So Ji Sub

This week’s Man Crush Monday will be the first time an idol isn’t it. After watching him in  주군의 태양 (Master’s Sun), I just couldn’t resist his charm, thus making So Ji Sub this week’s Man Crush Monday!



    1. Agreed! This was Darice’s first time, I think, watching a So Ji Sub drama. However, this was the first time I really enjoyed a So Ji Sub drama, and the first time I watched a Gong Hyo Jin drama.

      – Zoey

      1. Gong Hyo Jin is my favourite kdrama actress. She’s been in a lot of really good dramas. I really like her in Thank you, the greatest love, biscuit teacher star candy as well as Master’s sun. I think she’s a really talented actress

  1. AAhhhh! Right?! Does he not have the most beautiful hands you’ve ever seen?? I love him in The Master’s Sun. His “get lost” is hilarious.

    1. Darice and I are constantly imitating it. I use it with my sisters too. *waves hand* “Get lost!”

      – Zoey

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