those are my sincere thoughts, that is the end of this week’s Shuffle-It Sunday! I hope you found a song you liked, and come back again next week!

Lee Jung Hyun – 미쳐 (Crazy)

It’s Flashback Friday, and you can’t go through KPOP without knowing this girl right here! Jo Kwon auditioned with one of her songs, I believe. If not, then there’s just a very famous video going around of him dancing to one of her songs. Here’s an all time favorite, Lee Jung Hyun’s 미쳐 (Crazy).

Oh, gosh… where do I even begin with this? Lee Jung Hyun is definitely a KPOP legend, and I remember her extremely clearly. This is only one of her songs that I love. My brothers, to this day, still praise her. This one is my oldest brother’s favorite KPOP song. They don’t listen to too much KPOP nowadays, but they haven’t forgotten their past love of it.

Lee Jung Hyun is just an extreme KPOP package in itself. She’s got the wackiness that everyone loves; she can sing and rap with different stlyes; and she’s extremely pretty. There is no way you can listen to her and she not leave a mark with you. This song really hits home. Give it a listen to, and I’m sure you won’t be too disappointed. She also has multiple memorable songs as well, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that you can jam to no matter where you are. If I could keep praising her, I would, but there are no words to describe how talented she is and how happy I am to know that she remains in the music industry.

– Zoey