SNSD vs. 2NE1

Okay, now that 2NE1’s review has been put out, I’ll share my thoughts about this topic.

First off, I think that KPOP fans are in the wrong to even be thinking about creating fanwars like this. As I stated before, how can we spread KPOP when there’s chaos within our love for KPOP? Each group is unique in their own way, and to dislike one or call them untalented is probably the most nonsense thing to do. As many other fans have noted, SNSD support 2NE1, and 2NE1 respects SNSD. So why can’t all the fans take note of that?

Now, the only reason why I think 2NE1 outdid SNSD with this comeback in my opinion is because they went back to their roots. 2NE1 went back to what made them unique, what made them famous, what made them 2NE1. Sure, their follow up songs after IATB were good, but their unique image is what garnered them so many fans. I think everyone was waiting for 2NE1 to come back as 2NE1 for a long time, and they finally did and that’s why there’s such a huge ruckus over them right now, not to mention YG’s trolling and keeping them away from the music scene for such a long time.

In regards to SNSD, they’re still venturing into new territory. They’re trying to break from their cutesy images and I think they have every right to do so as they are all in their mid-twenties now. But it wasn’t the cutesy concepts that really made them. It was the fact that they sang songs, in their wide range of vocals among the members, that could easily get stuck in your head. Just as I loved 2NE1’s experiment with I Love You, I felt the same about SNSD’s The Boys. But 2NE1 is a hip-hop group, so when their songs barely had any rap in it, I was confused. SNSD is more of a vocal group, so when they switched to rap, I also got confused. SNSD songs weren’t horrible, but they weren’t SNSD either. So, I shall wait here until SNSD releases a song that screams “WE ARE GIRL’S GENERATION!”

Exploring a new genre is good and I encourage groups to do it. But I also hope that groups will remember their original concepts that made them so loved and not stray away for too long from those concepts.

That’s my quick opinion about these two groups. Fanwars can’t help but to exist, but I’m proud to say that I’m neither a solid SONE nor a solid Black Jack, but rather just a solid KPOP lover.



  1. SNSD debuted with into the new world and that song wasn’t necessarily “cute” but was more fresh and youthful with powerful dancing and singing. Then came the cute concepts with songs like kissing you, girls generation (the song), gee, and oh. From then on snsd took on more mature/sexy concepts like tell me your wish (genie), hoot, Mr. Taxi, run devil run, the boys, and I got a boy so I wouldn’t say the boys was an experimental song. They have been doing sexy/powerful songs way before the boys. You said that what makes them snsd is the long range of vocals and the catchy songs… well the boys was a very catchy song which is no different from all their other hit songs. They are a pop group just like any other kpop group so you’re going to get catchy songs. SNSD is like the Katy Perry of Korea (in that they have extremely catchy songs and they are extremely popular) except snsd is more talented. Trust me in kpop, you don’t need to be a hip hop group in order to have raps. Have you heard all the sm group songs w/ “rapping”… so embarrassing. I’m Korean and man if kpop fans knew what and how they were “rapping”… they would laugh. Fyi – it’s not just sm groups. A lot of these so called rappers from these groups rap nonsense and has no flow. There are great rappers in Korea but you’re not going to find them in these kpop groups. American rappers would murder these so called “rappers” in kpop. My brother is an avid rap fan… all he listens to is rap and he laughs when I play a kpop song w/ a rap. I would say Mr. Mr. is very much a song that is very “girls generation”… catchy song with a very catchy dance. They all looked great and feminine as always. They are older now; they are not going back the cute concepts now. If people want a cute kpop group then they can listen to apink or whatever other cute kpop groups there is (these groups are going to go for a more mature image as they age). Sorry for writing so much… it’s just I’m sick of people assuming snsd is only a cute group… I would say and I think it’s pretty evident that snsd is much more than just a cute group now. I also hate how people associate sexy w/ being like Hyuna or like any other kpop rookie girl group… no… just no. They are a mature, sexy, cute, feminine, kpop group. They are a pretty versatile group… they can do everything. Very great versatile voices in snsd and almost all of them can dance.
    P.S. I 100% agree, Come back home was a much better song and video than Mr. Mr.

    1. No need to apologize for the long comment, Rebecca. We encourage comments because everyone is entitled to their opinion. I agree that hiphop doesn’t necessarily mean rap, but majority of the time, you’ll find some sort of rap in a hiphop song. And I also agree that some KPOP groups need to work on their rapping style, although I have YG preference in regards to rap. And you are right, in that SNSD’s debut song was not their typical cutesy type. I guess it was more of how they portrayed themselves to the public then.

      Although SNSD debuted with Into the New World, it’s a tune and concept they’re not quite associated with. When people think of SNSD, they automatically think of their cute songs; Into the New World isn’t the song that comes to most people’s minds. Into the New World also wasn’t the song that shot SNSD to fame; it was Gee. When people think of 2NE1, it’s always been their fierce songs because I am the Best is the song that sent them into their fame.

      Personally, I’ve always preferred SNSD’s slower songs and I think SM took the wrong route with them in regards to transitioning them. A cute song every now and then is great, and he shouldn’t have done another cutesy song after Gee, but SM kind of went overboard with them and now it’s the image they’re stuck with. It’s going to be hard transitioning them again.

      SNSD has talented members, but they do have nine members, which means nine different images, so some concepts just don’t go with certain members. It would be awesome if SM released an SNSD song with a similar beat to Into the New World.

      Oh, and by the way, I detest Hyuna-sexy. I prefer Lee Hyori-sexy. Thank you for the comment and support. I really do appreciate it!

      – Zoey

  2. I think snsd has transitioned pretty well now… away from the overly cute concepts. i think they are a wholesome kpop group.. probably the most wholesome group in all of kpop girl groups. a little of everything. when was their last cute song? i think its been a while. Because its been a while, i dont think its fair to say that thats their ONLY image. i think they have about the same amount of cute songs to their more mature, sexy songs. i personally think people who dont like snsd or any remotely feminine kpop groups tend to ignore all their other songs that weren’t of a cute image and use it to say thats their only image which is just ignorant and pure hating.

    1. I’m not saying the cute image is the only one they have, but it’s the image they’re more well known for because it’s what made them famous.Yes, IGAB is well known internationally, but it was Gee that started their international fame. And I’m not saying I don’t like SNSD. There’s nothing to hate about them. They are talented and humble young women. I also don’t have disdain for feminine KPOP groups. I just prefer groups that sing songs for their ages. It’s hard for me to listen to, even watch, women in their mid to late twenties singing with aegyo. Same goes for men. Obviously SNSD is no longer singing like that. SNSD’s main songs just haven’t been my taste of music. But that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to any SNSD songs. Yes, they are a versatile group, but for me, unless it’s a song that I feel like I could listen to consistently, I will always prefer their slower songs.

      – Zoey

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