Month: March 2014

Bang Yong Guk

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This week’s Man Crush Monday goes to the Best Absolute Perfect leader of B.A.P Bang Yong Guk! 오빠, 생일축하해요!


Hollywood Bowl 2014

Just another quick update to summarize what we have so far.

Confirmed artists to attend: 2AM, Crayon Pop, Dal Shabet, Ulala Session, Insooni, B1A4, Kim JongSeo, Shim SooBong, Jung DongHa

And now onto the tickets. I don’t know if it’ll switch on me like it did before, but here we go.

Pool Circle ($300): 0 out of 4 rows available

Garden Box ($200): 4 out of 6 rows available

Terrace Box ($175): 5 out of 6 rows available

Ramp Box ($175): 2 out of 2 rows available

Ramp Seat ($175): 2 out of 2 rows available

Super Seat ($120): 3 out of 3 rows available

Bench_0 ($120): 2 out of 2 rows available

Bench_1 ($70): 8 out of 8 rows available

Bench_2 ($50): 6 out of 6 rows available

Bench_2b ($35): 6 out 6 rows available

Bench_3 ($35): 5 out of 5 rows available

Bench_3b ($30): 6 out of 6 rows available

Bench_4 ($25): 7 out of 7 rows available

Want a good seat? Get your tickets now before the next set of closest seats sell out! Buy your tickets at!

Shimizu Shota – Dream

It’s been quite a while since a weekly song review, so here I am with a song that many people probably don’t know. I think this will be the first JPOP review for our blog; Shimizu Shota – Dream (ゆめ).

I know there are a lot of KPOP songs that just came out, such as JJCC, Lee Michelle, Orange Caramel and 4Minute but I have a pending list that I think I should work out first. Eventually though, I think I’ll be able to get to these listed artists now that my midterms are over.

Alright, time to review ゆめ. Although I am currently a second year Japanese student, I can’t exactly grasp everything Shota is singing about. If I were to do so, I think it’d take me a couple hours to translate everything through. All I know is that the song has to most definitely be some sort of motivational song, just based off of the tune and title of the song. I hear a lot of ありがとう (thank you) as well, so… yeah.

Anyway, I like the song a lot. It’s easy on the ears and has a nice flow. Shota’s voice is also very unique. It’s clear and strong, and I think it’s very soothing. It definitely stirs a strong feeling in me, and it makes me want to continue dreaming big. I hear a lot of instruments being used in this song as well, but they all blend so well together that I’d have to listen to the song multiple times to pin them down.

As for the music video, it was simple. I think it followed the story of three couples. So, to further add on for translation, these couples must be thankful to each other for supporting them in their dreams. One is a couple who dances, another is a couple who work together as photographer and stylist, and the final couple seems to be high school students. If I reviewed music videos, I think I could get a good chapter’s length of interpretation done for this music video.

Overall score; 8. I wasn’t completely like “WOW”, but I still liked it a lot. It’s a soothing tune and has a good beat, and I think Shota has a beautiful voice. I don’t know much about him, but I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for his songs now.

I couldn’t find the music video on YouTube, however I did find it on the Japanese version of YouTube (or at least that’s what it looks like to me). So check it out at and share your thoughts below!

Got an Asian pop song you think is great? Share it with us! Email us at, tweet us at @apopreviews94, or to our personal Twitters found in the About page.

– Zoey

내 이름은 김삼순 (My Lovely Samsoon)

We are back! Wow, it’s been awhile since we posted an official review about anything. Unfortunately, I had let work and school catch up to me, but there is no way I would miss Watch-It Wednesday, which seems to be our most loved weekly rotation topic. Thank you to sifuhallyu, zhaol, Priscilla and misshalie for their wonderful comments on The Master’s Sun. We’re not expecting big discussions, but comments let us know that people are interested, which boosts our confidence, so thank you again.

Alright, as you can tell from the title of this post, this week’s Watch-It Wednesday is 내 이름은 김삼순, literally translated to My Name is Kim Samsoon, and better known as My Lovely Samsoon. You cannot be a K-Drama fan and not know this classic drama. In my opinion, this drama started the whole “cougar” story lines that we see so often nowadays in K-Drama land. I loved this drama because it was simple, and wasn’t a typical rags to riches kind of story. It was, for the most part, actually capable of being a real-life occurrence. Being that this was the first K-Drama that I watched repeatedly multiple times, I think it will always have a special place in my heart.

My Lovely Samsoon follows the story of a 30 year old named Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah), who is loud and brash, yet insecure about her weight. She has always been embarrassed by her old-fashioned first name, and nearing her 30th birthday, she dreams of changing it. On Christmas Eve, Sam Soon gets dumped by her cheating boyfriend (Lee Kyu Han) and loses her job. One of the witnesses to her public humiliation is Hyun Jin Heon (Hyun Bin), who is the owner of an upscale restaurant called Bon Appetit and the son of a wealthy hotelier. As the drama progresses, they have a chance encounter again but this time, Jin Heon intends to hire her as the patissier to his restaurant after a unique way of tasting a cake she brought in as a sample.

On a drunken night, Samsoon ends up at Jin Heon’s place for the night, and wakes up to his mother the following morning, who assumes they’re in a relationship. Afterwards, Jin Heon asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend so that he can avoid blind dates. Sam Soon agrees only if he pays her 50 million won, to which he easily agrees. A contract is drawn up, and of course they include a clause that they must not fall in love throughout their charade. But, we all know how couples with contract relationships end up; they break the most important clause and fall in love of course, although they’ll deny it to the ends of the earth. However, just as the reality of falling in love with each other seems prospectable, Jin Heon’s ex-girlfriend, whom he had had a long term relationship with previously, Yoo Hee Jin (Jung Ryeo Won) returns after having left without a word eight years ago. Samsoon confesses to Jin Heon but he returns to Hee Jin’s side, without knowing that emotionally he had already given himself to Samsoon.

Time moves on, Samsoon resigns from Bon Appetit, and slowly, Jin Heon begins to realize where his heart truly lies, although it seems Samsoon may have left their past as it is already.

I was not expecting to give such a long synopsis, but hey, it was a good drama, and I had to make sure I was drawing in new viewers for this drama. Anyway, onto the OSTs! I think I will continue the format of two OSTs per drama.

And both OSTs are from Clazziquai Project!

The first OST, which is my all time favorite OST as well, right up there with Yoon Mi Rae’s Touch Love, is She Is. The sultry voices of the group with the upbeat tempo gives it an RnB feel combined with a ballad. How perfect can a song get after this? After the drama finished airing, this song was everywhere! I don’t know what else to say about it besides the fact that it has a catchy tune, and is a wonderful song to keep on repeat. The chorus is easy on the ears as well, so, after enough listens, you may be able to sing along to it.

The next OST is Be My Love, which is the opening theme song to each episode. Give it a listen to and I don’t think you’ll need me to explain why I like it. It’s a happy beat, catchy, and gives the drama it’s romantic-comedy feel.

Check out a combo of both the songs (Be My Love is a short 50 seconds at the beginning) on MuayJK’s channel at and share your thoughts in the comments below!

When you have the chance, give My Lovely Samsoon a watch and enjoy the many more beautiful OSTs included in the soundtrack!

– Zoey Thao

Kara – Break It

[Darice] This week’s Throwback Thursday is Kara’s debut song, Break It. I’ve never really listened to the group before or had much interest in them, but their debut song Break It was a pleasant surprise.

[Zoey] I’m not a huge fan of Kara either. I first heard about them when all the original members were still there. My brother had just bought their album from his trip to California. I remember really liking their song If You Wanna, but that was the last of my memories regarding Kara. The next I heard about them, a member had left and there were now five members. I don’t even remember what song it was that brought the familiar Kara name back to me. They have catchy songs, but nothing ever really stood out for me to want to be on the lookout for song releases from them.

[Darice] Now, the English at the very beginning of the song wasn’t awful when she began, but towards the end I had no idea what she was trying to say. I will say, however, that the English was probably the best I’ve heard in a debut song thus far. The song itself was really advanced for a debut song in my opinion. The girls sang wonderfully and confidently, not sounding like rookies at all.

[Zoey] The song is definitely catchy and definitely brings the old KPOP feels back. And their voices are very beautiful, but a bit… emotionless? But hey, it’s a debut song so I can’t expect them to hit the roof with this song. They’re a household name now, and that’s all that matters.

[Darice] The music video was a bit awkward though, with the girls seeming as though they were trying to be sexy and cool when they just looked uncomfortable. They were completely different from the popular Kara that everyone knows and loves today only because it seems they have developed more confidence now, I think.

[Zoey] I’ll have to agree with Darice in that the music video was just really awkward. I honestly could not bring myself to watch it all the way through. I don’t know if they were trying to be tough or sexy, and if it was supposed to be a combo, it was not successful. But companies learn, and work harder on improving the debuts of their rookies. Nowadays, rookies look more confident, although I did just watch JJCC’s debut, and it was not at all what I had expected, but I’ll save that for another day.

[Darice] Although I was a little disappointed that Goo Hara wasn’t yet part of the group, I still really enjoyed the song and give it a 7.

[Zoey] My score is also a 7. The song didn’t really hit home with me, but it was still enjoyable. With everything the group has gone through and is going through now, I hope Kara stays a strong household name, and that Kamilias keep growing because that’s what Kara needs; their fans.

We couldn’t find an official music video for Break It, so check it out on Cammy41514’s channel at and share your thoughts below!

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Hollywood Bowl 2014

Just a quick update for those that don’t follow us on Twitter! More guest performers have been revealed and they are B1A4, Kim JongSeo, Shim SooBong, and Jung DongHa.

If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, do it now at! It seems like the second row in the pool circle (VIP) has been sold out, or is in the process of being sold out anyway.

Swi’T – I’ll Be There

Swi’T was YG’s first girl group from back in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately, the group broke up before their true potential was revealed. The proof is in their hit song I’ll Be There from 2002.

As I was watching the video I couldn’t help but be reminded of my early childhood, watching old R&B videos. Although the ladies had a very bizarre style to them, they didn’t take away from the song or dance. The song itself was a classic, old school, R&B song that even my mother seemed to enjoy. The lyrics are a little bit, how do I say it, cheesy and creepy with the girls’ obsession about a guy and how they’ll be there even if he doesn’t know.

Now the music video is what really brings me back ten years. I couldn’t help but be reminded of girl groups that were also popular in the US while watching Swi’T. There wasn’t really anything super special about the video other than the fact that back then, it was something new and exciting. It definitely was the start of that YG swag that’s so famous now.

The dance was definitely the best about this song. Everything about it was adorable, yet sexy. With the booty shaking and couple pairing, this dance was one of the best old school ones I’ve ever seen.

Overall, the video deserves a look at and gets an 8 in my book.

There isn’t an official YouTube for this song, so check it out on aufrechtmelcher’s channel at and share your thoughts below!

Got an Asian pop song you think is great? Share it with us! Email us at, tweet us at @apopreviews94, or to our personal Twitters found in the About page.

– Darice