Girl’s Generation – Mr.Mr

Back with a new reaction/review with none other than Girl’s Generation’s Mr.Mr!

I’ll be quite honest here, when the album was released, I was not impressed with the song at all. I felt like their voices had been overpowered by the background music. I don’t even know what the opening noise was, but it gave me a headache. I was extremely disappointed because there was so much hype about this song, and I felt like it didn’t deliver. It wasn’t bad though, but it fell below expectations in my opinion.

Now that the music video is out, I got a new perspective on the song. I still don’t like the opening noise, nor do I like the last line before they go into the chorus, but the music video definitely gave it a boost in scores in our opinion. I think my overall favorite parts of the song are Sunny’s, Yoona’s, and Yuri’s parts. I also feel like the only people who should continue in the rap department is Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Sunny. The only reason I don’t have IGAB on my iPod was because they’re rapping was not rap, except for a couple of them. I felt like they were just speed talking to a beat, and were wannabe rappers. I think Mr.Mr definitely beat out IGAB. I also know that GG has power vocals, but I feel like they need more if they’re going to sing songs like The Boys (which was the better of their venture into a different genre), IGAB, and Mr.Mr. I don’t feel any emotion from their title songs, but their lighter songs definitely have it (Promise, Baby Maybe, etc). When this album came out, I was waiting for that tune that would get stuck in my head, because that’s what GG songs do to you. But there were none on the album for me. With the release of Mr.Mr in that it wasn’t completely unlikable, I await GG’s next album.

The music video was very colorful, and I also liked the switch to black and white as well. The dance break was good, but again, I feel like it could have used more power in that as well. And the warping, blurring, whatever effects they used, were okay, but after awhile it was hard on the eyes.

Overall score; 7. I have heard worst songs, and I didn’t completely dislike the song. However, I don’t think this is a song I would care to put on repeat. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t dislike GG. I have plenty of GG songs on my iPod, but it’s my preference in music. Check out Girl’s Generation’s Mr. Mr. at

I know a lot of fans will be comparing 2NE1 and GG, but I’ll wait until after the 2NE1 review to give my opinions about the two groups. But honestly, don’t create fanwars. We can’t spread the love of KPOP if there’s hate going on within our love for KPOP.

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– Zoey



  1. The only one who should be rapping is Hyoyeon. She wasnt that bad in i got a boy or soul. Everyone else needs to stick to singing. Tiffany should stay the hell away from rapping cuz point blank… she cant rap. i swear the only reason sm makes tiffany rap and fans consider her a rapper in snsd is because she can speak english… which is so irrelevant to rapping. whats even more embarrassing and annoying is that i feel like tiffany thinks shes good at it… smh.

    1. I thought Tiffany was okay, but then again, it was a first impression. I would have to listen to the song again to get a definite opinion. There’s no doubt about Hyoyeon though.

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